Primer: Keep Annoying People Away

Yes, the impossible can be made possible. These are tactics that work and work quick (from personal experience). I know because I have to deal with annoying people everyday of my pathetic life and I now have non-violent weapons to use in my defense. Read on, my friends, read on.

First, a disclaimer: This is in no way a bullet proof primer. Although, it has the potential to become bullet proof with stories from readers like yourself—particularly stories that give direct examples (in detail, if you have the time & patience) of how you successfully fended off annoying people in the past.

Secondly, what good is a primer without a clear-cut goal? So with that said, our main goal is merely to build a wall (the indestructible type) between yourself and this annoying person.

Now, in order to effectively defend yourself, you must gather intelligence on the enemy, right? That’s why I’ve created a harsh categorization of Annoying People I’ve encountered. I’m probably missing many others…

Philippines Withdraws Troops…

Are the tides truly turning or is this merely a game the Philippine government is playing with the terrorists? If it is indeed a game, I wouldn’t want to be living in that particular region in the weeks & months ahead, but if their decision to pull troops does in fact have a peaceful agenda, then it’s truly a beautiful thing. For God’s sake, one innocent man’s life has been saved. Don’t look at it like the man’s life will be sacrificed in the name of peace & future wellbeing of the human race (and blah blah blah). That is BS and the people who spit out such rhetoric know it in their hearts. If these people were asked to give up their own lives in the name of this type of questionable peace that attempts to conquer and then instill peace in the hearts & minds of people they conquer, would they do it? Who knows. All I know is that they would have to think about it for a second.

Also, by pulling their troops from the region, you must account for the lives of the aid workers—those lives are now spared from bombings, beheadings, etc etc. So technically, you are not just saving one life. Think about it: everything starts off slowly. Before a flood happens, there is always first little bit of rain, then a little more and eventually you got a bloody flood. This is the type of attitude that will end terrorism—forward thinking & going against the trend. The current trend is trying to root out terrorism, but how can you possibly root out the thoughts of poor people who are prepared to strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in the name of God. It’s impossible (actually not impossible, b/c you can technically kill everyone off until the people who remain are too afraid to commit acts of terrorism). Let’s face it, the tracks we’re on at the moment is long and murderously wrong.

Official: Britney is an Animal

Alex told the News of the World (world renowned for its reliability in delivering the hottest gossip) that Brit “made love to him so frantically that they fell off the bed.” This is a super hilarious article that just sounds so damn fake, but you be the judge. …and NO I didn’t read it all. This thing is damn long & full of such useless shit, but lets just say that if Alex did half of the crap he says he did, then he’s the man, baby.

Random NBA Photos

Arnold Bastardnager
Only Arnold would make a bet like this w/ another state’s Governor. Isn’t he supposed to be solving Cali’s DEBT problems? Moreover, I cannot believe he wants to be president—the sad thing is that people will vote for his ass! haha

How many Asians in the NBA now? I’m still waiting for a bloody Indian to make a debut! When that day comes, I’m sure the NBA outsourcing watchdogs will begin to bicker…

The McEnroe Show

One word to describe it: Hip. Maybe a little too hip, but there’s definitely an audience out there. Mac came out w/ a trendy, (tight) charcoal colored shirt lookin’ real smooth as if he was 30 again. I have to admit, the guy hides his age very well. How old is he anyway? 50? His guests are pretty sub-par, though—there were 2 authors in the 20 minutes I watched it. It’s very likely that I missed the big name celeb who usually shows up at the end of shows.

One highlight: the hilarious short videos before the show goes into commercials. This area has a lot of potential. The short vid I saw was your typical 3am-style promo ad selling a Bill Clinton interview DVD. It was damn funny watching the DEAD faces Oprah, Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, etc, etc make while they sit like zombies beside Billy listening to him recite ‘My Life’ for hours on end. (Yes, one of those ‘had to be there’ jokes). That’s not all. The promo for the DVD was giving away another free DVD (w/ each order of the Interview DVD) that has endless hours of video footage of Bill Clinton talking while he’s walking—yes, a whole 3 miles of Bill walking on grass, cement, down stairs, in the oval office, etc while jabbing away to his interviewers (ok-ok, maybe I was really tired when watching it, but it made me laugh, that’s all).

Phil Jackson, You Bastard!

Coach T joined up with the Lakers. There’s only one thing I don’t like about this guy in my mind. Every time I look at him, he reminds of John Travolta. It’s very painful, I tell you. Anyway, I loved the Houston Rockets of old with the 3 bombers (Kenny, Horry, & Cassell), so I’m sure Rudy will fit in wonderfully.

What about Phil? In a way, I am very glad this happened because it eventually had to, right? Personally, I did not like the aura that followed around Phil Jackson for some reason–people just expected you win because “he is so wise,” “his triangle crap is amazing,” “he does not flinch under pressure,” & blah blah blah. That is all bull, alright. Surely, I understand a coach of an NBA is an essential ingredient of a successful team, but players have their role, as well—that would explain their hefty paychecks!

[Now comes the part of my post that most of you shouldn’t read b/c firstly, I’m gonna make a pretty bad analogy & secondly, it’s ultimately going to be a waste of your precious work time (hint: what do basketball & chicken soup have in common?)]

Tagore: 'East and West'

This essay is by far one of the most beautifully written pieces I�ve set my eyes upon. There are some minor digressions, but mainly it is to the point and fully succeeds in explaining why the West is so far away from understanding the East. It was shocking to me how well this fit in with current western affairs in the Middle East & that�s why I decided to digitize yet another few pages of my mini-library. Leave comments if you feel the need; only the deserving will be bashed. Just kidding!

Rabindranath Tagore writes:

Today the real East remains unexplored. The blindness of contempt is more hopeless than the blindness of ignorance; for contempt kills the light which ignorance merely leaves unignited. The East is waiting to be understood by Western races, in order not only to be able to give what is true in her, but also to be confident of her own mission.

In Indian history, the meeting of the Mussulman (Muslim) and the Hindu produced Akbar, the object of whose dream was the unification of hearts and ideals. It had all the glowing enthusiasm of a religion, and it produced an immediate and a vast result even in his own lifetime.

But the fact still remains that the Western mind, after centuries of contact with the East, has not evolved the enthusiasm of a chivalrous ideal which can bring this age to its fulfillment. It is everywhere raising thorny hedges of exclusion and offering human sacrifices to national self-seeking. It has intensified the mutual feelings of envy among Western races themselves, as they fight over their spoils and display a carnivorous pride in their snarling rows of teeth.

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