Bastardly Hot or Not: Hilarie Burton @ 2006 Teen Choice Awards

And the Wiki says…

Hilarie Ross Burton (born July 1, 1982) is an American actress.


Prior to her role on One Tree Hill, Burton worked as a VJ for the television show Total Request Live on MTV. She was supposed to be a guest commentator for one segment, but producers decided to offer her a permanent job. Burton appeared on the television series Dawson’s Creek, and was cast as Peyton Sawyer, a high school cheerleader with an artistic side, on One Tree Hill, which debuted in 2003. She also unsuccessfully auditioned for the role of the coach’s daughter in Radio.


Burton lives with Ian Prange, second assistant director on One Tree Hill; the couple are rumoured to be married or engaged, although IMDB states her as married. [Wiki]

The last bit is kind of shady, but whatever…

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Victoria Silvstedt Whores It Up @ the 2006 MTV VMAs

- A juicy Tuna can full of Jennifer Ellison
- Trailer for Pan’s Labyrinth written and directed by Guillermo Del Toro
- Angelina Jolie Pisses Off Oprah!
- Jessica Alba Walks Her Dog
- Jessica Alba helps us cope

- Jerry Springer for Governor
- Lohan in Maui in a Bikini. Yes, again.
- A painful photo of Jojo
- Jessica Simpson is Getting Uglier

- Play the Guess who game…
- Diane Lane Still Looks Amazing
- Did You Miss The VMA’s?
- K-Fed will make you lose control, of your lunch

- The VMA’s rocked mediocrely into the night
- Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves at the HairDo Promo Shoot
- Holly Valance in Arena Magazine
- Courteney Cox To Dish The Dirt

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Brooke Hogan Attacks 2006 MTV VMAs w/ Daddy Hulk Hogan

I know most of you will shoot me down on this one, but Brooke actually looks good in these—for a middle aged prostitute (which isn’t really a insult from a perspective). There’s still no way in hell I’d let my daughter step out of the house looking like a prostitute, but then again, if Daddy Hulk is by your side, I don’t think anyone in their right mind will try anything stupid.

Here are more of Brooke doing her generic poses…

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Fergie (unfortunately) @ 2006 MTV Video Music Awards

We had to get an extra large bag for this photo. Hold fast for a series of non-bagged pictures!

Check out the rest of the Butta at!

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Bastardly Fashion Rating: Danity Kane @ 2006 MTV VMAs

Okay, sorry folks but I can’t say anything mean about Aubrey. But that doesn’t mean you all can’t chime out… take your pic! You got 5 choices to go over!

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