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Amanda Bynes Spotted Out For A Walk With Her Parents; Will Her Family Get A Reality TV Show in 2014?

**EXCLUSIVE** Amanda Bynes spends Christmas walking the dogs with her mom and dad in Thousand Oaks

Looking somewhat normal (but probably heavily medicated), Amanda Bynes was seen spending Christmas wtih her parents in Thousand Oaks. The troubled 27 year old former Nickelodeon star, who is continuing to recover at her parents home after completing inpatient rehab, could be seen listening to tunes on her iPhone while walking the family dogs with her parents. We don’t like to see celebs suffering too much, so let’s hope Amanda makes a big comeback in 2014!! OW!

Amanda Bynes Reaches New Low; Wheeled Around Psychiatric Center While Covered With A Sheet

**EXCLUSIVE** A patient believed to be troubled starlet Amanda Bynes covers up with a sheet as she is wheeled between buildings at the Hillmont Psychiatric Center

At least we think that’s Amanda Bynes! We’re gonna assume it’s her because we see long blonde hair (Amanda’s wig) under the blanket & non-fat white person wearing slippers.

As you all know, the 27-year-old actress-turned-crack-addict was recently put on a 5150 psychiatric hold after allegedly setting a small fire in a woman’s front driveway near her parent’s home in Thousand Oaks. Her little dog suffered burns in the process.

At this point, you really gotta feel sorry for the girl. Let’s just hope she gets her shit together, at least to the point where she can regain access to her Twitter account and return to slinging “You’re ugly too, bitch” and random F-bombs at people who care about her.

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Louis Vuitton Can’t Be Happy About Amanda Bynes Cheapening Their Brand

Amanda Bynes stops traffic with her bright yellow heels as she hails a cab in New York City

I guess Amanda Bynes only owns one designer handbag because she’s always carrying her skanky-ho, golden Louis Vuitton handbag on her various cracked-out daily outings in NYC. The troubled 27-year-old actress-turned meth & cocaine addict was spotted was giving a very prostitute-ish vibe yesterday afternoon as she hailed a cab while wearing ripped jeans & bright yellow heels. Lindsay Lohan was definitely getting a little played-out, so I have a feeling Amanda Bynes will take her spot as the latest token “troubled celebrity” for the foreseeable future.

Amanda Bynes Shopping at Kin on Sunset Boulevard

Amanda BynesPhoto Credit: WENN

Amanda Bynes hit up Kin on Sunset Blvd to do some shopping and to the citizens of Los Angeles, don’t worry, she wasn’t driving but rather was stuck taking a cab. As you know, Amanda’s had some issues with the law when it comes to her driving skills, especially when mixed with her drinking. Anyway, as she continues to spiral into rehab thus getting our attention and publicity in an effort to ultimately revive her career, Amanda still knows how to market her best asset and that would be those sexy legs of hers. Yes, sure she’s giving Gucci a shameless plug but as messed up as she might get, we still appreciate your legs, Amanda. Keep showing those legs and atleast at our little space on the net you’ll continue to get coverage even if you can’t get an acting gig.

Amanda BynesPhoto Credit: WENN

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