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Here’s What Pamela Anderson Looks Like These Days…

Pamela Anderson attends the premiere of 'The Gunman' in Los Angeles

Considering she’s 47 and the type wild & crazy life she has enjoyed over the years, I feel like Pamela Anderson is in a pretty good place! The former sugar-daddy plaything was seen at ‘The Gunman’ premiere with her son Dylan by her side. I’ll be honest, at first I thought this dude was Pam’s new sugar baby, it’ just her son. With that said, stay out of trouble, Pam!

For those of interested, here’s the trailer to ‘The Gunman':

Pamela Anderson, Dylan Jagger Lee attends the premiere of 'The Gunman' in Los Angeles

Lamar Odom Is Still Alive; Post-Kardashian Life Is Looking Rough

Lamar Odom Works Up A Sweat On A Hike

The poor guy was waived by the Knicks last summer and when you get waived by the Knicks, you know things are going rough. Currently he’s just trying to stay in shape and keeping his fingers crossed that some team will want to sign a 35-year-old former NBA Sixth Man of the Year (2011).

Sure his drug & alcohol addiction had a little something to do with his downfall, but I attribute 98% of all the bullshit he’s currently suffering through to his former marriage with Khloe Kardashian, although new rumors are circulating that Khloe’s secretly seeing Lamar again.

These latest photos show Lamar following a workout hike at Fryman Canyon Park in Studio City.

BERLIN: Mischa Barton Can Still Afford To Hit Up Fashion Shows

MBFW Spring/Summer 2014 - Marc Cain

These were supposed to go up on Friday, but the long weekend has us playing catchup this morning.

Mischa Barton, the 27-year-old “actress” (we use that word VERY loosely) who first shot to fame on Fox’s ‘The O.C.’, has been somewhat out of the limelight for a while now, but as with most d-lister-hasbeens, she’s always doing her best to claw her way back. She’s been trying to work her mojo in Europe for a while, so we’ll if any sugar daddy wants to take her for a ride…on his yacht. These latest photos were snapped as Mischa worked her style at Marc Cain fashion show as part of Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2014. She used to be the face of Philipp Plein couture, so that explains the skull shades. I’ll be honest, I’m kinda digging them!

Mischa Barton - MBFW Spring:Summer 2014 - Marc Cain 2

MBFW Spring/Summer 2014 - Marc Cain

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Whitney Port Took Her Pasty Legs Out For Some Sunlight!

Whitney Port

Whitney Port (remember her?) was spotted out shopping in West Hollywood. In been a couple years now since she had her own reality tv show (remember The City?) and since then she’s parlayed that into a gig Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model serving as a judge last season. No idea who keeps her Wiki page up to date but some useless information you won’t be interested in is that “As of April 2013, Port had over 948,000+ Twitter followers, 235,000+ Facebook fans, and 388,000+ Instagram followers.”

Mischa Barton Took Her Shapeless Legs Shopping

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton shopped at Sunset Plaza in L.A. and the only reaction we have it that she’s seen better days… like seven years ago. We’ll leave judgement on Mischa’s legs and look to you folks so rather we can say that she actually has had a few gigs, recently working on the upcoming film Homefront which stars Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth. Mischa doesn’t get her name on the film’s poster. Anyway, look for it sometime in 2014. Until then, let’s remember this lovely post of Mischa. We’ll just give a subtle warning before you click.

Mischa Barton Cheesy Legs

Cameron Diaz Brings The Afternoon Links


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Hasbeen D-Listers: Heidi Montag & King Douche Spencer Pratt Need Money

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Pose For Pictures

Heidi, who’s currently starring on “Celebrity Big Brother UK” was spotted along with her clingy douchebag hubby Spencer Pratt holding a copy of The Sun outside the ITV Studios in London earlier this morning.

Since I don’t believe anything that ever comes from these two, I refuse to believe their latest claim that they blew away their supposed $10 million stash because they thought the world was going to end on December 21, 2012 (Mayan prediction). First of all, did they actually even have $10 million?! Two or three million sounds more like it. I mean, didn’t Heidi get around twenty plastic surgery procedures a few month before they went on their D-List hiatus? Anyway, that’s more than I wanted to write about these two nobodies, so let’s stop here.

Audrina Patridge Can Still Afford Luxury Shopping Trips & Payments on her Merc G500!

Audrina Patridge rocks some snake skin print pants while shopping at Nieman Marcus in Beverly Hills,

Good for her!

With regards to Audrina’s sweet-ass Mercedes-Benz G500, she either bought that thing outright (around $110K) or she’s approaching the end of her lease, in which case, we’ll soon be seeing Auds rolling around in a Toyota Prius. With the lack of projects these days, as well as the high gas prices in Cali, we’re pretty sure Audrina is feeling the pinch like the rest of us robots.

These latest photos were snapped earlier this week (October 23) as the former reality TV star was seen pimping a pair of snake skin pantalones while shopping at Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. Judging by the way Audrina’s leading her life, you’d think she found a sugar daddy to fund her lavish lifestyle b/c for all we know, she doesn’t have much going in terms of new projects (she makes a cameo in “Scary Movie 5″ as herself (probably gets killed) & is listed as a cast member of “Halloween 3D,” which was supposed to release on Friday, but not anymore). If Audrina did indeed go the sugar daddy route, many congrats from us. Look at how Kristin Cavallari gamed the system!

Here’s a good look at Audrina in her G-Ride:
Audrina leaves Neiman Marcus in her Mercedes G500

Hasbeen Whitney Port & Her Friends Are Enjoying Miami This Weekend

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

So yeah, most of you’ve probably replaced Whitney Port with the latest array of D-Listers, Whitney Port is still alive & well. The former cast member on the also-former MTV reality series “The Hills” was workin’ her bikini bod along with bunch of friends while cruising in South Beach this weekend. It’s nice to know that Whitney didn’t blow all her money on stupid handbags & stilettos seeing how she looks very happy & healthy. Granted, she’s the definition of average-white-girl, we still think she’ll pull out a decent career considering she built up a nice network in the fashion industry while working in NYC over the past couple years. Read more about Whitney’s current endeavors on her Wiki…
Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Hasbeen Audrina Patridge Bikini Pics From Cabo San Lucas!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

(Former) Reality TV star Audrina Patridge is still doing her best to reclaim some of her lost fame after “The Hills” went off the air. We should say that she’s trying to accomplish this without dipping into the adult film industry b/c we’re assuming there are plenty of offers on the table for Audrina. Let’s see how long she can last before greed sets in.

Anyway, these latest photos come from Audrina’s vacation in Cabo San Lucas with her BMX biker boyfriend Corey Bohan & some family. First of all, I’m shocked that dude hasn’t gotten bored or annoyed of Audrina after all the months they’ve dated. And secondly, for someone who doesn’t have a major gig going down at the moment, Audrina’s certainly being kind to herself with this Cabo vacation. Good for her!

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