The Bastardly Minute With… Amy Nuttall

king biscuit writes:

The most recent babe of the day reminded me a little of Amy Nuttall. I know that you have done a bastardly hot or not on her before..But I have found some photos that lend themselves to the hot or not angle!

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Bastardly Lady of the Day – Natasha

Natasha writes:

Natasha from Gainesville, FL by way of Boca Raton FL. (and Boca ain’t all Beemers and Botox so you know, spare me.) Also, I know that most of the pictures are dumb and college-y (can’t help it), and I know I’m gunna get railed for no bikini pictures, BUT I did include a nice photo of myself and some topless Thai strippers. Who are actually men. but you’d never know.

Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for?

Well, one that already likes girls. B/c then it would just be one massive waste of time.

Do you like your boobs?

Enough not to mess with them, ever, they’ll age well.

Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000?
YES. Yes. I’d sleep with an old guy for a working vehicle and grad school tuition. and groceries. The only things I have of value are my dignity and my laptop, and I’ve got papers to write…

Have people (guys) ever said you look like a particular celebrity (…to try get in your pants)?
Tara Reid circa Van Wilder.

What makes you Bastardly?

I’m a (liberal) military brat with a British mother. I put together a half-assed fantasy team every fall (and come in dead last). I watch the news and read the papers. And I’m a University of Florida Gator BABY, proud to be a citizen of Titletown. My school is the only subject that causes me to cheese out and say things like ‘baby’. and ‘Titletown’. But it’s so nice.

*Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? If you too would like to be considered to be a Bastardly Lady of the Day feel free to send hot pictures to Please note that you will be subject to the gauntlet of our loyal readers and we won’t be so nice as to actually “take down” pictures. Cheers!

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Ashley Tisdale Jumps From Disney Channel to Playboy Channel

These photos were taken on Friday in front of some club called Area 1 in LA. The agency who took the photos is claiming it’s Ashley Tisdale, the Disney TV star widely known for her epic roles on various children shows. People quickly rejected the claim only because A) prostitution would be a whorrific breach of contract & B) b/c it would be an even worse career move.

Career-Fahreer. Go gives a shit. After what Britney did this past weekend to her head, there’s nothing keeping Ashely Tisdale from getting a nice pair of new boobies, dressing up like a whore & becoming a prostitute for one night. It’s harmless.

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