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Andrej Pejic, Jessica White & Others: Belvedere (RED) Party in NYC

Andrej Pejic

Pictured: Anrej Pejic

Every straight man’s worst enemy Andrej Pejic once again put on his hottie suit & not only made unsuspecting, straight men feel guilty for hitting on him, but also planted the evil seed of doubt in their minds about their own sexuality. It’s very sad, but that’s the reality when you’re the world’s most famous androgynous model. I have to admit, if Andrej Pejic had his own reality show, I’d probably tune into a few episodes just to catch those countless daily “GOTCHA!! I’MMA MAN!!” moments as he runs his daily errands & gets hit on by sugar daddies in big cities across the globe. For those of you who want to see more of Andrej, check it here.

Thankfully, Andrej was the only notable androgynous model in attendance at last night’s Belvedere (RED) party held at Bagatelle in New York City. Jessica White was our personal favorite, but you bastards might dig one of the others. Check our favorites below:
Jessica White, Angela Martini, Shay Mitchell, Neon Hitch & Andrej Pejic

Pictured: Jessica White, Angela Martini, Shay Mitchell, Neon Hitch & Andrej Pejic

Barcelona: Male Model Andrej Pejic Models Wedding Dress; Continues Confusing Straight Dudes

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Sorry we have to do this to you guys, but I’m sure all the hotness from last night’s Met Gala event will help balance things out. These were snapped yesterday as Australian androgynous model Andrej Pejic models a signature Rosa Clara wedding dress in Barcelona, Spain. To see more freaky pics of Andrej, hit up his category! Directly below are his last couple appearances on the site:
See more from this set!
See more from this set!

SoHo: Male Model Andrej Pejic Confuses Straight Dudes @ OUT Mag Party

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Before running w/ the above caption, my other candidate was “I’m every straight man’s gay fantasy,” but I don’t think you bastards are ready for that…yet. Then again, with the LGBT agenda strong-arming its way through American culture, it shouldn’t be too long.

These were snapped last night as male/female/male/female super model Andrej Pejic was at OUT Magazine’s OUT 100 celebration held at Skylight SoHO in NYC.

And, in case you missed Andrej’s previous appearance, check here.

Male Model Andrej Pejic Probably Gets Hit On By Straight Dudes

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

So, you guys heard about this dude, right? He’s apparently some androgynous Australian male model who’s setting the standard for the modeling industry. Let’s face it, he embodies everything that the fashion industry is trying to push these days w/ their somewhat screwy borderline gay/metro-sexual agenda. He not only models women’s wear, but also clothes for dudes.

ABC’s Nightline interviewed the dude-girl last month as part of their NY Fashion Week coverage. He’s quite possibly the worst interview ever w/ all his wannabe-cutesy/ambiguous answers. Here’s another video:

These photos were snapped late last night as Andrej & friends left Markham Inn Bar in London’s yuppy Chelsea district.