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Kelly Brook Lookin’ Beautiful as she Loads Her Range Rover!

Can this woman do anything wrong? These were snapped earlier today as Kelly Brook was spotted loading up her Range Rover & heading to Ashford International Train Station In Kent, England.

Umm…. A) I wonder where she’s headed & B) Why isn’t anyone helping Kelly with her shit? A woman like Kelly Brook shouldn’t have to do menial things like opening SUV trunks, rolling suitcases, putting suitcases inside SUV trunks, etc, etc.

Also, look for Kelly Brook to hit the red carpet within a couple weeks as “Piranha 3D” prepares attack theaters on August 20th. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it!

SHOCKING! Kelly Brook Lookin’ Hot As She Walks Around L.A.!

These were snapped yesterday afternoon.

I tried to dump a few of the pics, but it was very difficult to decide which Kelly Brook photo not use since these were obviously snapped over a span of 20 seconds. No worries, K.B. fans; we ended up using pretty much the entire set.

Anyway, Kelly will be doing some hottie overtime in L.A. for a few weeks ahead of her upcoming film’s release. “Piranha 3-D” hits theaters on August 20th! I know most of you hateful bastards will disagree, but I’m hopeful that this ends up becoming a late-summer surprise hit. Go Kelly!!

And, here’s a funny one featuring Jerry O’Connell talking about the future of cinema:

SHOCKING!! Kim Kardashian Takes Food To Lindsay Lohan’s House! Aaw!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Since when did Kim Kardashian become such great friends with Lindsay Lohan?!

She was spotted camera-whoring at Lindsay Lohan’s pad. She was delivering some takeout from Chin Chin’s in L.A. b/c Lindsay’s unable to step outside at the moment without getting hounded by the cameras.

And, isn’t California going bankrupt? It’s nice to see so many officers sitting in front of Lindsay’s house.
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Surprise, Surprise! Mischa Barton’s Behind On Her Rent! Owes $7k!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin
These were snapped yesterday as Mischa left her NYC hotel with her dog. Wonder how she’s gonna pay that bill?

Granted most NYC landlords are inconsiderate assholes, but in their defense, a tenant can’t go on living the celebrity highlife without a stable paycheck. Mischa Barton is case in point.

As we pointed out last week when Mischa was spotted buying fur coats in lower Manhattan, she needs to stop living the fantasy life of a successful celebrity. As reported a few days back, she played the role of a prostitute on an upcoming episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” for God’s sake—and for all we know, income from that show probably to pay off some other loan.

SHOCKING! Kardashians Reach New Low; Sign Autograph At Famous Cupcakes!

Note: It’s nice to see that the Famous Cupcakes staff setup Khloe’s signing desk right next to the restroom.

For the record, eating at Famous Cupcakes is a definite no-no (unless, of course, they cough up some cash for an ad).

So yeah, didn’t Khloe get married to Lamar Odom so that she wouldn’t have to do this kind of shit?! I guess the Kardashian family will do pretty much anything for money—and I say that totally out of jealousy & envy.

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