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Amy Winehouse: Death By Misadventure

So, collective sigh . . . and maybe a shrug: a London coroner announced this week that the uber talented and equally troubled Amy Winehouse drank herself to death.

Not exactly surprising, I know.

Just how much alcohol did it take to finally take out Winehouse? The coroner announced that the pop singer had five times the legal amount of alcohol in her system and that she likely died of accidental alcohol poisoning after having abstained from drinking for weeks. The coroner officially termed WInehouse’s demise “Death By Misadventure” .

Say what you will about Winehouse (as did the surprisingly snarky London coroner) but the singer was, according to those who were closest to her, committed to shaking her predilection for drugs and alcohol. Dr. Christina Romete, who treated Winehouse for her dependency issues, claims “She’s made tremendous efforts over the years,” but that, “she had her own way and was very determined to do everything her way.”

Would we expect anything else from Amy Winehouse?

There will be those who will hold up Winehouse as a cautionary example of the perils of celebrity; there will be those who will pity her as a lost cause who never really stood a chance; and then there will be those who will be singing her songs for years to come, regaling her unique persona and distinctive voice as the kind that doesn’t just come along once in a generation, but which revolutionizes everything in its wake without even trying.

I’m glad to cast my lot with the latter.

Rest in peace, Wino. We hardly knew ye.

How Did Amy Winehouse Die? Drugs? Alcohol? Rupert Murdoch?

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News
Amy Winehouse as she returned back to the U.K. after doing a few shows in Brazil earlier this January. See more pics of Amy here.

We really thought Amy would pulled it out following her extended Caribbean vacations over the past couple years, but obviously the city of London would eventually succeed in taking her life. It’s very sad to hear about an extremely successful, critically acclaimed celebrity checking out way ahead of her time, but that’s the unfortunate reality of today’s mega famous. The industry will ride your ass while sucking every penny out of you and then coldly jump ship when you either refuse to play by the rules or simply unable to make anymore money. It’s the harsh reality of the modern entertainment industry.

Aside from the various conspiracy theories, there are very few facts floating around at the moment. All that people know right now is that she was found dead at her London home. This comes just more than a week after Amy was spotted walking around her Camden digs looking very healthy—or at least not like someone who was gonna mysteriously pass away in 10 days. Here are a couple pics from the set that some are claiming might be Amy’s final candid photos in public:
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Was Amy Winehouse Rupert Murdoch’s Media Trump Card to escape the scrutiny that he & his News Corporation are suffering through at the moment? Judging by all the other shit his various publications have done over the years, this would definitely be something worth researching.

Any other conspiracy theories out there?
Photo Credit: WENN

Amy Winehouse Arrives Back into London Heathrow From Brazil!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Amy Winehouse arrived back into London’s Heathrow airport after spending the past couple weeks in Brazil. I gotta admit, I could use a couple weeks in Brazil right about now…

Anyway, Amy & her team were in the South American country to play a total of five gigs for her loyal fanbase down there. Here’s an earlier set posted last week of Amy chilling at her hotel in Rio.

VIEW WITH CAUTION: Amy Winehouse Spotted in Rio De Janeiro!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Apologies if this latest set of Amy Winehouse pics is screwing w/ your weekend, but we’ll make it up to you bastards with an upcoming tasty matchup which I’m sure most of you will enjoy.

Anyway, let’s slightly squint our eyes and turn our attention to Amy Winehouse. She was spotted with her bodyguard while walking back to her room after lounging at the hotel pool most of the day. According to Bastardly eyewitnesses, even though she had giant bruises on her thighs, the multi-Grammy winning artist appeared to be in good spirits and to prove this, she repeatedly threw her drink glass into the pool, only to force one of her minions to dive in and fish them out.

She’s currently in Rio de Janeiro to kick off a mini tour of Brazil that begins January 8th.

Amy Winehouse & Reg Traviss Ate Dinner at Shaka Zulu

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Earlier in the week, Amy Winehouse went on a 16 hour alcohol binge.

During the 16-hour marathon she had visited two other pubs and two restaurants – at one point kissing model Mischa Barton and at another strolling with comic Russell Brand’s dad Ron.

“I was told Amy ordered champagne and the group tucked into it before starting on pink cocktails. They were having a great time,” Source

Nas & Amy Winehouse Ate Dinner at Kyashii Japanese Restaurant

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Nas separated from wife Kelis and was spotted out last night in London with Amy Winehouse along with Damien Marley celebrating Damien’s birthday.

As for his marriage and separation from Kelis:

“I wish everybody the best; I wish the best for everybody. I ain’t tripping, life is life. I love life. You live and learn. You just keep growing. Yeah. It’s tough bruh, but yo, I dive in. I goes in. I still think marriage is a beautiful thing, it’s a beautiful thing, and you just gotta be strong to weather the ups and downs. I think it’s a good thing to marry.

“I had great hopes. I thought we were going to go through it big, but two people are not, we gotta become one mind in a way. Two people think about life different, they see things different and then you just grow in different directions but I had a great time. Shout-out to my son Knight, he’ll be one tomorrow.” Source

Amy Winehouse Promises New Album By January, 2011

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

She made the statements with regards to the release and type of album at the “Psychosis” film premiere held last week in London. She’s apparently sexing up Reg Traviss, the film’s director. She went on to state that the album will “be very much the same as my second album, where there’s a lot of jukebox stuff and songs that are – just jukebox, really.” (Source)

Anyway, as for Reg Traviss’ straight-to-DVD horror flick “Psychosis,” here’s a brief review for all you horror lovers:

Low budget horror movies can be found in every bargain bin, every video store and every film fans DVD collection up and down the country. More often miss than hit; just occasionally a truly original, well-made horror movie can be found if you know where to look. The House of the Devil is one such movie, and even though I’d never heard of it before getting comfortable on the sofa, I was really glad I had by the time the credits rolled. I’d never heard of Psychosis either, but I’m always willing to try on a new horror outfit for size. It’s very rare that they fit of course, but as any shelf stacker at Blockbuster Video will testify, there are plenty more costumes in the closet. After pressing play, with very little hope for the next ninety minutes I might add… [Source]

BREAKING! Amy Winehouse Went on a Date With This Dude!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

I hate to say this, but as of late Amy Winehouse is begining to look a lot more normal—especially when you compare her ass to of fame-whores like Lindsay Lohan. Of course, this makes her less edgy & entertaining, but overall I think it’s great for her life & career, as well as the music industry. Escaping the insanity of London press to the exotic beaches of the Caribbean has definitely done Amy well from a mental health standpoint.

With newfound peace in her life comes stable relationships–at least we hope that’s the case! So with that in hand, who’s this dude? Don’t tell me he’s some footballer?! As most of you envious bastards know, those guys are notorious for their man-whore tendencies (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

BREAKING! Amy Winehouse Spotted Leaving Jazz After Dark Last Night!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Wow, we haven’t seen Amy Winehouse in a while—or maybe we’ve just been neglecting to post her pics? Whatever the case, we figured some of you Amy fans will dig these as she enjoyed a little Jazz in London last night.

As you guys know, in order to stay out of trouble, Amy’s hiding out in the Caribbean getting her music on:

During her 2009 stay in St. Lucia Winehouse worked on new music with producer Salaam Remi. It has been confirmed by Island that a new album is due in 2010, Island co-president Darcus Beese said, “I’ve heard a couple of song demos that have absolutely floored me”.[75]
On 27 April 2010, Winehouse’s spokesperson said she was recording new material with Mark Ronson. [Source]

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