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Alessandra Ambrosio Introduces Her Young Daughter To Coachella

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

I don’t know, guys. Taking an 8-year-old girl to Coachella seems a little premature, but hey, it’s a style of fearless parenting that might pay off a few years down the road when Alessandra Ambrosio’s daughter Anja is going by herself or with a boyfriend. From that standpoint, it’s definitely smart of Ale to teach her daughter the ins & outs of a music festival which is known more for its skimpy clothes than for its music.

These photos were snapped during day 3 of the first Coachella’s first weekend. Accompanying Ale & Anja were a few of Ale’s supermodel friends including fellow Brazilian Ana Beatriz Barros.

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Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja at Disney On Ice’s “Frozen”

Alessandra AmbrosioPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Alessandra Ambrosio along with her daughter Anja took in the premiere of Disney On Ice’s “Frozen” at Staples Center. In addition to hearing “Let It Go” for the billionth time, the show has Anna and Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven as “they journey to discover that true love is the most magical power of all, with special guest appearances by your most beloved Disney Princesses and favorite Disney characters.” Visit Disney On Ice for the complete calendar.

Alessandra Ambrosio & Daughter Anja Are Today’s Parking Lot Catwalkers

Exclusive... Alessandra Ambrosio Goes Ice Skating With Her Husband And Kids In Santa MonicaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

So what if she lives in Southern California? Supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio treated her two kids, Anja & Noah, to some ice-skating over the weekend in Santa Monica. Ale’s long-time fiance Jamie Mazur was also on hand for the family outing.

Anja’s only 7 and already wearing fur?! For the sake of Ale’s long-term financial health, let’s hope that’s fake!

Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries Fair in Paris

Exclusive... Alessandra Ambrosio Takes Anja To Tulileries FairPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

This is simply just one of the countless delicious fruits you get to enjoy if you happen to be the daughter of a Victoria’s Secret supermodel! Alessandra Ambrosio was seen treating her daughter Anja to Tuileries fair in Paris, France yesterday afternoon.

The mom-daughter duo appeared to be having a great time by enjoying cotton candy, playing fun little games and even taking rides together! If you’re in the area, the fair runs through the weekend, so don’t miss it!

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Alessandra Ambrosio Allows Her Kids To Sit In On Her Topless Photo Shoot

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

Take that, all you ultra-liberal Hollywood parents!

Ale is taking a very wise approach to the whole modeling gig with her children and opting to embrace her profession that allows for her family’s luxurious lifestyle as opposed trying to (unsuccessfully) shield her children. It’s an interesting experiment that I’m sure will pay off well for Alessandra in the long-term.

These new photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the 33-year-old was seen doing a topless photoshoot on the beach in Malibu. It seems like she was modeling her own clothing line, Ale by Alessandra. Once the shoot was finished, Ale had the photos take family photos with longtime partner Jamie Mazur & two kids, Anja & Noah.

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

Alessandra Ambrosio goes topless on a sexy beach photoshoot in Malibu

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