Phil Jackson, You Bastard!

Coach T joined up with the Lakers. There’s only one thing I don’t like about this guy in my mind. Every time I look at him, he reminds of John Travolta. It’s very painful, I tell you. Anyway, I loved the Houston Rockets of old with the 3 bombers (Kenny, Horry, & Cassell), so I’m sure Rudy will fit in wonderfully.

What about Phil? In a way, I am very glad this happened because it eventually had to, right? Personally, I did not like the aura that followed around Phil Jackson for some reason–people just expected you win because “he is so wise,” “his triangle crap is amazing,” “he does not flinch under pressure,” & blah blah blah. That is all bull, alright. Surely, I understand a coach of an NBA is an essential ingredient of a successful team, but players have their role, as well—that would explain their hefty paychecks!

[Now comes the part of my post that most of you shouldn’t read b/c firstly, I’m gonna make a pretty bad analogy & secondly, it’s ultimately going to be a waste of your precious work time (hint: what do basketball & chicken soup have in common?)]

Tagore: 'East and West'

This essay is by far one of the most beautifully written pieces I�ve set my eyes upon. There are some minor digressions, but mainly it is to the point and fully succeeds in explaining why the West is so far away from understanding the East. It was shocking to me how well this fit in with current western affairs in the Middle East & that�s why I decided to digitize yet another few pages of my mini-library. Leave comments if you feel the need; only the deserving will be bashed. Just kidding!

Rabindranath Tagore writes:

Today the real East remains unexplored. The blindness of contempt is more hopeless than the blindness of ignorance; for contempt kills the light which ignorance merely leaves unignited. The East is waiting to be understood by Western races, in order not only to be able to give what is true in her, but also to be confident of her own mission.

In Indian history, the meeting of the Mussulman (Muslim) and the Hindu produced Akbar, the object of whose dream was the unification of hearts and ideals. It had all the glowing enthusiasm of a religion, and it produced an immediate and a vast result even in his own lifetime.

But the fact still remains that the Western mind, after centuries of contact with the East, has not evolved the enthusiasm of a chivalrous ideal which can bring this age to its fulfillment. It is everywhere raising thorny hedges of exclusion and offering human sacrifices to national self-seeking. It has intensified the mutual feelings of envy among Western races themselves, as they fight over their spoils and display a carnivorous pride in their snarling rows of teeth.

Keira "Pancake" Knightley

Hollywood at its best
I think they had to hire an entire “Make-Keira-Look-Like-She-Has-Boobs” team (probably Indian programmers) to make King Arthur possible. Jax, don’t you dig this chick? By the way, is this movie worth $12 (includes medium popcorn)? If I ever did a Keira rating (I won’t anytime soon b/c she’s not in the big leagues yet), I would probably spend 90% of time contemplating what size of boobs Keira should have & what kind of roles she could land with each size. While we’re on the topic, on my boob job mailing list (I’m kidding, Melissa), I just heard Nicky Hilton got some crazy new upgrade—will have photo in time. I know, I’m going to hell.

Sweep the Leg

I just watched Karate Kid part one last night in an effort to build up some rage for a softball team. See, my roommates are on this softball team and they are team COBRA KAI. Yup they have the shirts and everything. Anyway, just wanted to say that they now call me Sensei Kreese cause I always yell at them. Well anyway, the movie is badass … except for the fact that “Daniel San” is a well pussy. Mr. Miyagi is fuckin badass … man I love that guy. And hey there would be no Karate Kid without Cobra Kai. 80’s cheesy but I love it!!!

My three favorite Cobra Kai scenes …

2 Punk Rock 4 This: The Real World San Diego Reunion

Alright, so I didn’t really catch all of it so I can’t really say too much about it but I did catch parts where they focused on how fucked up Frankie is. Like, really, this girl is so fucking weird!!! To anyone that watched the whole thing, did I miss much in the first 25 minutes of it? …meaning, did I miss anything about Jamie? *drool* But anyways, I just can’t think of any other words to describe my reaction towards Frankie besides the fact that I think she’s so fuckin weird! She’s whack looking and her hair looked all fucked up with it’s spectrum of colors. She’s so full of shit saying that she’s not punk rock. In the first few episodes she admitted to being a punk rock type of chick and that she wouldn’t have much in common with anyone; reason why she started kicking it with that psycho, Adam. Then she all says that she had an amazing time in Greece, didn’t look that way from the show. Then she acts like, “Oh, I thought I left with 6 best friends..weep weep” Whatevers, crazy ass bitch. I’m sorry but Frankie is whack.

…okay, let’s take a moment to reminisce of how hot Vanessa is too….*drool*

Now let’s take a moment to focus on how fine Cameran is and how hot Jamie is. *drool*…*slurp

…I’m looking forward to seeing next week’s deleted scenes episode. I think we’ll see more of Jamie getting hammered as evident from the commercial.

SO HOT, Want to touch the heiny, aaarrgghhwwwoooooooo!!!!!

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