Too Much?

I like Reagan. I like Bush, as well. Do not get me wrong. The former created a legacy and the latter is doing his best to create one. I do not wish ill upon either one, but when I see things that are done madly out of proportion, it alarms me. I am further alarmed by all who blindly participate. Mob psychology, I tell you. Not only funerals, but birthdays, inaugurations or whatever it may be. There are logical lines that should be glaringly apparent to anyone with two eyes and a sane mind when observing such events.

We all know how much Reagan did in his lifetime, but at the most basic level, you cannot deny the fact that he is a human being. Just think about it, 24,000 people took time out of their day & lined up in DC for the viewing of his body. 24,000 people!! Amazing.

"I'm Luke SkyWalton. I'm here to rescue you."

Eventhough I hate Bill Walton with a passion and Luke Walton is an exact replica of his father (in terms of skull structure), I think this man was responsible for the Game 2 win. This is the heart of the champion, you people. I hope all you Suckramento fans & players are reading carefully. A championship team is defined by a deep bench, key roleplayers who can pump up the team at any given moment & lastly, a player that can enter the Jordanesque Zone! (Think about Eddie Jones, Pig Miller, van Exel! Those are key players, my friends!)

Kobe is not Michael Jordan. He will never be. But Kobe hit a damn nice 3-pointer to take the game into OT. I kept wondering all through the 3rd and 4th quarters why this guy was not taking over the game when the Lakers needed him the most! The same feeling crossed my mind when Shaq went out half way through the 4th. Luckily the right juices were flowin’ with 12 seconds left in the game.

Bruce Lee Wisdom: The Abs

Yes, out of all the people in the world, I am a collector of Bruce Lee junk—actually Bruce Lee literature, to be exact. I have a mini library of a lot of his crap. Yes, it’s sad because I’m a very skinny guy (w/ clothes on, girls). Ok, that was a bad joke.

Anyway, for the last few months, I’ve successfully added running into my evening schedule. Typically at around 8 PM, I start a nice 2 mile run around neighborhoods near my own. I do a good mix of sprints, paced runs & slow jogs. 2 weeks a go, I bought a stomach strap (the thing that traps heat–at Oshman’s for $10) just out of curiosity because I read about it in one of my books. Well, I have to report the results b/c I was a bit surprised myself. I don’t have Bruce Lee abs, nor will I ever, but I have Skinny Man Abs that are slowly taking shape as soon as I get my damn CARB-ONLY diet in control!

My Indian Diet consists of:
1. Tons of Rice
2. Wheat bread
3. Oil –traditional Indian food is cooked w/ a lot of this crap
4. Potatoes
5. And every other type of food that is juiced w/ a ton of carbs.
6. I have one egg each day for lunch

My goal is to keep my current diet (maybe cut down a little on the rice & oil, but I think I’d die w/ out my rice) & simply work out harder when I run and do my simple lifting exercises. I am not part of any club (too cheap), but I have a nice set of weights in my room (it consists of 100 pounds of weights total—laugh, you bastards, laugh). I’m not really lifting to get huge, but just to keep from getting (fat) huge. I lost an inch off my waist after the 3 months of running, so something’s definitely working. NOTHING beats out cardio, in my opinion.

Soul Plane: Can You Handle It?

I would do this entire review in ebonics, but I don’t want to leave some of my other readers hanging–yes all 1 of you!

When I entered the theater, I was surprised to see only 5 of my broddahs sitting in the back-middle & one old white man close to the front. The old man realized quality in the film industry very late into his years, but at least it hit him before his time’s up. God have mercy on his soul.

Well, I attributed this small audience to the release of yet ANOTHER Harry Potter — you’d think they’d realize the first two were bad enough, but I guess when you have $200 million to blow, why not blow it on little kids who can do some magic tricks. It’s sad, I tell you.

Well, our sub $10 million dollar flick was full of quality dialogue, a simple story (highly essential in laying down great jokes), and cameos by some very famous people (mainly Snoop Dogg). I don’t know about their choice in Tom Arnold, though. There are so many other white males who can play the “typical white father” role, but I guess since Tom Arnold isn’t really landing any roles as of late, he must have came real cheap. In creating ‘Soul Plane’ the producers didn’t really have a bottomless pit of money, so naturally they were forced to make some sacrifices in their selection of cast members. The criteria for the role were probably very simple: literate, white male with a “has-been” reputation. Tom’s obviously white, can read and his relationship w/ Roseanne Barr makes him a recognizable ‘has-been.’


…i wanted to ease the tension of this Hate Lakers discussion by informing you all of some wonderful news!

yes, Shai is back….back with a new album, “Back From The Mystery System”. Yes, if you loved such hits as “Comforter”, “If I Ever Fall In Love”, and (my favorite) “Baby I’m Yours” then you’ll like this album. Now, don’t think that this is going to be whack like the “Destiny” album they released that was straight garbage and only had 3 of them….no, this is all 4 of them in full effect!

Here’s the link to the site that is selling their new CD. I’m waiting for my copy to come in the mail.

Top 5 Favorite Shai Songs:
1) Baby I’m Yours
2) Falling
3) Come With Me
4) If I Ever Fall In Love
5) I Don’t Wanna Be Alone

Harry Potter ROCKED!!!!

Hello there muggles!!!

I just want to let all of you know that, despite my remsemblance to Mr. Harry Potter himself (hair and glasses) this movie was great!!! The prisoner of Azaban was my favorite HP book and the movie is just sick!!! Its dark and hey it was directed by the one and only guys that directed that mexican porno flick “y tu mama tambien”.

If you have nothing to do go out and watch it!

No Worries, Laker Fans!

Jeez, Detroit Pistons is quite possibly one of the most boring teams in the NBA–then again, what do you expect from the East & Michigan?! Not only that, I think their boredom is contagious and therefore put the poor Lakers to sleep. It was a painful game to watch, I tell you. One guy shoots 80+% and the rest of the team?–25%. Seriously, guys. GO INTO SHAQ! I know the guys on the floor aren’t smartest bunch from math class in high school, but that should be a very simple conclusion! BUT I guess, if Detriot infects the game, the stadium and the overall aura of the game w/ their toxic boredom, it will make it difficult for the Lakers who are synonymous w/ the words energy & flashiness to get the ball into the Hungry Big Man.

All I know is that the Lakers must play their game. Tonight they did not play their game. They roamed around the court, shot as the shot-clock buzzer neared 0, played no D & talked no trash. Those are all key elements of scoring 60-70 points in the first half, not the entire game!

They will brush it off. They partied it up for the 7 days they were off after their win against the Minisuckota.

All you Laker-Haters, enjoy the next few hours because the ring will be ours…again.

Love or Stupidity?

You’d think this kid was getting a Ph.D or possibly a celebration party for discovering the cure to some rare disease, but no, he was graduating bloody high school. Who the hell cannot graduate high school these days?! It was in a huge hall that could seat around 1000, with amazing audio, lines of tables for the myriad of guests, and a SHIT LOAD of food (it almost sounds like I’m describing a lu’au or something)! The food was ok, but the Baklava at the end was the highlight, in my opinion. All in all, I think the parents must have dropped around $5k minimum. I would have taken that money and cruised around the world, but this was not me. What I’m trying to say is that there are more ways to blow $5k than a fucking party w/ a bunch of old people who you don’t even know. For example, when I walked in, I congratulated about 5 wrong kids before I got to the one that was actually graduating. It was kind of funny, actually. Anyway, bottom line: this kid got a lot of gifts.

Now, moving on to why I think this was especially overdone. They had a singer for one thing. They had the community priest plant the seed of fear in this guy’s heart–telling him to make the right friends, being a good muslim, etc etc.. Then, there was a guy who read verses out of the Quran. That’s not all. After those people, we had to suffer through 3 more speakers who gave these corny, heartfelt speeches about this kid and how smart, witty, humorous, etc etc etc etc he is and how he will be greatly missed (he’s going to a state school about 1.5hrs away, for God’s sake). I swear, if I had randomly walked into the hall while one of these people were talking, I’d think I was at a funeral or something. There was just so much love! God have mercy!

Personality Type: The Lazy Bastard

God, just went through an extremely busy day today. Haven’t had much time to do anything today except my latest Personality Type.

FYI to people: Mainly Melissa & Brian- You guys want to hit up Hawaii this summer or what? Preferably sometime in August. I think tix will be cheaper. Oh yeah, Melissa, James is staying in a killer house all summer. I want to try to get a lot of people to go so the trip will be worth it. I just don’t want to be standing around all alone while ChanMan works the mojo on his women. Also, if I do go, I’m going to splurge and do my first skydiving session (if it doesn’t cost me like $500–$300 is my personal limit. This includes a video, God damn it! I am Indian, so I naturally expect more.)

Now, for my Lazy Bastard Personality Type! Behold!

I know this person who’s so damn lazy. This guy has the typical Lazy Bastard Personality. There are plenty of these people in the US, w/ especially a heavy-heavy concentration in the South for some odd reason. It must be all the buttered-up biscuits, slow moving gravy and deep-fried chicken that make these people so damn lethargic in mind & motion!

Current Issue of Playboy

okay, so there was might hype about the new playboy b/c Charisma Carpenter was going to be in it. I’ll just have to say that I was disappointed with her pictoral. There was no full frontal nudity….which I think she should’ve done, not only because I wanted to see but b/c it’s not like she got much going on right now that Angel is cancelled. I mean, she does have a nice rack but she also has the dark silver dollar size arreolas…not completely kickin but still a mouthful.

anyways though….the other pictoral spreads are pretty damn awesome. the playmate of the month is this japanese chick…hiromi oshima….she’s hot and has an amazing rack…she’s the asian girl that was in the beginning part of the Shake Yo Tailfeather video. also, they got a pictoral of the playmate of the year….damn, she’s frickin hot…

alright, so that’s this month’s issue of playboy…. i was looking forward to charisma carpenter but found that the other 2 spreads were much more arousing…

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