Bastardly MILF Rating: Yasmin Le Bon

And the Wiki says…

Yasmin Le Bon (née Parvaneh) (born October 29, 1964) is a British-Iranian supermodel. She was born in the English midlands city of Oxford to the Iranian Iraj A. A. Parvaneh, who lives in Meckenheim /Germany and a British mother.
She has had a fashion modeling career of unusual longevity, still going strong at 42 years of age.
Although she was a successful model before they met, she attracted popular attention by marrying Simon Le Bon of the electronic pop/rock group Duran Duran during the height of their fame in 1985. The couple have three daughters; Amber Rose Tamara (b. 1989), Saffron Sahara (b. 1991), and Tallulah Pine (b. 1994). [Wiki]

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The 2006 Bastardly Grammy Awards, Early Edition – Did You Vote Yet?

We posted this last week, but some of you might have missed it. The polls are looking very interesting, so please vote on all three…

1. 2006 Grammy Award for Record of the Year

2. 2006 Grammy Award for Pop Vocal Album of the Year

3. 2006 Grammy Award for Album of the Year

Bastardly Lady of the Day – Amy

Amy writes:

Hi my name is Amy!

I’m hoping you put me up as your BLOTD because I’m super cute…I’m fun and let’s face it I’m a camera whore. I’m hot and I know it, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t. I just want to put some pictures of myself on your kick ass site.

Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for?
Now usually I’m strictly dickly but SARAH SHAHI who if your not familiar with plays Carmen on The L word. If you don’t know who she is I suggest you google because her picture will do all the talking.

Do you like your boobs?
Hell yah…I think you should embrace what you’ve got and pay for what you don’t. I’ll get them done after I have babies and they sag to the floor.

Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000?
Anyone who says the wouldn’t couldn’t be more full of shit! Of course I would and so would ALL of you!

Have people (guys) ever said you look like a particular celebrity (…to try get in your pants)?
No but I assure you I’ve heard my fair share of corny lines. Just get to the point if you want to get in my pants let me know otherwise grow some BALLS.

What makes you Bastardly?
I’m bastardly because I’m hot …I have a rockin body and because I make all of you batards erect with excitement. Come on admit it your thinking about me naked :)

*Are you a Bastardly Lady of the Day? If you too would like to be considered to be a Bastardly Lady of the Day feel free to send hot pictures to Please note that you will be subject to the gauntlet of our loyal readers and we won’t be so nice as to actually “take down” pictures. Cheers!

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