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Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries Fair in Paris

Exclusive... Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries FairPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

This is simply just one of the countless delicious fruits you get to enjoy if you happen to be the daughter of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel! Alessandra Ambrosio was seen treating her daughter Anja to Tuileries fair in Paris, France yesterday afternoon.

The mom-daughter duo appeared to be having a great time by enjoying cotton candy, playing fun little games and even taking rides together! If you’re in the area, the fair runs through the weekend, so don’t miss it!

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Alessandra Ambrosio Allows Her Kids To Sit In On Her Topless Photo Shoot

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

Take that, all you ultra-liberal Hollywood parents!

Ale is taking a very wise approach to the whole modeling gig with her children and opting to embrace her profession that allows for her family’s luxurious lifestyle as opposed trying to (unsuccessfully) shield her children. It’s an interesting experiment that I’m sure will pay off well for Alessandra in the long-term.

These new photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the 33-year-old was seen doing a topless photoshoot on the beach in Malibu. It seems like she was modeling her own clothing line, Ale by Alessandra. Once the shoot was finished, Ale had the photos take family photos with longtime partner Jamie Mazur & two kids, Anja & Noah.

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

BREAKING!! Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja Caught Walking On Grass During Cali Drought!


It’s lush, green grass too, so you know the person who owns the property is breaking the law by wasting precious water as the state suffers through a major drought. The always-beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio showed off her amazing legs while grabbing lunch with her daughter Anja yesterday in Brentwood. Let’s hope Ale gets this message & hopefully tries harder to refrain from walking on the grass during future outings. Have a heart, Ale!

We’ve said this on numerous occasions, but it won’t hurt repeating. When comes to celebs walking up & down curbs, through grassy lawns, pumping premium gas or filling parking meters, we’ve got you guys covered—basically, anything happening in the world that falls close to the bottom of any reasonable person’s must-know priority list is what we aspire to post on these pages each and every weekday (only between 9AM & 5PM PST, except major holidays or when we’re too lazy to work following major holidays).

Alessandra Ambrosio - Having lunch in Brentwood---adds---5FSAFA

BREAKING! Alessandra Ambrosio Photographed Opening SUV Door in Brentwood!

Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja Out And About In Brentwood

I hope all you Alessandra Ambrosio fans are loving all the attention we’ve given to the Victoria’s Secret supermodel over the past week or so. The 33-year-old beauty was seen running a few errands after picking up her daughter Anja from a park in Brentwood. Ale just returned from a trip to her home country of Brazil, so we’re assuming she has something in works for the World Cup or maybe she was making sure she has tix to the finals? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja Out And About In Brentwood

Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja Out And About In Brentwood

Jamie Mazur & Alessandra Ambrosio Enjoy Date Night; Ale Grabs Froyo With Her Kiddos!

Model Alessandra Ambrosio and Jamie Mazur seen together on a dinner date at Matsuhisa Restaurant in Los Angeles

At MoeJackson, we’re all about efficiency, so in that spirit, here’s a two-for-one. Yesterday afternoon, supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio was seen out & about with her two kids Anja & baby son Noah for frozen yogurt at the Brentwood Country Mart. The hardworking Victoria’s Secret mom seemed to be really enjoying her time considering she’s been very busy the past week or so jetting around doing promotional work for VS.

After enjoying the day with the kids, Ale hired a sitter & enjoyed a sushi-flavored date night with her longtime finance/baby-daddy Jamie Mazur at Matsuhisa Restaurant. Judging by the big smile on Ale’s face, we’re going to assume the evening ended nicely for Jamie Mazur. OW!

Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Her Kids Out For A Frozen Treat

BREAKING! Alessandra Ambrosio Successfully Goes Down Roller Coaster Without Losing Her Fedora!

Alessandra Ambrosio At Pacific Park

On the surface, this news might appear to be completely useless (not that we’re in the business of reporting completely useless news or anything), but if you really think about it, it’s not easy to go down a roller coaster wearing a fedora—or any hat for that matter. We’re gonna assume Ale has that thing clipped down pretty good.

These latest pics were snapped yesterday afternoon as Alessandra Ambrosio & her family including hubby Jamie Mazur and kids Noah & Anja were seen having fun on various rides at the Santa Monica pier. We’re gonna assume the other woman is either Ale’s hot nanny or a random friend.

Alessandra Ambrosio At Pacific Park

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