Most of you don’t even live in California, well the people who normally read this everyday. But I just recieved this email from a friend and wanted to share it with you. My friends are really big solar power geeks and yes now I have become one too.

Every little bit helps. If California can get it passed, maybe it will inspire other states to try to go solar too!

It's Over….sad!

So last night was the season finale of the Real World San Diego….sad! I think it was a pretty lame ending…nothing bad really happened; no one went to jail, no one else hooked up, and Jamie didn’t get naked…damnitt!

…I thought it was pretty cheesy that it was B-Rad that was the last person to leave the place…driving away on his crotch rocket riding into the sunset…aaawwwhh. Don’t get me wrong, B-Rad is one of hell of a cool dude, but he’s the total stereotypical meat head.

I guess the only thing I can really focus on is how hot Jamie is…boots and skirt….ooohhhweee!!! Oh, and let’s pay homage one more time to her Halloween costume….oh baby!

…I guess I’m looking forward to the reunion special next week and see if Jamie explains why she was such a damn boring character…all I ask for is a titty flash.

Arranged Marriage, Anyone?

[First of all, this is a very fobby Post. Secondly, I know a lot of Indian kids are searching for information w/ regards to this topic, so I’m sure all our white-washed, western responses will help to further confuse them.]

Coming from India and having parents who are literally stuck inside a vacuum that dates back to the 1700s, life can be confusing, to say the least.

First Issue.

Love. Do we create love or is it created by a greater power? With the American divorce rate somewhere in the 30% range, I would like to think that a lot of Americans create their own love because if, say, some greater power created love for these people, mistakes in such frequency would be far & between. Can we agree on this, at least?

Vacation time!

I will be doing nothing the next few days. Seriously, I took these days off to simply spend with the family and sit around and do a whole bunch of nothing. Someone recently gifted me a Bill Clinton’s ‘My Life’ (I was literally in pain when I saw that 10lb of crap), so I might open a few pages to see what kind of crap is in there…It will make for a nice return item as it has a $40 price tag. I really want to check out that Tupac book Jackson referred to. I know that bastard is going to come back one of these days. haha.

One last, useless piece of information: If you guys are ever at a Persian Kabob joint (I went to one for dinner tonight), make sure you order the Lamb Kabob. My God. I always get it whenever I’m at one of these kabob joints and I’m happy to say that I’m never disappointed. Lamb is like goat meat—very unique in texture, smell & taste. Plus, since it’s meat, it’s on the Atkin’s Diet by default.

Bad friend

Why is it that when my old friends from college have a party, I never want to go. I got this bday party to go to on thursday and quite frankly I don’t want to go. Am I being lame for trying to make up an excuse not to go? Would I be a bad friend?

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