Crush of the week #3

So who is my crush of the week? This week I decided to feature a man that truly epitomizes HOTNESS. He couldn’t possibly be a crush of the week for Crushes come and go. No my fellow readers this man is on my list of the 5 hottest guys in the whole world. He is a memeber of the elite class of men that tantalize me everyday of my exsistance. Perhaps one day you may find out all 5 … but for now I give you the object of my affection for the last 20 years of my life.

The first time I set my eyes on him was in 1987 on a very famous 80’s hit show.

Lame Ducks #3

I’m getting real tired of looking at Bush’s face on a woman’s body, so I’m forced to put out my list of links.

Real Networks hacks the iPod & iTunes (finally). Let the litigation begin! [WSJ]

Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ has earned around $18.5mil as of July, 26th. Certain unlucky parties shelled out around $135 to produce and market the movie. Halle, if you need a shoulder to cry on, please email me. My shoulder & other body parts are at your service. ok-ok, I’m sorry. The joke was calling me out! [Box Office Mojo]

Why do the Chinese people die when they’re around 110? It’s that bastard oolong tea, damn it! [WebMD]

Are you one of those people who don’t want to die from a severe stroke? ‘Eat fish,’ says the exciting Stroke Journal! [Stroke]

This one is for all you people doing the carb diet. You could be counting your carbs incorrectly (like anyone cares…). [WSJ]

Vegas Baby Vegas

Ahh, I love vacation time in Vegas…the casinos, the bars, the lounges, and especially the strip clubs make Vegas an amazing place. But dude, since the last time i was there, the “slim shady”ness of the tipping scheme has increased 20 fold. Everywhere I went, I was asked to tip them for better service, seats, drinks, ladies, entrance, and so forth. At the clubs, the bouncers want to be tipped for front of the line access, and even at the strip clubs, the b0uncers want to be tipped so you can get a good close seat to the stage. I swear, I probably spent up to $150 in just tipping alone in Vegas. Sure, I got in earlier, and my seat at the titty bar was sort of close, but do you all think it’s actually worth it? I am a man of customer service, but dude, paying for a better seat at the titty bar, that is just going too far.

Musical Confessions

The Ganja!
This photo’s purpose is to grab your attention (it succeeded). Marrymejuana is bad. If you see it lying around, burn it in a pipe while inhaling (once you’ve inhaled the smoke, hold your breath for your own safety). (I’m kidding! DRUGS ARE BAD & THEY KILL, but far less than alcohol & heart disease.)

Somehow the ‘Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ ended up in my car—there are some classics in there, I tell you. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really listened to the entire CD, mainly because I catch on to trends FAR after they’ve passed. It’s not that I try to miss them or anything. I think my tastes are just slow to mature. Anyway, there is one wicked song in there— I think it’s track #7 or 8, but the lyrics go: “you can get the powah, you can get the monay, but just remembah: the last owah.” (owah = hour.) I don’t know if it’s the lyrics or the music, but it’s a sweet song.

Also, a couple of my Nirvana CDs have dug themselves back up to the surface, as well. By far, my favorite song is ‘Dumb.’ It’s so short that I have to repeat it like 10 times to have enough.

My Musical Confession (you bastards should do one, as well)
I was in India most of the 80s & was still Indian in the mind until the early-mid-90s (meaning I listened to no music & spoke fobby English) UNTIL, that is, I signed up to Columbia House one day in the 7th grade w/ one of my friends. I don’t remember if my friend made me sign up or if we both signed together, but I know for sure that Columbia House was the service. That’s when I ordered my first batch of free music (for a penny). I ordered the music not to listen to, but to get the new CDs, rig them w/ the proper store tags & exchange them at a Wherehouse Music store close to my house (my chivalry was a result of having no money, damn it!). Why in the world would we order music & not listen to it? My friend & I exchanged credits we obtained (we got fully refunded, baby) and rented free video games (mainly Genesis & occasionally rented the Super Nintendo system ($20!) only to play Street Fighter II). I was a nerd, alright. A fucking nerd!

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