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MoeJackson Officially Marks Today as “Candice Swanepoel Day”

Candice Swanepoel Twitter Retweet

Your disbelief is our disbelief too. Candice Swanepoel stumbled upon the Retweet button for the first (and likely only time) amongst the hundreds of Tweets mentioning our adoration towards her. As the digital equivalent of Candice acknowledging us being alive, MoeJackson has decided to officially announce today as our “Candice Swanepoel Day”. While every day could be a day to honor the stunning, beautiful Candice we finally have a reason for choosing today, June 28th, the day Candice retweeted MoeJackson, to praise the personification of perfection. Now that we’ve accomplished one from the list of short-term goals, next up having Candice hit the Follow button… we’re one step closer to the ultimate goal of Candice rocking out in one of our Bastardly Tanktops! OW!!