The Bastardly Morning Report by Brittany Murphy

Brad Pitt was a thousand faces this morning at a press conference for his film “Babel” at the Toronto Film Festival. He was probably happy, because he was away from that nagging Angie and the kids.

Michael K @ DListed

Well, now that I know that God loves Jenna Jameson and her naughty stripper friends, my day got a whole lot better. There will be slutty angels in heaven! Hallelujah!

Mr. Tuna @ HollywoodTuna

Kirsten Dunst drenched in water and enough black eyeliner to make Johnny Depp jealous, poses in what looks like a car accident scene/garbage dump.

Cara Harrington @ A Socialite’s Life

He arrived at the Toronto Film Festival this past Thursday in an ox-cart pulled by several women to blaring Kazakh music.

Mr. Popoholic

It’s about as bad as we were all expecting. I’ve been more engaged by cell-phone videos made by fourth-graders.

Nick @ CelebSlam
lays down a fairly bastardly review of K-Fed’s epic new video.

Here’s more Brittany Murphy…

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Bastardly Breaking News! Heather Locklear Doing the Grinch Face!


This lady’s aging process has taken a frightening turn for Haggville.

Heather, do the GossipWhoring Community a favor & please lock yourself inside your house.

Godspeed, Ms. Locklear.

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Maria Sharapova Wins 2006 US Open; Caters to Stalkers

We wish all members of the Shady Horndogg Stalker Community who are feverishly trying to book a flight on Sony Ericsson Airlines the best of luck. I heard the airline’s flight attendants are pretty damn hot!!

For the rest of you, here are snaps of Maria, the photogs & more Maria.

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