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Fashion Rating: Kate Upton Wore Her “Look At My Triple D Nude Bra” Dress

Kate Upton see-thru Dress at the 'Casting By' Premiere 1

We’re still trying to get full access to these pics, but unable to find the agency behind them. Hopefully somebody will turn up soon so that we can get higher quality pics.

These latest pics of Kate Upton were snapped last night at the Gramercy Park Hotel at the New York screening of the HBO-produced documentary ‘Casting By’.

More info about ‘Casting By’:

CASTING BY examines Dougherty’s early career, which began in TV before she segued into feature-film casting. She set up her first casting office – Marion Dougherty Associates – in her native New York City in the mid-1960, occupying a brownstone unofficially known as “The Brothel,” because all her employees were women servicing men in the film industry. Marion Dougherty Associates soon became the place to be for directors and actors, who came to her unconventional office for auditions or often just to mingle with friends.

Armed with a Rolodex boasting the names of up-and-coming actors she spotted in Broadway and Off-Broadway productions, Dougherty headed west to Hollywood in the 1970s after becoming head of casting at Paramount Pictures. Drawing on her experiences in New York, she had a strong hand in reshaping the way Hollywood cast films as it distanced itself from the old studio system. Dougherty was later hired by Warner Brothers, where she spent more than two decades in a professional career of more than 50 years. [Read more]

Exactly How Hot Is It In London?! Rihanna Catwalks Around Wearing Sexy Mesh

Rihanna seen leaving her hotel

It’s a scorching 97 in NYC, so I’m very curious what Rihanna would wear if she was walking around here…

I’ll be honest, I initially wanted to say skimpy, but since it’s Rihanna, skimpy & trashy are the new sexy. Plus, her whole thing these days is to make dudes crave her body and I think it’s safe to say that she pulls it off beautifully in this getup. She appears to be wearing white mesh material over a white bra & nude underwear. The designer behind the look is Adam Selman, so make sure you hit the site and check his other designs. He’s not only the brain behind Rihanna’s freakishly sexy on-stage costumes, but also collaborated with her exclusive collection for River Island.

These latest pics were snapped earlier today in London as she jetted off to Birmingham for her next performance as part of her Diamonds World Tour.

Rihanna seen leaving her hotel sporting a new hairstyle with grey streaks 2C

Fashion Rating: Vera Farmiga – ‘The Conjuring’ Premiere in Hollywood

Vera Farmiga at the premiere of Warner Bros. 'The Conjuring' at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood

Vera Farmiga channeled her dark side for the premiere of director James Wan’s latest horror flick ‘The Conjuring’. Those of you who don’t know the 36-year-old Malaysian-Australian director, he’s behind such titles like the first ‘Saw’ film and ‘Insidious’, so he’s definitely not a newbie to the genre. The guy is famous in Hollywood for working with extremely tiny budgets of $1-2 million & going on to earn $100+ million at the box-office. Now that’s what I can call a return on investment!

As for Vera Farmiga, the 39-year-old ‘The Departed’ actress flashed her beautiful smile as she hit the red carpet last night at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. She scored the lead role in the film as a paranormal investigator named Lorraine Warren. Her co-stars include Patrick Wilson & Ron Livingston. The film hits theaters this Friday (July 19).

Here’s some plot action (Wiki):

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren work to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their old farmhouse. Forced to confront a powerful entity, the Warrens find themselves caught in the most terrifying case of their own lives.

Fashion Crack Smoker Anne Hathaway Walks Around L.A. Wearing Fat Lady Pants

Anne Hathaway Visits A Friend In Hollywood

Sure Anne Hathaway paid a lot of money for those “Palazzo” pants, but God damn, they’re ugly! The ‘Les Miserables’ actress was seen visiting a friend’s house in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon wearing what appears to the world’s least sexiest pants.

For the past few weeks, Anne was busy in NYC filming her upcoming film ‘Song One‘. The film seems like a low-budget drama by writer & director Kate Barker-Froyland (she was an assistant director on ‘Devil Wears Prada’, which also starred Anne). Here’s the plot according to IMDb: “A young archaeologist returns home from a dig in order to see her injured brother, and soon she strikes up a relationship with his favorite musician.” The film is set for a 2014 release.

Fashion Rating: Does Ashley Benson Need To Hire A Stylist?

Ashley Benson Out For Dinner At BOA Steakhouse

I’m sorry, but you’re young & beautiful only once and it’s pitiful that Ashley Benson decides to walk around in oversized flannels and trucker hats when she could be working her sex appeal a little more. I get it that she’s desperately trying to be edgy and possibly piggyback on Kristen Stewart’s grunge style, but it’s beginning to look very tired and dated.

Ashley, we’re not hating on you, we just want you to dress the parts a little more sexier. Trust us, it’ll do wonders for your career.

These latest pics were snapped last night as the ‘Spring Breakers’ actress was spotted hitting up BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood for dinner with friends.

NYC: Is Kristin Kreuk Too Old For The Dress She Wore to The CW Upfronts?

Kristin Kreuk - 2013 CW Upfront Presentation 1

Granted, she’s one of those rare beauties who looks great in pretty anything she puts on her body, but I just feel like there are a 100 other dresses that will make Kristen Kreuk look 10x sexier than the one she has on.

These were snapped earlier today at the London Hotel in NYC as part of the 2013 CW Upfront Presentation. Kristin’s latest role is as Catherine Chandler in The CW’s series ‘Beauty and the Beast‘. A number of other beautiful ladies showed up, so look for those photos in the coming hours…

Also, Kristin’s sexy shoes caught our eye…

Kristin Kreuk - 2013 CW Upfront Presentation 8

BREAKING!! Ali Larter Photographed Getting Into Her Car!

Ali Larter wearing a short skirt and revealing black top goes out for shopping in Beverly Hills

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the always-fashionable actress Ali Larter wore a short skirt & low-cut top while out doing some luxury shopping in Beverly Hills. This is one of the few times (actually, the only time I can remember), I gotta dish a little fashion-related criticism in Ali’s direction. Maybe it’s the lighting or the photographs, but Ali’s black tank doesn’t exactly make her boobs look all that great. It could also be the fact that she isn’t wearing a bra…

From an upcoming projects standpoint, we knew she had the lead role for FOX’s pilot The Asset which also starred Jamie Chung and Bradley Whitford, but we’re assuming the series got canned since we haven’t heard anything about it. Ali could always reprise Claire Redfield and do another Resident Evil film—or at least make a cameo. Her big project this is year is the upcoming film Beyond Apollo, where she plays Helen Evans. The film is based on the award-winning book by Barry N. Malzberg.

Jennifer Lopez: Is It Too Much Love or Is She Smoking Too Much Fashion Crack?

Jennifer Lopez arrives at her hotel after doing a video shoot for her new album in New York City

These were snapped yesterday afternoon as the tireless & ageless Jennifer Lopez made her way back to her NYC hotel following a video shoot for her new album. This is just a day after she & Pitbull filmed their new music video for ‘Live It Up’ on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale. Here are a couple of photos…

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull seen filming their new music video 'Live It Up' on Fort Lauderdale Beach in Miami

And, for those of you who’re extremely patient & have the time for it, J-Lo made an appearance on ‘The Talk’ earlier this week:

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