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2006 Flashback: Heather Graham Does A “Broken” Photocall

If I had to choose a personal favorite of all the women posted through the week, it would be Heather Graham. With the “Hangover” Unrated DVD releasing earlier this week, Heather was spotted lookin’ yummy at the DVD launch party in Vegas, as well as the Sherlock Holmes” world premiere in London. Check the pics from her appearances below:

Heather Graham @ “Sherlock Holmes” Premiere
Heather Graham Wears Green Mom Dress in London. Still Looks Hot!

Flashback 2006: Lindsay Lohan Got Her Boob Fondled! OW!!!

Why in the world would Lindsay Lohan want her own reality show? Has she gotten that desperate? I’m sure she could get a nice paycheck if she really got naked on film and had some very explicit sex scenes?!? Anyways, the idea of a reality show is being thought of by Lindsay and Britney Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph. And what would the plot be? Surprise, surprise, Lindsay getting herself back on track in Hollywood. Who’s going to watch!? Source

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