Feed the Employees Week [aka Employee Appreciation Week]

[it should be called ‘Feed the Employees’ week b/c that’s all they’re doing–today we have breakfast, tomorrow ice-cream, the day after some snacks–people in my office of course don’t mind because they’re all southerners and have an unlimited appetite. I want free tickets to disney world, hotel stays, money, etc., god damn it]

Anyway, every day of this week, my work gives each of us a lotto scratcher. At first I was thinking, wow 5 lotto tickets!— I have to win something. That’s only a logical thought process, right? But then I was thinking about it on my drive home and it hit me that getting lotto tickets is a very sad-sad thing. It truly is.

It simply hints that our pay is so horrible that when management was deciding what to give us during employee appreciation week, the consensus was one of those $1.00 scratchers– They were cheap on that, as well. Yesterday I won $2.00, and today I scratched…2 fucking $6000s, 2 pieces of shit $50s, but ultimately won nothing. What’s even sadder than receiving scratchers?!? I can’t wait till tomorrow’s scratcher! haha


One more thing,

I just watched Van Helsing yesterday…very disappointing! It didn’t hold my interest and I even feel asleep during part of the movie. I heard the movie, “A Day Without Mexicans” was very good and eye opening (screw Pete Wilson!!).

Maybe add a movie review/book review/ magazine section to the site Moe? We all know James wont contribute to the book section. haha.

New Ladies

I guess it’s time for me to contribute some information.

A couple of weeks ago we hired this hot little SD girl to be a starter at our golf course. She is young, about to turn 20, and is a very nice gal. She’s hot so she gets harassed all the time by sleezing old retired men, but it all works out for her because she makes a gang of money on tips everyday. Recently, we all went out to watch that damn sinful Lakers game, and for the first time she mentions her roommates and even brings one of them out. Her roomie was wearing this very nice skirt that night, and as a typical VietCong move, go to pick up on her. Can you guess what my pick up line was? “Man, you have got some amazing calf muscles!” But, because I said it in such a slick way, it worked and her and I have been hanging out lately. This story just makes me wonder what everyones dating situation is like right now?

That’s it for now.
P.S. Hi Melissa! I do miss that Thai ass!
P.P.S. Moe, any good sites to buy a hookah from? Fill me in dogg!

Update on Site Issues

To the 1 of you who are reading this…[thanks Melissa!, you’re the coolest :-)]

First, I don’t know why there is a broken link in Melissa’s post. I tried to figure it out, but to no avail. That goes to show how much I know about all this crap. By the way, if you want to attach images to your messages, you must click on the upload button when editing your entry to upload the image of your choice and then after you upload, the site will give you a link to paste into your message…this is quite complicated procedure to accomplish something so simple, but it will get easier in a few months (hopefully).

Secondly, I’m working quickly to get a photo gallery up and running, god damn it. I just can’t seem to find one that will blend in well w/ the site. I want to do this once and only once because I know if I screw around w/ this shit too much, it will eventually be all screwed up & we’ll have nothing at the end.

Lastly, I know this option will be useless in the short-term, but it’ll be good to keep in mind. I have an email address that, once someone emails to it, this webpage will automatically post what’s in the email. Basically how it works is: You send an email w/ the email subject as your message title and the email body as your message body and just click send! Once a day, this website will automatically check for new emails & simply post all messages that are in the mailbox. I don’t think this is too useful at the moment, unless of course you’re emailing photos from your cellphone. I don’t even have a cellphone so I shouldn’t be talking :-).

ok brodahs & sistahs!

Carpal Tunnel

Hmmmm … what is it about work that gives you carpal tunnel. For the past two weeks my right hand has been hurting like hell!!! HELL!! No longer can I use my right hand to use my mouse, pipet, or other things I used my right hand for.

Am I the only one in this world who has it? Does anyone feel my pain??

DAMN the Computer!!

House Egged! Bloody Bastards!

So yes, my house was egged a few days ago. Luckily, it was only one egg. Let me just say that cleaning that shit up is not fun because the smells engulfs your ass in and your only escape is a long shower w/ plenty of girly soap. Naturally we blamed the incident on my little sister.

Today is Monday, and I came to work only to discover that my boss’s (who’s also Indian) house got egged as well–only his house was egg-raped w/ like 20 eggs. He tells me that many houses w/ Indian kids got egged as well, so now he believes that it’s race motivated. It might be, but I think it’s just stupid kids being stupid.

To take it another step, he called the cops. Can you believe it?? The cops are so stupid that they bloody got the their forensics department involved because they found an uncracked egg (I have no idea how the laws of physics permitted that) and figured they might be able to get fingerprints off the egg!! I think that is pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. I don’t know if I should shake my head @ their actions or laugh or write a letter to the governor demanding all the dumbass cops be fired and replaced.

Dear Lord, have mercy.

What are the Sample Spaces?

In order to evaluate poker situations we need to know the size of the sample space, and we need to know how many events are in each sample space. An event is one of the possible outcomes of the situation, and all of the outcomes together, comprise the sample space.

We also need to know how many of those events are in our favor, and how many of those events are in our opponent’s favor. That’s what combination theory does.

Later we’ll use this information to calculate expected values.

In a hold’em game we want to know how many events there are for 5th street, 4th street, 4th and 5th street combined, the starting hands, and the flop. Each of these groups is known as a sample space, and each member of the sample space is known as an event.

Exploring sample spaces is easy once you get the hang of it, but it can be a challenge to get the hang of it. So, we’ll start of with very simple examples and work our way into the hold’em sample spaces.

Let’s start with symbols. Count the symbols: @ @ #. There are 3 symbols. If we think of each symbol as an event, there are 3 events. Therefore, the sample space is 3.

Post-flop: Drawing to Outs – Abdul

If you have the best of it on additional money going into the pot,
you should try to maximize the additional money going into the pot.
If given the money in the pot by the end you have odds to chase, you
should at least call. Keep in mind that betting or raising will
often give you additional ways to win the pot. If you don’t have
odds to chase or bluff, you should fold.

1 5,420 5,421 5,422 5,423 5,424