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Jessica Hart & Cruises Around NYC With Sister Ashley & Her Lil' Pup

Jessica Hart & Sister Ashley Take The Dog For A Walk

The always-stylish Jessica Hart was in a leggy mood earlier this afternoon as she was once again spotted out & about her neighborhood in NYC, this time accompanied by her younger sister Ashley. The Aussie-flavored sisters enjoyed their time together as they walked Jessica’s dog (or is that an oversized, hairy rat?).

For those of you who follow news about famous supermodel sisters, we should mention that Ashley got engaged to her boyfriend Buck Palmer last week, after dating him for four years. Congrats to Ash, but we only have one recommendation: DON’T DO IT!!

Jessica Hart & Sister Ashley Take The Dog For A Walk

VS Supermodels Catwalked Around Off The Runway Yesterday

Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, Jessica Hart, Ashley Hart, Jessica Hart & Ana Beatriz Barros

Pictured: Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge, Jessica Hart, Ashley Hart, Jessica Hart & Ana Beatriz Barros

A nice selection of our favorites were out & about yesterday afternoon workin’ their style. Aside from Lily Aldridge, who was busy workin’ her million-dollar-look in NYC, the other models rocked more casual outfits. I think this is the first time I’ve seen Miranda Kerr get out-styled, but it took a few models & a trench coat to do the job.

Jessica Hart was seen with her sister Ashley rocking different clothes on the set of a photo shoot in Los Angeles. Both sisters looked equally delicious.

And, “old-timer” Ana Beatriz Barros was seen arriving at Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Hall in Miami Beach.

NYC: Jessica Hart Rocks Nike Kicks Out Shopping With Sister Ashley!

Jessica Hart Hangs with her sister AshleyPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Pictured: Jessica Hart, Ashley Hart

Since Jessica Hart lives in SoHo, I’m assuming the sisters hit the Victoria’s Secret SoHo store (Bradway/Houston). We’re pretty sure that place gets frequented by a lot of good looking foreigners all day long, so if you’re a creepy bastard looking to setup some dressing room cams, look no further!

Australian supermodel Jessica Hart took her lil’ sis Ashley shopping in downtown and then the two went for a walk around East Village. Normally Jessica’s dressed to the T, but yesterday she looked like she jumped out of bed, put on her sneaks & ran out w/ her sis. You gotta admit, the Louis Vuitton bag is a nice touch…
Jessica Hart Hangs with her sister AshleyPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Bikin-Clad Ashley Hart & Boyfriend Buck Palmer Hit Bondi Beach Again

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

I understand it’s been less than 24 hours since our last batch of Ashley Hart photos, but this latest set includes a few more angles that certain guys might enjoy.

As we mentioned, Ashley is the model sister of the more famous Jessica Hart who we feature on the site from time to time. Ashley & her boyfriend have been enjoying Bondi Beach in the Sydney for the past couple days, so let’s see how long this vacation continues…

Sydney: Jessica Hart’s Sister Ashley Had Fun on Bondi Beach w/ Her Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

First of all, most of you probably don’t know any of these people, but I’m pretty sure 95% of you don’t give a shit.

With that disclosure aside, Australian model Ashley Hart, who’s the sister of the more famous Jessica Hart, was spotted on the popular Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia with her model boyfriend Buck Palmer. The two dabbled in plenty of P.D.A. action when they weren’t swimming in the ocean or practicing handstands on the beach. I think it’s safe to say that Ashley looks like a lot of fun! OW!

Sugar Daddy Adrian Grenier Enjoys Australia w/ his “Entourage” Money! OW!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Can you blame the guy? After all, now that “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier has “Hollywood, F You” money shooting out of his ass, what do you expect any guy in his shoes to do?! The dude has been cruising around Sydney & Melbourne, Australia for the past week hitting anything hot.

The latest photos were taken as Adrian was spotted mingling with a hot chick at the annual Melbourne Cup Horse Races held at the Flemington Racecourse. Naturally, as with any other place in the world, where there are sugar daddies, there ample number of hot chicks looking for a free ride! Typically, sugar daddy to hot chick ratio at these yuppy events are very favorable to sugar daddies, to say the least—we’re talking 3:1 in most cases, so yes, that means certain Manwhore Sugar Daddies roll away with a two more more hotties! DAMN YOU, MONEY & FAME!!!

The pics below were snapped last week as the 35-year old lucky bastard was seen shopping in Sydney. Recent reports claim that Adrian’s very interestd to be a part of a potential “Entourage” film, if HBO decides to cough up the cash the project.
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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