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Alessandra Ambrosio Walks and Reads Text Message AT THE SAME TIME!

Alessandra Ambrosio

While Adriana Lima spent her weekend showing off her mommy six-pack abs, fellow Victoria’s Secret supermodel mommy Alessandra Ambrosio was spotted leaving The Brentwood Country Mart. With Miranda Kerr “leaving” the company to pursue her Kora Organics and other endeavors, could there be a shift in the VS world? Does Ale have to worry about her status as a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Adriana seems to be doing her best to keep up after giving birth to her second daughter, might Ale need to step up her game?

Maripily Rivera Makes Her Case For “Booty Of The Month”

Maripily Rivera Bikini Booty

Maripily Rivera showed off her bikini body on the beach in Miami. The Puerto Rican model showed off her big round booty making her case to take the crown of “Booty of the Month” from Frida Sofia Guzman. You might be wondering who Maripily is, and well, we did a Google search and linked her to former MLB player Roberto Alomar but we’re not sure if they’re still together. Want to learn more about Maripily? Hit up her official website, Like her on Facebook, or become a follower on Twitter.


Cara Santana Wears Nike While Stepping Up Curb Right Foot First!

Cara Santana

Cara Santana, mostly known to us as Jesse Metcalfe’s fiancee, rocked her Nike kicks as she headed to the gym for a workout in West Hollywood a couple days back. In addition, she was spotted leaving Kitson after doing a little shopping yesterday. For those who are interested in seeing more of Cara, she can be found at your local Redbox in the straight-to-DVD release Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!. Her current projects include Reunion, a horror film that we don’t have much info on except that is also stars Jack Turner, Sarah Schreiber, and Maria Olsen.

Cara Santana Nike

Claudia Romani Plugs Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water!!

Claudia Romani Out For A Stroll In Miami

This must be some kind of record because we’re going back-to-back Claudia Romani posts where she’s not beautifying the beaches of Miami with bootylicious bikini bod!! The sexy Italian model was spotted enjoying a cool refreshing Vita Coco 100% Coconut Water when she was spotted by the paprazzi and stoped to pose for the cameras while out for a stroll. We take it as an impromptu audition for the folks over at Vita Coco to hook Claudia up with some regional endorsement deal. Who wouldn’t want to see this sexy bod (given she should be in less clothing) in advertisements and life-size cutouts plugging this drink, right? Anyway, also noted, the quick shout-out to Blackberry too. Well, Claudia, hopefully you’ll be back to your bootylicious bikini ways because you can’t let us go three straight posts with you wearing too much clothing!

Jennifer Lopez Cruises With Boytoy Caspar Smart in Her Bentley Continental GTC!

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures
Note: We just created the new “Sugar Momma” category, so look for that to be filled in the future!

Wait, I thought Jennifer Lopez drove a Fiat 500C or maybe she only drives that when cruising through the Bronx? Then again, I heard a rumor that they had to hire a body double for part of that commercial since the pop-diva didn’t want to make the painful trip to her old digs. Whatever the case, 500C is definitely a standout on the road, but I think Fiat might have something special w/ their latest model the 500 Abarth. You guys seen this thing?
Photo Credit: Fiat USA

And, the promo w/ the hot model is definitely worth a sample:

As for the photos, the couple were seen hitting up a jewelry store in Calabasas yesterday afternoon, but let’s hope JLo doesn’t do something stupid by tying the knot w/ her latest boy-toy b/c we all know it couldn’t possibly last longer than a few months. Although I gotta admit, Caspar is seriously a lucky bastard for scoring such an amazing sugar momma, even though I’m pretty sure he gets bitched around most of the day (i.e. “drive me around,” “give me oral,” “drive me around at night while I blow you,” “lick me all over my body,” “slap me around like I’ve been a bad-bad girl,” “have sex with me on the marble dining table,” “have sex with me on my new Bentley Continental,” “Make me a member of the mile high club. Now.,” “bark like a dog and beg for me to have sex with you,” “dress up like one of my ex’es and have sex with me,” etc., etc., etc.). Damn you, Caspar!!!
Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Sofia Vergara Went Shopping at Tiffany & Co. at Century City Mall

Photo Credit: WENN

As we last reported, Sofia Vergara recently launched her “Sofia” clothing line for K-Mart. So knowing that she has additional disposable income promoting clothes that she doesn’t wear, Sofia can hit up fine places like Tiffany & Co. to buy unnecessary additional accessories. Considering she’s making a nice payday on ABC’s Modern Family, anything she buys these days is probably a drop in the bucket for her.

Bar Refaeli Plugs Ray-Ban & BlackBerry AT THE SAME TIME!!

Photo Credit: Wenn

Since her barrage at Cannes in May , Bar Refaeli hasn’t been much in the news. Could it be because she’s no longer with Leo that no one cares? Either way, Bar doesn’t seem to be bothered with Leo’s new relationship with Blake Lively and was photographed out with David Fisher on a shopping trip in Port de Saint-Tropez. We have no idea who David Fisher is but like that matters to him.

Paris Hilton Not An iPhone User!! Still Prefers BlackBerry!!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

Paris Hilton has a new boyfriend, I guess. She’s now been seen on the town with Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover. It was less than a month ago that she broke up with Cy Waits, Vegas nightclub owner. After the break-up, Cy was quoted to saying the following, giving us a rundown of what Paris isn’t:

“In my next relationship I expect honesty, strong values, true communication, commitment, mutual trust and respect, something I didn’t necessarily have recently.” [Source]

Nicole Scherzinger Continues Hot Streak For “X-Factor” in Miami!

Photo Credit: INF Photo

These were actually snapped yesterday afternoon as Nicole Scherzinger was outside her South Beach luxury hotel showing off her mid-riff as she headed to the “X Factor” auditions being held at the University of Miami. Sure she’s looking a little less glammed-up, but I gotta admit, I’m kinda diggin’ this “dressed down” look. If anything, she just needs a hotter pair of jeans & she’s gold!

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