The Catalyst of Poker – The battle of the blinds

“If the blind lead the blind,

both shall fall into a ditch.”

— Jesus of Nazareth

Limit poker not only begins as a struggle for the blinds, it normally ends there. In very loose games, starting hand selection, betting strategy and pot manipulation become more important, but in moderately tight-ish games, and tough aggressive ones too, the core of the entire battle comes down to a struggle for the equity of the blind bets.

Training Wheels of Fortune – Start thinking, not silly starting hand charts

“Nothing is more desirable than
to be released from an affliction,
but nothing is more frightening
than to be divested of a crutch.”
— James Baldwin

Suppose playing Texas Holdem you are under the gun with a marginal hand like KJo. What should you do? Some learning players would immediately consult their starting hand charts, either literally or in their memory, and then decide what action to take. Unfortunately, rigid adherence to artificial charts is the root of ruin of many people who might otherwise become quite good poker players. A lot of these players may in fact become winning players, especially in rake games where the house takes its cut from the pot rather than equally from each player, but I suggest most players relying on starting hand charts are either doomed to never be much good at poker, or will end up as merely mediocre.

The Texas Hold'Em Skateboard – The skill jumps in Texas Holdem

“One of the healthiest ways to gamble is with
a spade and a package of garden seeds.”
— Dan Bennett

“Poker” is not like “chess” where a clear picture appears from just one word. Besides “video poker” and “poker runs”, which hijack the word into unrelated territory, there are many forms of poker. These different games feature some cards face-up, some face-down; sometimes you get more cards all at the same time, sometimes you get one at a time; sometimes you share pots; sometimes you try to make high hands, sometimes you try to make low. Different poker games have many different features.

Loose Ends – Something bad can come from something that looks good

“How could something so bad, darling,
come from something that was so good”
— Bruce Springsteen

The starting hand fetish that many weaker players fixate on as a central aspect of their games directly leads to a corresponding lack of ability to lose well. Players look at AK or QQ in Texas Holdem and think “wow, what a great hand” and start counting the money they will be raking in. The game is not that easy however.

Ugly Website

I know this site is ugly. I’m trying to learn some PHP here and there to get something nice looking up & running. Since I cannot code too well, I think I will settle with the simple/mysterious look. I want to have a photo album going soon, as well. No worries.

If you have any ideas or have some friends who can do this stuff for free, hook it up, baby 🙂

New Quotes Added to Database

I found a great website with all these sex positions (yes, at times I get bored at work) so I copied about 100 of them into my script that will show up randomly as quotes on the right side. Here are a few to sample for tonite when you get bored w/ your women…(that was a joke)

Kamasutra Position Alert! – The Bud: She draws her limbs together, clasping her knees tightly to her breasts, her yoni, like an opening bud, offered up for pleasure: this is known as “Mukula” -Brian Tran

Kamasutra Position Alert! – The Couch: When she draws up her knees and you clamp yours about her raised thighs, trapping them in a tight knot while riding saddle upon her buttocks and kissing her, it is “Shankha” -Brian Tran

The Bridge — The woman needs to lean into and arch,(start off the ground or bend the back)she needs to be supple! The man then grasps the hips and enters her, this is a slow motion position don’t go too fast! -Jackson Wang

Float Your Boat — This would take place in a whirl pool or the shallow end of a pool. The woman lies on her back and has to stay afloat while the man straddles her legs and penetrates. -Jackson Wang

Mysteriously, all the sex positions are said either by Brian or Jackson…

More signs of incoming high rates…

Here’s a quote from a recent newsletter by Bill Murphy (dated May 9, 2004):

China’s chief forex regulator, Guo Shuqing, said in a recent Financial Times interview the make-up of the country’s US$440-billion forex cash pile was being altered to include more European and Asian bonds, given concerns over a weaker US dollar.

Along w/ the Japanese, the Chinese and Indians own a tremendous amount of US debt. I think they are the ones who are keeping this gigantic ship of debt afloat. So what the hell will happen when the Chinese, Indians and Japanese try to dump some of this debt into the world financial markets? A massacre in the bond market is given, but just think of what will happen to those innocent people w/ variable rate mortgages. Dear lord.

Beheading of an Innocent Boy

Jeez, I couldn’t fucking do it. I couldn’t finish the video. It was too fucking crazy @ the end. They are screaming, “Allah HuAkbar, Allah HuAkbar” at the end as they attempt to pull the innocent man’s head apart from his body. Typically that is said as an animal is sacrificed in the name of Allah & the animal is killed for the sole purpose of EATING & not to fucking punish. God is the punisher, not those cowards wearing masks.

They have brought too much shame to Islam. If I had any disbeliefs of the bastardly people out there, I am a full believer after these last couple weeks. After seeing the images of abuse in the prison and now this video, I don’t know what could be coming next.

We can’t continue fighting fire with fire. The hate is two sided and too much blood is flowing for all the wrong reasons. Until we “civilized” people lay down our weapons, there will never be peace because those people are absolutely crazy. When will these arrogant bastards realize that they are only hurting the people! If it is this bad in 2004, I would hate to be alive 10 years from now.

Gambling Quotes

I’ve added a lot of poker tips & gambling quotes to the random quote script. The quotes are super random…going from types of drugs to drug symptoms to quotes from Cobain, Tolstoy & Gandhi. There are around 1000 & it’s growing everyday 🙂

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