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Ice-T Cruises On To “Law & Order” Set in His Suped-Up Bentley

Ice-T drives a tricked out red Bentley the set of "Law & Order: SVU" in NYC as marital drama over leaked pictures of his wife Coco and rapper AP.9 unfolds

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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I still can’t believe Ice-T got angry over stupid photos of his wife Coco w/ rapper AP.9. I have a feeling it’s all drama to create a little buzz for their reality show—it’s still on the air, right? Dude, have you taken a look at your wife?! She’s pretty damn hard to miss with that crazy rack & huge booty, so I’m sure when slightly tipsy rappers are in her presence, they probably don’t think twice before hitting on her (only when Ice-T isn’t around, of course).

Anyway, regardless of whether Coco is cheating on Ice-T (for her safety, let’s hope not), the dude can get with pretty much any chick, so what’s the big deal? Maybe it’s time to hit the reset button on the relationship & try somebody new and slightly normal-looking for a change?

Here’s a photo of Coco performing on stage in Vegas over the weekend:
Coco Austin performs in the 'Peepshow' stage show and attends the after show party at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

Ice-T drives a tricked out red Bentley the set of "Law & Order: SVU" in NYC as marital drama over leaked pictures of his wife Coco and rapper AP.9 unfolds

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Will.I.Am. Might Need To Invest In A Designer Man Bag

GADGET MAN! Will.I.Am arrives at a music studio with a bevvy of tech gadgets including an iPad, iPhone and some cameras in Hollywood

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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Besides all the gadgets (two cameras, an iPad, & iPhone box), we’re also noticing that is rolling in a sweet-ass Bentley Continental GT. Love him or hate him, the guy is definitely playing his fame & fortune cards well. He’s not locked down in some shitty relationship and loves to travel around the globe having the time of his life. Bastard.

But, what’s everyone’s take on his spiked loafers?
Will.I.Am Spiked Shoes

Definitely better the ones we saw previously…Right?
Will.I.Am. red, spiked loafers

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Wow. Kanye West Is Hanging W/ Jonathan Cheeban Now?! WTF?!

Kanye West and Jonathan Cheeban leave Kim Kardashian's hotel in MiamiPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Kanye’s relationship with Kim Kardashian has reached a new low. The dude was spotted getting into Jonathan Cheeban’s Bentley yesterday afternoon as they both left Kim’s Miami hotel for a few minutes so that both Kanye & Kim could take a breather from making raunchy sex tapes. We should note that Jonathan Cheeban is one of Kim’s best friends.

So, what’s next for Kanye? Dinner with fucking Satan Kardashian? Jay-Z needs to step in before it’s too late…

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L.A. Lakers Center Dwight Howard & His White Bentley w/ The Links!

Dwight Howard in Beverly HillsPhoto Credit:INF PhotosThese were snapped yesterday afternoon as the new L.A. Lakers team member Dwight Howard was seen cruising around Beverly Hills in his white Bentley. It’s nice to see that he’s fitting, but I have a feeling the guy will be a bust come regular season.

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Dwight Howard in Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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Jennifer Lopez Cruises With Boytoy Caspar Smart in Her Bentley Continental GTC!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures
Note: We just created the new “Sugar Momma” category, so look for that to be filled in the future!

Wait, I thought Jennifer Lopez drove a Fiat 500C or maybe she only drives that when cruising through the Bronx? Then again, I heard a rumor that they had to hire a body double for part of that commercial since the pop-diva didn’t want to make the painful trip to her old digs. Whatever the case, 500C is definitely a standout on the road, but I think Fiat might have something special w/ their latest model the 500 Abarth. You guys seen this thing?
Photo Credit: Fiat USA

And, the promo w/ the hot model is definitely worth a sample:

As for the photos, the couple were seen hitting up a jewelry store in Calabasas yesterday afternoon, but let’s hope JLo doesn’t do something stupid by tying the knot w/ her latest boy-toy b/c we all know it couldn’t possibly last longer than a few months. Although I gotta admit, Caspar is seriously a lucky bastard for scoring such an amazing sugar momma, even though I’m pretty sure he gets bitched around most of the day (i.e. “drive me around,” “give me oral,” “drive me around at night while I blow you,” “lick me all over my body,” “slap me around like I’ve been a bad-bad girl,” “have sex with me on the marble dining table,” “have sex with me on my new Bentley Continental,” “Make me a member of the mile high club. Now.,” “bark like a dog and beg for me to have sex with you,” “dress up like one of my ex’es and have sex with me,” etc., etc., etc.). Damn you, Caspar!!!
Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

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Kat Von D Left Chateau Marmont w/ Mystery Boy-Toy in Her Bentley!

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

Judging by what her previous lovers have publicly stated, Kat Von D is a total freak behind closed doors and has a sex drive of a horny teenager. It goes without saying that the lucky bastard sitting in the passenger seat is definitely in for a crazy ride—and we’re not only talking about Kat’s sweet-ass Bentley Continental GT! Let’s face it, any chick with a pain threshold that allows her to get hundreds of tats all over her body will have a crazy take on sex (at least that’s natural assumption).

Anyway, these were snapped as Kat her new boy-toy left her good friend, Bam Margera’s birthday party held at the luxurious Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

The Situation From MTV’s “Jersey Shore” Shows Off His Cars!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

These were snapped earlier this week as Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. The Situation was spotted at a Jersey garage picking up one of his sports cars. The dude currently owns a Ferrari, Bentley and recently bagged a Lamborghini Spyder. You’d think simply showing his face to chicks would get him laid, but I guess he has to prove to everyone that he has some cash to blow! Well, at least the guy’s enjoying his fame & fortune while it lasts b/c we all know how this business works.

After a few minutes contemplating which ride to take for the evening, Mike drove away w/ the Lambo.

Photo Credit: INF Photo
Photo Credit: INF Photo
Photo Credit: INF Photo

A Very Leggy Eva Longoria Rollin’ In A Black Bentley In Miami! OW!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures; Bauer Griffin Online (center photo)

Earlier this afternoon, Eva Longoria was out & about Miami shopping for her latest lover Eduardo Cruz. She rolled up to a greasy Armani Exchange store in a frickin’ Bentley (anybody know the model?)—definitely bad marketing for the Bentley brand. Here’s a short list of stores worthy of the curbside Bentley action: Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Versace, Parda, off-Broadway designer stores in SoHo, etc, etc, but A/X is definitely real low on the list.

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