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WeHo: BREAKING!! Charlize Theron Hits Up Pinkberry With Her Son Jackson

Charlize Theron Takes Her Son Jackson To Pinkberry

Nice to see that Jackson continues to enjoy the finer things in life. The super cute mom-son duo were seen catwalking around West Hollywood with Pinkberry in hand. Major props to Jackson for winning the Adoption MegaSuper Lottery—lucky lil’ goober! I’m pretty sure I know of another Jackson who would’ve killed for the same opportunity! Jackson & Sandra Bullock’s son Louis are seriously going to get their hands on a lot of high-maintenance celebrity chicks in a few short years….

Moms In Tow Matchup: Hilary Duff vs Rachel Zoe vs Jessica Alba vs Ali Larter

Hilary Duff, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Ali Larter

Pictured: Hilary Duff, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, & Ali Larter

You’ll find more info about each mom & kid in the gallery, but I think I’ll make a couple obvious observations: Hilary Duff is always dressed to impress—regardless of whether she’s getting groceries or hitting up Pilates, the chick takes care of herself. And secondly, Rachel Zoe’s son Skyler is consistently the most stylist boy in Hollywood. I guess having a mom who’s a celebrity stylist-turned world-famous luxury designer gives him a slight edge over the other celeb kids who would probably spend most of their nibbling on their fedora as opposed to wearing it on their heads. The kid is gonna be a real boy-diva when he gets a lil’ older!

Charlize Theron & Baby Jackson – Definitely The Cutest Mom & Baby Moment of 2013

Semi-Exclusive... Charlize Theron Takes Jackson To A Playdate

One of the reasons why it’s so cute is because we rarely see Charlize Theron out with baby Jackson in public mainly because she’s overly protective (and rightfully so) from the vulture papz who don’t give a shit aside from getting the perfect photo & more indirectly from vulture gossip blogs & magazines who cough up money for photos that their readers love eat up. Who can blame her, but hey, everyone has put food on the table, right?

Anyway, these photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the sexy, Oscar-winning actress was seen hitting up a play date in Hollywood with her son Jackson. Little kid is too damn cute.

On an entirely different topic, I wonder what Charlize thinks about the whole Oscar Pistorius bullshit considering A) she’s South African & B) she has a history of gun violence in her past (her mom shot her physically abusive, alcoholic father when Charlize was young—he threatened both of them)?

Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Family Cruise Around Santa Moinca

Alessandra Ambrosio Out For A Stroll With Her Family

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio was seen with her family out for a relaxing stroll in Santa Monica. Judging by these pics, Ale’s newborn baby boy Noah (9 months old) might just be a little cuter than fellow supermodel mommy Miranda Kerr’s two-year-old son Flynn. The little guy could be a diaper model for all we know.

As for Ale’s hubby-dubby Jamie Mazur, it looks like the dude has been packing on the pounds and might be getting a little too comfortable with his situation. Either he needs to start having more sex w/ his supermodel wifie (doubtful) or he needs to hit the gym, but the guy definitely needs to get his act together before Ale decides to go at it alone (with the help of her nanny army, of course).

And, last but not least, we got Anja! This chick is developing quite the personality for being so young. I love how she always fucks around w/ the papz by making funny faces.

Jamie Mazur, Anja, Alessandra Ambrosio & baby Noah

Miranda Kerr Hits Pilates & Takes Her Son Flynn On A Playdate

Miranda Kerr Takes Flynn To A Playdate

Since Miranda Kerr returned to Los Angeles last Friday, she’s been spotted all over town with Flynn who appears to be stuck to his supermodel mommy. It’s weird how that kid insists on being carried as opposed to using his feet to walking around. It’s no wonder his designer baby kicks always look sparkling new. Then again, maybe it’s Miranda who’s afraid that one of the papz will do something stupid & Flynn will get traumatized.

These latest photos were snapped earlier this afternoon as Miranda first hit up a pilates class of her own & then took Flynn to a children’s gym where she met up w/ another kid for a good ole playdate. How do I go about signing up for one of these Miranda Kerr playdates? Sounds like fun…

By the way, some time over the weekend Miranda was spotted in Malibu sporting a tiny little black bikini while out with Flynn. How can we confirm it was Miranda? Well, who else has that cute little birthmark on her right butt cheek??

Jessica Alba’s Busy Weekend: Hangs w/ Family; Feeds Parking Meter; Takes Pics on her Nokia Lumia!

Jessica Alba Enjoys A Day With Her Family in Santa Monica

So, I guess the divorce or “living separately” rumors were false because Jessica Alba & husband Cash Warren were spotted out & about Santa Monica yesterday afternoon hitting up Fred Segal for some luxury shopping, playing on the beach & generally enjoying the company of their two girls Honor & Haven. We don’t see Jessica out in public with Cash all that often, so let’s just hope the dude gets to enjoy her various services behind closed doors inside the privacy of their home.

Jessica & her Nokia Lumia
The sexy actress, who does have a marketing deal w/ Nokia & Microsoft Windows Phone was seen snapping photos of her girls as they played o the beach. For those of you guys who don’t know, the 8.7 megapixel camera on the phone is literally amazing—so amazing, in fact, that you rarely take blurry photos. I’ll vouch for it only because I bagged one of these phones a few weeks ago (only $100 at AT&T vs $300 for a 32MB iPhone) & I’m thoroughly impressed. I’ll be honest, I bought the phone more for Nokia’s build quality than for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS, which still needs a lot of work in order to steal more customers from iOS & Android.

Getting back to Jessica, since we know you guys love photos of celebrities feeding parking meters, here’s J. Alba using what appears to be her credit card to feed the meter. Our people on the ground are still in the process of confirming J. Alba’s payment method, but we’ll have to assume it was credit card since she appears to be very involved with the meter.


And, what the fuck are up with these sneaker-wedges?

Jessica Alba Enjoys A Day With Her Family in Santa Monica

Kelsey Grammer Takes His Newborn Baby & Sugar Baby For A Walk

Kelsey Grammer accompanies wife Kayte Walsh to the Andy Lecompte salon in Los Angeles with little daughter Faith

Consider Kelsey Grammer is 57 right now, he’ll be nearly 80 when his newborn daughter graduates from college. The woman pictured above is his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, who’s 25 years younger. Hey, that’s the definition of sugar daddy, so we won’t hate! Enjoy your life till the very last second, Kelsey! More power to you!

These photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the family of three hit Andy Lecompte salon in Los Angeles.

KerrBloom Family Takes Off From LAX!

Orlando, Miranda & Flynn Catch A Flight Out Of LAX Airport

These were snapped earlier this week on Tuesday (Jan. 22) as Miranda Kerr, husband Orlando Bloom & son Flynn were seen arriving at LAX to catch a flight out. There aren’t any pics of them landing, so they probably didn’t go to NYC or back to Miranda’s home in Sydney. We’re assuming they’re on the first of many exotic vacations of 2013, so think along of ultra-exclusive destinations like Bora Bora or Maldives. Regardless of where they went, let’s hope Miranda & Orlando are having protected sex b/c we can’t have Miranda going M.I.A. for another year while she’s still in her modeling prime!!

Alessandra Ambrosio & Her Baby-Doll Bring The Links!

Alessandra Ambrosio holds her son Noah Mazur close, as they make a quick stop at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles

Alessandra Ambrosio holds her son Noah Mazur close, as they make a quick stop at the Brentwood Country Mart in Los Angeles

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Miranda Kerr & Baby Flynn Bring The Links!

Miranda Kerr And Son Flynn At A Gym In Beverly Hills

Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn arriving at a gym in Beverly Hills

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