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Claudia Romani Hottest Darts Player In The History Of Darts

Claudia Romani

Our friend of the site, Italian glamour model Claudia Romani, did a fun photoshoot playing a game of darts at a pub in Miami Beach… wearing pink lingerie. We do have to give her a hard time, though, because being the proud healthy-eating vegetarian she is (proof is in that sexy body) we can’t imagine her taking down those fries with all that ketchup and beer. It got us to remember the Bastardly Mercado category, you know, the one where we point out food items that should but mostly shouldn’t be eaten by hot chicks. Yes, we’re shallow like that. Fries and beer, definitely on the Bastardly Mercado Don’t Eat That list. Yes Claudia, next photoshoot, you and a head of lettuce, that’s all you need.

WeHo: Dakota Fanning Enjoyed Coca-Cola With Her Lunch

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Dakota Fanning went shopping in West Hollywood and for lunch it looks like she had pizza and to wash it down she had a can of 140-calorie Coca-Cola. Dakota will appear later this year as Jane Volturi in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 but also has in the works The Motel Life, along with Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff, based on the novel by Willy Vlautin. Dakota will star as Annie James, who, according to the Wiki entry is: “Frank’s old girlfriend. Annie’s mother forces her into prostitution; when Frank catches Annie in the act, he breaks up with her. He later travels to Elko in the hopes of meeting her again.” Look for it in theaters sometime later this year.

Miley Cyrus’s L.A. Hot Dog Stand Pics Bring The Afternoon Links!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Jerry Ferrara Wore Nike Air Force Ones To The Coffee Bean!!

Photo Credit: WENN

Jerry Ferrara, simply known to us as “Turtle”, aka the dude that dated Jamie-Lynn Sigler(?!?), was out with his current girlfriend, some random Cali blonde whom we have no idea who she is but our guess is that she was an extra on Entourage that saw her way to pseudo celeb status would be through Turtle.

Anyway, good for Jerry for using his fame and money to bag hot blonde chicks after getting dumped by Jamie-Lynn for Mark Sanchez. Well, though that’s long over and they’ve all probably spread whatever each other had to a bunch of people, that’s just how life goes in Hollywood, right? Oh yeah, so AF1s are still considered heat? Wasn’t that back in 2002? Also, Jerry, Coffee Bean, no good.

Khloe Kardashian Plugs Dash, Nike, & Starbucks SIMULTANEOUSLY!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Khloe Kardashian is on the cover of US Weekly with the headline, “Tortured For Her Weight”; yeah, that sounds about right. She says that the weight gain started back in 1990 when her parents got divorced and at one point in high school apparently went from a size 12 to 0. You can read her entire sob story here because I don’t want to go on rewriting what I just wasted my time reading.

“My body weight will always be something that I will have to work on for the rest of my life,” she said, “but I am finally in a really good place and learning to love me for me and not for someone else’s standards.”

“If I can help other people find the self-confidence that I’ve found, then I’m definitely a happy girl,” Source

Emmy Rossum Drank Regular Coca Cola With Her Lunch!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Emmy Rossum stars as Fiona on Showtime’s Shameless. If you’ve watched the show, you know that she and co-star Justin Chatwin have sex scenes. Catch new episodes Sundays at 10pm. Here’s what Emmy said about doing those:

“It doesn’t make sense that the character would wear a bra and care at all about what she looks like when she’s having sex. Sex is meant to feel good, and she wants to feel good. Her life is so shitty in so many ways. Some people use alcohol, some people use gambling–and some people use sex.”

“We pretty much get no hair or makeup at all. They frizz out my hair a little and rub mascara around my eyes, and that’s it. I love the no-vanity aspect of it. It’s really liberating from having had so many years of period costume drama.” Source

Shenae Grimes Drinks Starbucks Iced Tea On “90210” Set

Photo Credit: WENN

Shenae Grimes stars as Annie Wilson on CW’s 90210. The show is currently in season three and can be seen on Mondays at 8/7c. Watch full episodes at 90210 at CWTV.com.

In her latest project, Shenae plays the lead in the upcoming film Sugar, also starring Wes Studi and Marshall Allman. More on the flick: “The story of a group of homeless kids as they try to survive on the streets of Hollywood seen through the eyes of a 20 year old named, Sugar.” IMDb

Additinally, look for Shenae in the upcoming Scream 4 as Marnie. Scream 4 will be in theaters April 15, 2011.

In other news, Shenae did not appear on ANY Top 5 lists for Moejackson’s Hottest, Sexiest, Most Desirable Women 2011.

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