Kim Kardashian Continues to Deny the Existence of a Sex Tape

If you haven’t already seen it from earlier today, check out the sex tape over here, but remember it’s fake. As for these photos, they were taken yesterday in NYC @ the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Fall 2007.

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Susie Castillo does Complex Magazine Feb/March 2007

Photo credit: Complex

In our Feb/March issue, former Miss USA Susie Castillo has got some bones to pick. She lambastes newly rehabilitated current queen Tara Conner, accusing her of sullying the sacred pageant, takes aim at Kevin Federline’s baby’s mama for her lack of ethics and underwear, and tells us that she absolutely would not pose for Playboy.

Check out the rest of the pictures over at!

Bastardly Breaking News! Kim Kardashian Sextape Does Exist!

UPDATE: Download The Video Below!
Source #1 & Source #2

If the video doesn’t load right away, you can download it from RapidShare. You will need to download the FLV player to properly play the video.

Complex broke it to us first! Ray-J you genius! Now this is one sextape that I want to see!

Complex links to the official website!

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