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Beyonce Shows Apple Some Love In NYC

Beyonce seen leaving her midtown office in NYC

Despite the fact that her hubby Jay Z is trying to launch his own subscription-based music streaming service called Tidal to compete against Spotify and Apple Music, Beyonce still has love for Apple’s other products. The singer was seen catwalking out of a midtown office building in NYC last night carrying her MacBook.

Beyonce and Jay Z Love Their Statement Tees

Beyonce and Jay Z seen leaving a music studio in NYC

Royal Musicians King Jay Z & Queen Beyonce were seen leaving a music studio in NYC last night rocking their respective statement tees.

Queen B coupled a black tank with a pair excessively ripped jeans as she catwalked out to a waiting car. Her tank reminded people to “Never Forget To Say Thank You,” while Jay Z’s shirt had the word “Peace” sandwiched between Hebrew & Arabic writing (we’re assuming both also said peace).

Beyonce At The Met Gala 2015; Did She Look Sexy or Skanky?

Beyonce at the 'China: Through The Looking Glass' Costume Institute Benefit Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

So, out of all the Chinese-inspired dresses (assuming this even qualifies as one) she was shown, Beyonce chose this one? Interesting.

I’m sorry, but I’m having a very difficult time in seeing the classy side to Queen B’s latest appearance on the red carpet at last night’s annual Costume Institute Benefit Gala held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

I think it’s safe to say that Beyonce is currently in a secret competition with Kim Kardashian when it comes to trashiness. I want to say that Kim will win, but Beyonce’s extreme focus and determination makes me think otherwise.

Beyonce comes off as a really good girl in all her interviews (as well as that fake HBO documentary), so the fact that she can’t seem to ditch her skanky taste in fashion for a more classier one is a bit surprising and presumably embarrassing, if you happen to be Jay Z.

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57th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Grammy Awards Red Carpet

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. For the fourth year in a row, LL Cool J served as host as it was broadcast live on CBS. The big winner of the night was Sam Smith who took home four awards including Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album. Had he also won Album of the Year, perhaps he may have felt the wrath of Kanye similar to what Beck experienced when he and not Beyonce was given the award. Anyways, check out the complete list of winners from the Grammys and visit the Grammy website for complete coverage.

Top: Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Rihanna
Bottom: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora

Beyonce & Jay-Z Might Be Splashing Millions For A Place in Paris

Semi-Exclusive... Are Beyonce & Jay-Z Planning To Purchase A Property In Paris?!

It appears Beyonce and Jay-Z might be dropping a ton of cash for a sweet spot in Paris. It’s definitely a more economical route than paying thousands for a luxury suite during their extended stays in the city.

The filthy rich couple were in the city with their daughter Blue Ivy to dabble in not only Paris Fashion Week festivities, but also managed to catch a match with David Bechkham.

We should mention that their combined net worth is upwards of a billion big-ones, so dropping a few 10s of millions on a pimp-pad is more of a long-term investment than a luxurious splurge.

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Music King & Queen Jay-Z and Beyonce Hit The Exclusive Arts Club in London

Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles leaving the Arts Club via the kitchen door

Jay-Z & Queen B are so famous that they had to leave the club via the kitchen door.

When you’ve got a combined-net worth as high as these two, you can’t just hit up the usual club. Following Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter concert at the O2 Arena last night, the power couple grabbed drinks at the members-only Arts Club. We did a little Wiki’ing around and it turns out one of the club’s founders back in 1863 was none other than world-famous writer Charles Dickens. As per the club’s Wiki, “Today it is a meeting place for men and women involved in the creative arts either professionally or as patrons.”

Was Beyonce’s Thong-y Grammy Awards Performance Too Hot For TV?

Beyonce - 56th Annual Grammy Awards Performance adds 1KAJHSD

So, what’s your take? Jay Z & wife Beyonce got down and dirty as they performed ‘Drunk in Love’ at the Grammy Awards. Beyonce didn’t hold back on stage, but as soon as she was off the clock, she had a big blanket waiting to cover up that billion-dollar booty! You can watch the performance here.

Here’s Queen B after the performance…


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NYC: Queen Beyonce Stuns At Her Surprise Album Release Party

Beyonce Celebrates The Release Of Her Self-Titled Visual Album 'Beyonce'


This woman has officially mastered the art of shock & awe. Queen B appeared in a shattered glass-inspired sexy getup, complete with matching F-Me boots. God damn!

With all the work that Beyonce has put in following the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy, I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home after this album release party and had 2nd-baby sex with Jay Z. There’s probably no better way to cap off such a big year than get pregnant & take a year off and then do it all over again in 2015! OW!

The release party for the self-titled album that she shocked everyone with last week was held Saturday night (Dec. 21) at the School Of Visual Arts Theatre in NYC. Aside from working her fashionable mojo at the event, Beyonce screened all the videos from the “visual” album for fans & critics at the event.

According to the album’s Wiki, “Beyonce sold 80,000 digital copies in its first three hours of availability, and a total of 430,000 digital copies in its first day.” With more than a million albums sold globally, we’re pretty sure other artists are going to mimic the release strategy employed by Beyonce.

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