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Jennifer Lopez Gets Leggy On ‘American Idol’ Set!

Jennifer Lopez, wearing a geometric pattern dress, heads into a taping of 'American Idol' in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Hey, when a show is paying you $17.5 million to sit in a chair, shed a few fake tears, laugh and sell your own music to millions of TV-zombies, wearing dangerously short dresses isn’t exactly a big problem. Let’s not forget the fact that she has an absolutely slamming body that most 44-year-old women would kill for, so I’m sure that makes things considerably easier.

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon in Los Angeles as Jennifer Lopez was seen wearing a geometric patterned dress while heading for a taping of ‘American Idol’.

As we mentioned yesterday, Jennifer Lopez is timing the release of her seventh studio album with the ‘American Idol’ finale to do some cross marketing and free up her time following the end of the ‘Idol’ season.

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GOD DAYUM! What’s Nicki Minaj Hiding In That Big Ole Booty?!

**EXCLUSIVE** 'American Idol' judge Nicki Minaj squeezes into a tight yellow dress, as she arrives on the set of 'American Idol' in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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We’re looking for creative answers, so hit up Twitter & please use the hashtag #NickiBooty w/ all Tweets.

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the hip-hop star-turned Evil ‘American Idol’ judge Nicki Minaj was seen arriving on the set of ‘Idol’ wearing an extremely tight yellow dress. Featuring host Ryan Seacrest and new judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban, along with returning judge Randy Jackson, Season 12 of American Idol begins with the exciting two-night premiere Wednesday, Jan.16 and Thursday, Jan. 17.

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Red Carpet Action @ Last Night’s 2011 American Idol Finale

Photo Credit: WENN
Pictured above: Jennifer Lopez, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina & Haley Reinhart.

Don’t know how many of you bastards caught last night’s finale, but it was a lil’ too much country me. Obviously, “American Idol” is definitely not a true representation of music in America, so I really hope new shows like “The Voice” & the upcoming “X Factor” break new ground (very doubtful) in filling the giant hole.

Anyway, for those of you who actually give a shit, 17-year old country phenom Scotty McCreery took home the top prize last night, defeating Lauren Alaina, who’s another country act (if you couldn’t tell by her two first names).

While he doesn’t exactly fit the manwhore persona, Scotty’s still a horny high school kid who’ll be getting countless country chicks in short-shorts throwing themselves on him wherever he goes, so I hope he surrounds himself with good people. Scotty, please don’t fall in love w/ some chick & get her knocked-up!! Learn from role models like Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, Hugh Hefner, and others who’ve used their fame & fortune to sample women like you would sample food at a tapas bar! Hey, very few people are blessed with power over women, so why not abuse it?
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit: WENN

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Choose Your Favorite Chick From American Idol…

Photo Credit: WENN
These were snapped last night at Paley Center for Media’s PaleyFest 2011 Honoring ‘American Idol’. The event as held at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles.

And, here’s our one of our lame polls (yes you have to choose one!):

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American Idol: Season 10’s Top 12 Female Contestants

Photo Credit: Wenn
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Since we don’t follow (i.e. we don’t care about) American Idol, this is going to be a quick post. We don’t know which name goes with which female but you folks can sound off on who you think has the best shot at winning. More info at FOX’s American Idol website.

The female Top 12: Naima Adedapo, Lauren Alaina, Kendra Chantelle, Ashthon Jones, Thia Megia, Haley Reinhart, Karen Rodriguez, Pia Toscano, Lauren Turner, Tatynisa Wilson, Rachel Zevita, Julie Zorrilla.

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I’m Sorry, But “American Idol” Really Sucks Without Simon Cowell

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

First, the positive: Steven Tyler’s a horny, old man on crack & that’s always amusing to watch. I also loved how he made a comment about JLo’s legs to Randy when she walked to the audition stage to hug some chick.

Now for everything else…
Overall, the show seems very fake, even more so than the past couple years when you could tell shit wasn’t going well backstage. Simon Cowell’s witty, sarcastic personality is woven deeply into the fabric of “American Idol” and the producers who’re in denial of this fact are only gonna be disappointed. Granted, “Idol” will go on to make millions for everyone at the top, but after watching the premiere last night, I can say with confidence that the show’s best years are definitely behind it.

Also, who the fuck chose Jennifer Lopez as a judge? It’s possible the network’s making a play at bagging a ton of new Latino viewers, but come on now! J.Lo’s either too worried about the negative affects on her image or she’s too annoyingly sensitive. How can you hire an over-sensitive judge on a singing competition known for its harsh critiques?! Totally fucked up.

Regardless, I can recall myself on numerous occasions thinking of how Simon Cowell would react in certain situations. For instance, if a girl who obviously can’t sing is on her knees begging for a ticket to Hollywood, then Simon would simply take one for the team by playing the insensitive bastard card & call security to escort her ass out. There were a handful of similar occasions when people obviously sucked ass, but Jennifer Lopez was consistently the weakest link when it came to throwing people out.

As for Randy, he’s playing more of a babysitter role this year. I hope he doesn’t lose it on live TV b/c I can see frustration setting in quickly. He has obviously made the decision to ride “American Idol” to its deathbed and who can blame him w/ those fat paychecks?

I understand all this scrutiny might be a lil’ too harsh & too early in the game, but I just didn’t like what I saw last night, that’s all.

Is Katy Perry Still Trying To Become An ‘American Idol’ Judge?

These were snapped over the weekend.

During her promotional trip to London, Katy Perry appeared on the “James Corden’s World Cup Live Show” alongside Simon Cowell. Didn’t this chick want to be the token “bitchy, mean judge” on ‘American Idol’ last year? I’m pretty sure she was begging Simon Cowell to pull a few strings on her behalf. I mean, what the fuck is she going to do when she’s out of really corny pop hits? Live off of Russell Brand? Riiight. Those two will be divorced by springtime—that’s assuming they tie the knot in November, as scheduled.

Here’s a clip from the show:

And, here’s a pic of Katy blowing one of those vuvuzelas. I love those things!!

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Kara DioGuardi @ American Idol 2010 Finale

These were snapped yesterday in Los Angeles.

Kara DioGuardi looked pretty good yesterday at all the red carpet events held to celebrate the conclusion of the American Idol‘s 9th season & Simon Cowell’s official departure from the popular show. What’s everyone’s take on this woman?

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