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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Body While Running

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Tummy While Hiking

The last time we saw Vanessa Hudgens, she was being annoying by hiding her face while pumping gas into her Audi S5, so it was nice to see V taking the exact opposite route yesterday afternoon as she showed off her body while out for a run in Los Angeles. The actress even managed to squeak out a smile during the sweaty outing, so it’s nice to see that Vanessa’s still keeping tabs on MoeJackson! OW!

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Tummy While Hiking

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Tummy While Hiking

Rihanna Catwalks Thru LAX With Lil’ Bro Rajad; Bro Rocks Beats by Dre Headphones!

Rihanna and her brother Rajad at LAX

Rihanna treated her lil’ bro Rajad to a first-class airplane ride as the duo flew from NYC to LAX. The siblings made a fashionable arrival as they kept it cool for the countless papz who greeted them at the airport.

As filler, we hit up Rajad’s Twitter feed & learned that he’s nice enough to answer Qs, even though most of the people who’re asking the Qs are Rihanna fans posing like they actually give a shit about her little brother. How sad of a fan are you if you’re hitting up your idol’s siblings in order to feel closer to your idol? There must be a word for this condition…

Anyway, one of the Rihanna stalkers–I mean–Rajad fans asked what he’s doing in L.A.:

Translation: “I’m going to chill poolside at my sister’s pimp-pad in Santa Monica for a while.”

Here’s another:

Translation: “Yes, I’m old enough to have sex with you.”

You can read more insightful questions & answers on Rajad’s Twitter feed >>>

A Leggy Ali Lohan Catwalks Around NYC; Rocks Ray-Ban Shades & Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones!

Ali Lohan Steps Out In New York City

Seeing how Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is right around the corner, it’s possible Ali Lohan will be walking at a few fashion shows—at least we hope that’s the case. This chick has a lot of pressure riding on her shoulders to not screw up, but I feel like since the Lohans are genetically inclined to fuck up after getting a little taste of success, it’s probably beyond Ali’s control.

These latest pics were snapped earlier today as the lanky model showed off her long legs as she ran various errands while out & about NYC.

BREAKING! Julianne Hough Rocks Asics & Beats by Dre On Her Jog!

Julianne Hough out jogging in West Hollywood

After hitting the red carpet at ‘The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones’ the previous night, actress Julianne Hough was seen going for a jog on the streets of West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. For the amount of work this woman puts on her body on a daily basis, let’s hope she can score another shot at a summer blockbuster.

Up next for Julianne is the Diablo Cody-written, produced & directed ‘Paradise’, which hits theaters on October 18 and also stars Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer. Keep in mind that Diablo Cody was the woman behind the Academy Award-winning film ‘Juno’, so don’t write this one off simply because it stars Julianne Hough & Russell Brand. Here’s some plot action:

After a plane crash leaves a young woman named Lamb faithless and with severe burns she heads to Las Vegas to indulge in life she’s been missing out on. She meets bar tender William played by Russell Brand along the way. Source

Julianne Hough out jogging in West Hollywood

Julianne Hough out jogging in West Hollywood

HAWAII: Lucy Hale Stays Fit While Vacationing in Maui!

Exclusive... Lucy Hale Goes For A Jog In Maui

If you’re a fan of tight little packages, you might want to tune into this post. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale is currently enjoying a relaxing vacation in luxurious Maui, Hawaii with her boyfriend Graham Rogers.

Over the weekend, the 24-year-old actress showed off her bikini body & earlier today she was seen going for a jog near the beach during which she rocked Adidas running shoes, Ray-Ban Aviators & medium-sized Beats by Dre headphones. I guess Lucy doesn’t suffer from ear sweat b/c I’m not a big fan of over ear headphones while jogging.

Exclusive... Lucy Hale Goes For A Jog In Maui

Rihanna Works Her Freaky Style While On Tour

Rihanna Leaves Her Hotel In London

Rihanna, who’s currently on the European leg of her Diamonds World Tour, is staying true to her freaky taste in fashion as she was spotted catwalking in & out of her London hotel over the past couple days. These latest looks were somewhat tame compared to what we’ve seen the singer wear in past. The dude in one of the pics is Rhi-Rhi’s younger bro Rorrey Fenty, who’s piggybacking on his sister’s success & trying to kickoff a music career of his own. Rorrey performed at a London nightclub following one of Rihanna’s concerts.

Irina Shayk Uses Her iPad To Hide From The Paparazzi!

Irina Shayk

Update: Unnamed male friend with Irina is deisgner Eli Mizrahi.

After dominating Cannes, Irina Shayk is back in NYC and yesterday was acting camera shy while going for a walk with a male friend who at first glance kind of reminded us of cross between McLovin and Jordan Knight. Anyone in the market for some NYC real estate and have a $3.3 million budget? That’s the cost for the apartment next door to Irina for sale in the Far West Village. The duplex is located at 166 Perry St., which basically gives stalkers an exact location to prowl for Irina. Check out more details on the listing which also features a sound proof basement currently used to house a Yamaha drumset but we’re guessing could serve other purposes for the potential new owner.

Is Macaulay Culkin Running Out Of His ‘Home Alone’ Money?

Exclusive... Macaulay Culkin Goes Shopping In London

Or maybe the dude has slowly spiraled into full-blown depression following his painful breakup from longtime girlfriend Mila Kunis. Or maybe it wasn’t the breakup as much as the fact that Mila’s dating super douche Ashton Kutcher? Whatever it is ailing the guy, he’s simply not looking good these days. These latest photos were snapped yesterday in London as the former child star was seen smoking a cigarette as he did some shopping in London’s Covent Garden.

Aside from looking like he hadn’t showered for a couple weeks, Macaulay was also wearing black nail polish, a bunch of rings & listening to tunes on his Beats by Dre headphones. I don’t know about you guys, but the dude is definitely giving off that elusive “I’m gonna lose it & shoot up a crowded place at any moment” vibe.

And lastly, on a slightly creepy note, it turns out Macaulay is conveniently staying near where Mila’s staying London. Apparently she’s shooting a film over there these days. Just to be on the safe side, if I were Mila, I’d definitely consider hiring a few extra bodyguards just in case…

Shameless Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pics Sponsored By Beats By Dre

Jennifer Nicole Lee has a ball and boogie at the beach

For those of you looking to feel real dirty, these photos should do the trick.

I hope she has a deal w/ Beats by Dre b/c w/ a body like that, South Beach-based fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is a walking billboard for the popular headphones. The 37-year-old mother of two left very little to the imagination as she had fun on the beach w/ her etsy-bitsy, string bikini that scandalously showcased her well-sculpted body. In the process of doing a shoot for her popular cookbook, “Fun Fit Foodie,” we’re pretty sure she gave a few old dudes on the beach a heart attack as she hopped around the beach wearing pretty much nothing.

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