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Katy Perry Performs at “America Forward” Grassroots Event in Las Vegas

Katy Perry performs at the "America Forward" Grassroots Event

Katy Perry performed at the “America Forward” Grassroots Event campaign rally for U.S. President Barack Obama at Doolittle Park in Las Vegas. For those who want to get all political, Obama is currently in the midst of a 48-hour campaign tour of battleground states, including Colorado, Florida and Iowa. Also, at the event to rally for Obama was Eva Longoria but in the case for both Eva and Katy, they’re support of Obama fails to live up to the gold standard of political support as displayed by none other than Italian hottie Claudia Romani. We’ve used our minimal Photoshop skills to give Ms. Perry an idea of how her performance outfit could’ve been just a little better.

For reference, we turn back to Miss Romani for a demonstration…

Italian glamour model Claudia Romani at the beach in Miami Beach, FL the day of the final Presidential Debates. Claudia was seen wearing a black bikini with 'OBAMA' written in the brazilian bikini bottom.

Obama Supporters Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson & Eva Longoria Need To Learn From Claudia Romani

Breaking!! Hayden Panettiere Names Barack Obama As Her Hero!

During one of the Inaugural Balls, NBC interviewed Hayden Panettiere, of all people. Like with most of her political interviews, the Heroes-star answered all questions in a very serious tone—almost as if she’s a senator from California and mentioned that Barack Obama was her hero “right now.” Aaaaw! How cute is that?

Like many politically active celebrities, Hayden attended many events over the last few days, so it’s fairly obvious her network of friends in the new administration runs deep! I guess only question remains: “When will Hayden Panettiere run for office?”

Will Barack Obama’s Tank-Limo Have A Hydraulic System?

And, why is it so damn ugly? Although, rumor has it that it’ll be painted bright purple when it’s all finished & done! Anyway, here’s more from our friends @ Wired:

Despite the immense secrecy, reports have leaked that the limo also comes with a 10-CD changer, which will inevitably end up playing Obama favorites like Steve Wonder and Bob Dylan. We’re surprised there’s no Blu-ray or Wii in there, but we’re pretty sure of one thing: The limo will be a Zune-free zone, especially considering the most recent reports. [Read more]

Breaking News!! Barack Obama Drinks Vitamin Water!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

As you guys know, Barack Obama is currently on an extended family vacation in Kailua, Hawaii before he takes office on January 20th. These latest pics, snapped on Christmas Eve, show the President-Elect giving a presidential nod to Vitamin Water (currently owned by Coca-Cola). With this latest product endorsement, I’m curious to learn which brand of cigarettes he smokes?

And, just because we know you wanna see the Prez with his shirt off...
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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