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Colts rally past Titans; previewing a big Sunday in the NFL


What a chance of pace during last night’s game. The Colts, notorious for their slow starts lately, once again fell into an early hole. Tennessee took advantage of ball possession, riding a couple of nice runs by Chris Johnson to take the early lead. Once again it looked like the Colts were going to have to rally after only managing to score two touchdowns in the first half. Apparently Andrew Luck gave some sort of speech to his teammates at halftime, trying to rally everyone to perform better in the second half. The 3rd quarter proved to be a direct result because it was all Colts. After taking a 30-20 lead with only 3 minutes left, the Colts were able to last a rally attempt from the Titans that came a little too late. For Tennessee is looks like a mediocre season is inevitable. Their schedule still has the Colts again and the Broncos so I don’t see them recovering from a 4-6 record to make some kind off playoff buzz. And because their best chance to catch up in the division was to win last night’s game, that might have been enough to pretty much give the division title to Indianapolis. The Colts are now sitting comfortably in first place in the AFC South with a nice shot to take the second seed from the Patriots. Then again, this is the NFL and nothing is for certain. Don’t forget how bad the Colts looked less than a week ago against the Rams. Some might think it was just a fluke game but others worry that there might be some real holes on the team. At least we can keep confirming that Andrew Luck has the clutch gene in him.

Only two teams on bye this week (Cowboys and Rams) so there are lots of early game this Sunday. Unfortunately out of the eight games that are being played early, only a couple look good on paper. So unless your team is playing, just keep one the Red Zone channel for the early slate. Believe it or not, the Browns taking on the Bengals is the most interesting early game. Cincinnati has been looking stale as of late, fortunate to be in games while Cleveland seem to be gaining some momentum. If the Browns are able to pull out a victory, there are some real chances for the division. Ravens in Chicago could get interesting and even Redskins at Eagles because division games always turn it up a notch. Then come the good games. Starting off with the Chargers in Miami. If either of these teams want a shot for a wild card spot, this is the game to prove it. 49ers in New Orleans to take on the Saints is a mammoth of a game that has lots of playoff implications in the NFC. The Saints have looked nearly perfect at home but we’ll see how the Niners bounce back from last week’s loss. Then at night comes the biggest game of the season. Undefeated Chiefs head into Denver to take on Peyton Manning. Is Manning completely healthy? Are the Chiefs the least respected 9-0 team of all time? Too many questions for this game but they will all be answered in what should be a great ending to a Sunday of football.

Upset pick of the week? I like the Browns (+6). The Bengals have had so many injuries that it’s starting to catch up them. The good luck can’t last forever, can it? I also think Jason Campbell has been good enough for the Browns, not making those critical mistakes that usually doom Cleveland QBs. Browns win and make the AFC North a lot more interesting.

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Chargers defend home field against Colts; leftovers from Sunday’s games


Once again, the Chargers are a team that’s impossible to figure out. Does anyone else realize that two of the Chargers’ three losses this season have some against the Texans and Raiders? If that doesn’t indicate mediocrity, I don’t know what does. So I was going into watching last night’s game thinking that the Colts were going to go into San Diego, have a solid performance and show the country that they’re are an elite level team. I still believe that the Colts belong among teams like the the Broncos, Chiefs and Patriots but last night was a definitely a step back. Luck’s connection to his receivers was off (so many dropped passes) and it was almost impossible for the Colts to establish a running game to anchor long drives. The Chargers on the other hand were doing pretty much anything they wanted to on the ground, converting on key 3rd downs over and over with a solid running game. A nice Philip Rivers TD pass and a bunch of field goals later stamped the win for San Diego to stay in contention for a spot in the postseason. The Chargers have the Jaguars, bye week and Redskins so a nice win streak is definitely possible. The Colts have a massive game next Sunday night when Manning and the Broncos come into town. Rev up those story line everyone! It should be a great game but I think i’ll be tired of hearing about it by tomorrow night. So Indianapolis has a lot of work to do, specifically with their offense and lack of communication.

Normally i’d be talking about performances of the week or a random off the field issue but this week there just seemed to be a ton of injuries all around the league. The Steelers will most likely have ANOTHER lineman (Brown) on IR and I just didn’t think it would be possible to lose that many front men in one season. Seems like they lose 20 a season. There’s the Texans dealing with the circus surrounding Matt Schaub, the Saints unsure about Jimmy Graham and my Cowboys unforunately losing DeMarcus Ware for about 3- 4 weeks. We know about the Packers losing WR Randall Cobb for several weeks after taking a pretty strong hit that is going to result in him being out several weeks. The hit on Cobb started lots of discussion, debating whether or not the hit was “dirty” and if it should have been a penlty/fine. I’m not part whatever NFL committee is in charge of handing out fines but I will say this: it’s getting REALLY hard for defensive players to make any sort of play these days. I’m all for safety, always have been but it almost seems that the NFL is going too far the other way. Don’t even get me started on “roughing the passer” penalties that have essentially turned into “touching the passer.” When a “pass interference” or “roughing the passer” is called and they show the replay, I want it to be blatantly obvious that a penalty occurred.

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Playoff picture begins to take shape after week 13 in the NFL

Carolina Panthers v Kansas City Chiefs

Amid impossible circumstances, the Kansas City Chiefs were able to take the field and come out with a victory. There was a question of whether or not the game would even be played but coaches and players decided among themselves that it would be best to play. If only to take their minds off the tragic circumstances even for a few hours. The Chiefs handled and responded as well as anyone could ask for but as always, the show must go on. This weekend featured upsets, great rookie performances and some of the more elite teams clinching division titles along with playoffs berths. We’ll start with the rookies because Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson were the the definition of clutch when their teams needed them the most, on the road. Both rookies weren’t exactly lighting it up but they were both able to manage the game and made the plays, both executing on the last play of their respective game. Of course, last night featured RG3 and while he didn’t dazzle by his terms, Griffin did enough to take a key divisional victory to keep the Redskins playoff hopes alive.

Teams that are officially in the playoffs (Falcons, Patriots, Texans and Broncos) with the Texans being the only one that didn’t clinch their division but odds are they will clinch eventually. Although, if you look at their schedule (Pats, Colts, Vikings and Colts again) there’s an outside shot that the Texans don’t win their division. However unlikely, it’s amazing that the possibility of the Colts winning the AFC south is out there. With the surprising victory of the Steelers, the AFC north just got much more interesting and even more so because out of the three contenders, the Ravens have the toughest schedule. The NFC north is just as interesting after Bears were upset at home and gave the division lead to the Packers so anything is possible with those two teams. And of course the Redskins won last night, making the NFC east a tighter race and giving Cowboys fans like myself false hope of making the playoffs. 

I fully expect the Broncos (-10) to annihilate the Raiders on Thursday. The Broncos continue to roll and the Raiders are one of the five worst teams in league with little improvement in sight.

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