Ashley Judd vs. Shailene Woodley at “Insurgent” NYC Premiere

Ashley Judd, Shailene Woodley

Ashley Judd, Shailene Woodley

Ashley Judd and Shailene Woodley look stunning on the red carpet at “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” New York premiere at Ziegfeld Theater. The film stars Shailene and Kate Winslet, along with Zoe Kravitz, Ansel Elgort, and Theo James. “Insurgent” opens in theaters on March 20.

Pictured: Ashley Judd (Left), Shailene Woodley (Right)

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Today’s Parking Lot Catwalker!

Alessandra Ambrosio Drops By The Brentwood Country Mart

Here’s our longtime obsession Ms. Alessandra Ambrosio catwalking through a parking lot after grabbing breakfast at the Brentwood Country Mart (which is pretty much a place where the ultra rich grab coffee, do a little shopping & also grab an occasional bite to eat).

And for those of you missed it, Ale will be gracing the cover of Turkey’s Vogue magazine as it celebrates its 5th anniversary. If you’re flying through Istanbul an any point over the next month or so, make sure you grab a copy! OW!

Alessandra Ambrosio Drops By The Brentwood Country Mart

Tallulah Willis Channels Her Mom’s G.I. Jane Hairdo; Redefines The Low-Cut Dress.

Tallulah Willis exposes her bra as she leaves the Chateau Marmont with her sister Scout Willis

Here’s Tallulah Willis exposing her bra as she leaves the ultra-luxurious Chateau Marmont with her sister Scout Willis in West Hollywood. We’re pretty sure mom & dad will pay for the visit, but you never know! It’s possible she was smart and used some of her parent’s money to invest in foreclosed homes in Beverly Hills back in 2010/2011 and now she’s sitting on millions in profits as she unloads. Hey, it’s possible.

Tal, who lives the usual celeb-offspring lifestyle, reported enjoyed a brief stint at a yuppy rehab last summer. The 21-year-old was seen rocking a very revealing floral dress as she rocked a buzz cut, which coincidentally her mom made famous in the film “G.I. Jane.”

Tallulah Willis exposes her bra as she leaves the Chateau Marmont with her sister Scout Willis

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butler Have Seriously Ditched Coffee Bean For Starbucks

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Like we said the last time we posted these two, they must have scored a sweet deal with Starbucks because they pretty much swore by Coffee Bean as their go-to, pre-let’s-have-sex-all-day coffee joint. The only other theory is that they received very shitty service at Coffee Bean and Eddie decided to try something else or who knows, it’s possible that Paige initiated the change? Needless to say, if you’re currently reading this and actually give a shit, don’t forget to click on a few ads & leave comments!

If changing up cafes took this long, don’t expect Eddie to do the same in the sugar baby department anytime soon. Eddie continues to stick with Aussie-flavored model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. You’d think he’d experiment with other chicks like every other high-powered Hollywood big, but I guess Paige & him have worked out very agreeable terms with respect to their relationship so there’s no point in screwing shit up (i.e. Eddie snaps, Paige arrives, Eddie pops, Paige leaves). In exchange for having annoying kids and living a cookie-cutter family life, Paige is opting for life as “Eddie’s Trophy Girlfriend,” who gets to enjoy all the luxuries of that life has to offer, which apparently includes a lot of free frappuccinos and lattes.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Hailey Baldwin Catwalks Around Tribeca In F-Me Boots

Hailey Baldwin is seen running errands around Tribeca, NYC

Hailey Baldwin, who recently turned 18, is pursuing a modeling career in NYC (hey, why not?) and here she is walking around the always fashionable (and extremely pricey) Tribeca neighborhood.

The last time we saw Hailey, she was cruising around with Justin Bieber, but last month she came out & put those rumors to rest saying, “I’m just trying to be there for him,” which little does Hailey know, is code for “we’re friends with benefits.” Hailey, don’t be so stupid & naive. The guy just wants to bang you.

IDLYITW: Why Did Hilary Duff Take A Bathroom Selfie?! Tuna Still A Heather Graham Fan; Dlisted Talks Kimmel

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Rachele Brooke Smith’s Super Hot Beach Shoot With & Adrian Bond

Rachele Brooke Smith

Rachele Brooke Smith

Leading Lady, Dancer, Fitness Star & Motivational Speaker, Rachele Brooke Smith is seen in a Super Hot Beach Shoot under the Santa Monica Pier with Celebrity Photographer Garry “Prophecy” Sun for & Adrian Bond. Rachele has lead in Hollywood films such as “Bring It On: Fight to the Finish”, and “Center Stage: Turn It Up”, “Popstar” and just finished working alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crow in “The Nice Guys”. Rachel has been seen in numerous guest appearances on Hit TV shows such as “Two and a Half Men”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Entourage”, “Glee” and “Anger Management”. She has also shown off her Dancing talents in Iron Man 2 & Zac Efron’s “17 Again”.

Rachel heads her own “Unbreakable Foundation”.. which as a part of her Humanitarian Side is geared towards helping people live happier & healthier by incorporating fitness into a rewarding lifestyle that achieves greatness & the impossible. Want more of Rachele? Check out Rachele on Instagram and Twitter and subcsribe to Rachele’s YouTube channel.

For more photos, visit Garry Prophecy Sun at Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest celebrity exclusives!

Photo Credit: Sun of Hollywood

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