From the SF Gate.

Hollywood beauty Kirsten Dunst has dumped her movie hunk boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, blaming “filming commitments.”
“Spider-Man” actress Dunst and “The Day After Tomorrow” actor Gyllenhaal had been an item for two years before the surprise split two weeks ago.

Since they began dating both Dunst and Gyllenhaal have become internationally famous, and Dunst’s role in the “Spider-Man” movies has made her one of the most recognizable actresses in the world.

An insider says, “Kirsten and Jake had been spending a lot of time apart because they both had filming commitments.
“But Jake was totally besotted with her and is devastated that she has broken up with him.
“Kirsten’s career has sky rocketed. She’s one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood right now.
“She felt her relationship with Jake was emotionally draining and she couldn’t cope with it on top of her work. It’s very sad for Jake. He is really heartbroken.”

Poor guy.

The James Chan…his television debut!

Oh yes ladies do I have a treat for you!!! Yes, it is The James Chan making a cameo appearance on North Shore…

Oh crap!  What’s going on!?!?
Looking to see the action…that professional look of curiousity on his face!

See the action!
That smoldering serious look of concern for the situation in progress.

Look at his chest ripping through his shirt and the shadows
Oh yes ladies…it’s not just the head that you see…check the whole package.

Ching Chong Chan

Well … I decided to call my friend Jen over for this one. So Moe tells me that our beloved friend James was on North Shore monday night. As I watched, for the plot of course, lo and behold I SAW HIM!!!

First it brought me back to see the good old Pipeline Cafe was a popular spot. I did notice however that things were odd. Never once in my life, when I had gone to the Pipeline Cafe so many years ago for $2 well drinks every tuesday for two months did I see so many Caucasian people. Bottom line, every knows that North Shore is a crock. Its just fun to watch TV portray Hawaii they way they do. I mean, come on … there are NO HAWAIIAN people on the show. Now I’m not just talking like native Hawaiians, I mean the people that freakin live there. Its just so fun to see how distorted it all is. Well of course until last night. MY GOD!!! Moe you should have been there. Jen and I were rollin on the ground. I’m gonna get her to come over tonight with her digital so we can take a picture of it. Then I can post the picture tomorrow. So classic James. He looked oh soooo … DORKY as usual. He had this goofy look on his face, bobbin his head up and down. Ahhhh. I’m sure to the ladies he looked FREAKIN HOOOOT!!! But to Jen and I … we just wondered where his rickshaw was.

Bollywood Britney?!

First, some definitions for newbies. Bollywood isn’t spelled incorrectly. It’s merely the Hollywood of India (B is for Bombay—the famous city now known as Mumbai).

ok now to some hot rumor, but it comes in Swedish. haha. Who said we don’t cater to an international crowd…

“Lesbiska scener för Britney i ny Bollywoodfilm.Med tanke på den mördande kritik Britney Spears fick utstå för sin senaste skådespelarprestation i filmen “Crossroads” trodde kanske många att det skulle dröja innan filmvärlden jagade henne för nya roller.
Men enligt italienska La Repubblica förhandlar Spears manager nu om en roll i Bollywoods kommande mångmiljonproduktion – en film som handlar om tre indiska tjejer som börjar på Colombia universitet i USA.
Spears skulle spela en av deras amerikanska vänner, som hjälper dem att hitta rätt i kaotiska New York. Enligt Bollywoods lokala radio kommer filmen att innehålla flera lesbiska scener med Britney Spears, skriver La Repubblica”

We won’t leave you hanging, so a translation follows from some random person who knows both Swedish & English…

Britney's & Her ChiNeck

Britney’s Sagging Boobs & Chineck
What’s the definition of a ChiNeck? Very simple. It’s where your neck is merely an extension of your face—you essentially create a new body part by joining two distinct body parts (in this case, your chin & neck). Very scientific, indeed. But anyway, did Brit’s neck just grow like 8 inches since her little injury or is it just me. She just doesn’t look the same. Personal note: Brit, drop this bastard like yesterday’s news and save your drowning career. Put down the malt beer, the Cheetos bag, the burgers, and whatever else you’re stuffing your face with these days and get your act together, sistah!

That boy is MINE!!!

Its offical!! Thank freakin god. Its about time. He finally broke up with that crack head.

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Split

See the blurb

There will probably be an article about it soon. I will post it as soon as I find it.

My dreams have finally come true. I have been contemplating who was going to be my crush of the week and it was a toss up! How appropriate for this info to come to me now!!!

Why in God’s green earth do I think Jake Gyllenhaal is deemed worthy of my crush of the week? I’ll tell you. To me, he is the boy next door. He’ll help you with your groceries and fix your light bulb when its out. He’ll look at you like you are the only girl in the whole wide world that matters. Sigh. He’s got great style and a fabulous smile.

I think Jake looks like a cuddler. It makes him more appealing to me that if he were mine he would hug me and cuddle me. I like that. I bet he would be tender and gentle when we are lying naked in bed. Ahhh yes. That is what I like about him. I think he would be really attentive. Sigh. I am so in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Plus I think he looks kinda dorky. I have a soft spot for the nerdy/dorky ones.

I think if he saw the Thai Princess he would fall madly in love with her. One day.

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