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Hot or Not: Rita Ora @ British Fashion Awards 2012

Photo Credit: WENN

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I’m always up in the air about Rita Ora, so I figured I’d leave it up to you guys to make the final call.

From far, she looks great, but I think that’s mainly because the only think you can see is her rack, which she either has pushed up or upgraded. When you see the HQ image, you can tell her makeup is done very well b/c it doesn’t look like she caked it on, but I’m still not diggin’ the contrast between the dark eyebrows & dirty blonde hair.

Also, as I’ve stated previously, I still can’t believe she’s dating Rob Kardashian of all people. I think it’s safe to say that she can do much-much better, especially for her level of fame.

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Hot or Not: Fergie Rocks Jean Paul Gaultier @ Grammy Awards 2012

Photo Credit: Source Pending

I feel like this dress could’ve worked better if Fergie opted for different colored undergarments. Maybe nude? What’s the official take?


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Hot or Not: Georgina Bloomberg @ 2011 U.S. Humane Society Event

Photo Credit: WENN

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s daughter Georgina Bloomberg struck the lottery by being born into billions and she has the “Fuck You” money and then some to do whatever the hell she wants in life. Needless to say, that sort of freedom must be surreal when you know that even if you fuck up on a grand scale, you can pick yourself up & shoot yourself back to the moon.

With that freedom in hand, Georgina was at the luxurious Cipriani on 42nd Street last night in support of the 2011 Humane Society of The United States’ To The Rescue! From Cruelty to Kindness gala. While supporting cute & cuddly animals is great, Georgina will feel much better about herself after helping sweaty & stinky humans who are currently camping out at Zuccotti Park near Wall St as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I wonder how quickly Daddy Bloomberg would shut her out of his millions if she ever decided to walk that path?

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Hot or Not: Prince Harry’s Temporary Girlfriend: Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Unlike his older brother, Prince William appears to smarter in that he fully understands his extremely fortunate position in life. He’s second to the throne (i.e. not going to ever be King) and most importantly, he’s blessed with a life of luxury that’s funded by the people. So with that in hand, why shouldn’t he have a little fun?!

Enter Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

They’ve apparently been dating for the past four weeks (of course, by “dating” we actually mean Prince Harry calls her up when he’s bored & wants to have sex). Sadly, Florence probably thinks she’s also gonna have a fairytale wedding like Kate’s a couple months back and who can blame her, right? Let’s hope she can manage to keep her legs closed or at least open them very sparingly in hopes to also hit the Royal Jackpot!

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Hot or Not: Carol Zara @ Wizard World Toronto Comic Con

Photo Credit: WENN

Carol Zara is the chick behind and apparently is a worhsipped hottie to the geeks or something like that. Anyway, anyone want to fill us in more about Carol?

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Hot or Not: Emma Watson Doin’ A Shoot For Lancome in Paris

Photo Credit: Splash News Online; INF Photos

Don’t know about you guys, but Emma’s giving a Justin Bieber with lipstick-vibe in the photo to the right. That’s never a good thing.

Hope these new shots of Emma Watson make up for the painful Ke$ha bikini pics coming out of Australia earlier today. These were snapped on the set of a shoot Emma’s doing for Lancôme beauty products in Paris. The shoot, which started late last night, is being shot by Peruvian fashion photographer Mario Testino.

For those of you bastards who don’t know, Emma’s rumored to be landing the lead role opposite Taylor Lautner in Incarceron apparently making this a big deal considering it’d hit up the fanbase of both Harry Potter and Twilight franchises.

“Incarceron” (an adaptation of Catherine Fisher’s teen novel) is the tale of a centuries-old prison—one fully sequestered from the rest of the world—that has come to sustain itself, with new detainees being born and dying within the prison walls.

The 17-year old protagonist and prisoner of Incarceron, Finn (played by Lautner) endeavors to be the second man to ever escape. Along the way he meets the warden’s daughter, who wishes to escape the place itself as well as her father’s expectations. It is this character–Claudia–who producers hope will be played by Watson. Source

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Hot or Not: Various Women @ 7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet Benefit

Photo Credit: WENN

The 7th Annual ABC & SOAPnet benefit for Broadway Cares & Equity Fights AIDS after-party was held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Midtown, Manhattan.

The women we’re featuring from the event include Terri Conn, Natalie Hall Bree Williamson, Kelley Missal & Brittany Underwood.

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Hot or Not: Bonnie McKee @ 2011 Grammy Awards

Photo Credit: INF Photo

Since this is Bonnie’s first time on here, here’s more juice:

Bonnie Leigh McKee is a North American singer-songwriter, formerly signed to Reprise Records. She released her debut album Trouble in 2004, which was a minor success. The single “Somebody” was included in the soundtrack to the 2004 comedy film Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. As a songwriter McKee has enjoyed success writing international hit singles for Katy Perry (“California Gurls” and “Teenage Dream”), Taio Cruz (“Dynamite”) as well as Britney Spears (” Hold It Against Me”). [Source]

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