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Irina Shayk Works Her Bikini Body in Miami with Photographer Ali Kavoussi

Irina Shayk Showing Off Her Hot Bikini Body In Miami

Coincidently, just a couple days after we make a post saying Miami-based swimwear model & designer Gabriella Collado reminds us of Irina Shayk, the Russian-flavored bikini Goddess blessed South Beach with her very own bikini outing. We’re not taking credit for the outing, but just saying…

We rarely see Irina Shayk making casual trips to the public beach in her bikini, so don’t take these pics for granted because we might not see her resurface for a few more months. The 27-year-old S.I Swimsuit model was seen working her bikini body with a male friend, who we’re going to assume is photographer and agent Ali Kavoussi (a.k.a. Mr. Lucky Bastard). Irina hits the beach with this dude form time to time, so there’s no reason for us to believe that she left longtime boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo for this guy. Now from the standpoint of whether he’s a friend with benefits, that’s anybody’s guess…

For comparison sake, let’s revisit the lead pic of our Gabriella Collado post from over the weekend…
German supermodel Hana Nitsche and Gabriella Collado on Miami Beach

Supermodel Irina Shayk stuns in an orange bikini as she takes a dip in the ocean on Miami Beach

Not Cool!! Irina Shayk Disappoints w/ Miami Beach Bikini Pics

Russian supermodel Irina Shayk bashfully hides her flawless physique while on the beach in Miami

When we posted up those Claudia Galanti bikini pics yesterday, a couple of you guys pointed out that she looked like supermodel Irina Shayk, so look who decided to show up on the beach in Miami! It would be cool if we could see better pics of Irina later this weekend so we could do a side-by-side comparison (even though we know who would win).

Anyway, for someone who was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue a couple years ago & who’s seemingly really cool when it comes to showing off her bod, we were very surprised when Irina Shayk quickly covered up and ran back to her hotel after getting spotted by the papz. The Russian supermodel was seen working on her near-perfect tan on the beach in Miami yesterday afternoon w/ her supposed “best friend” / manager Mr. Ali Kavoussi (a.k.a. Lucky Bastard). Some of you guys might remember that last week the same dude also accompanied Adam Levine’s former flame Anne V while she was cruising on the beach during Thanksgiving weekend (except she didn’t care who photographed her).

If we get lucky like we did earlier this year, we might see Anne V & Irina out on the beach together. Here’s a photo of the bikini-clad duo hanging w/ Mr. Lucky Bastard Ali back in March: