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Jennifer Lopez Catwalks Thru LAX Showing Off Her Midriff!

Jennifer Lopez makes her way through LAX

You gotta love the fact that she’s super confident about her age & body, especially considering the ultra-insecure world we live in these days. Then again, when your net worth is upwards $300 million, JLo’s courage to rock daring outfits shouldn’t come as a total surprise. We should note that the singer will hit 46 later this summer (July 24).

Also, when you’re that filthy rich, shouldn’t you be getting driven straight to a waiting private jet?! Obviously JLo was craving a little attention…

Irina Shayk Jets Off To NYC From Barcelona

Exclusive... Irina Shayk Catches A Flight Out Of Barcelona

I think it’s safe to say that Bradley Cooper won’t have any big plans tonight in the big city. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if the dude decides to simply order in for the next few days as he focuses all his attention on his new girlfriend Irina Shayk That bastard.

Irina was spotted jetting off from Barcelona with a friend earlier today and according to the nosey papz, she was headed for NYC. The 29-year-old Ruskie-flavored model was working a very fresh style with backward baseball hat, aviators & a “The End” sweatshirt from Brandy Melville.

Gwen Stefani Pimps Adidas On Her Catwalk Thru LAX

Gwen Stefani Catches A Flight At LAX

I’ll be honest, at first I thought it was Rita Ora, but upon closer inspection, it’s Gwen (I think).

With that said, considering Gwen Stefani & her team are fairly savvy, I think it’s safe to assume these are somewhat staged, but who knows? Maybe she was in the mood for some classic Adidas-flavored streetwear?

These were snapped earlier today as the singer & fashionista jetted off from LAX. For those of you who missed the big news, Gwen will be performing with her old band No Doubt at Rock in Rio USA in May, 2015.

Selena Gomez Forced To Go Thru Security At LAX!

Selena Gomez Catches A Flight At LAX Airport

What a great use of tax dollars! If celebs like Selena Gomez can’t score a free pass through TSA security, then that tells you a lot about the state of our security system! Also, why’s Selena flying with the rest of the sheep, anyway? You’d think she’d cough up a few $100K per year for a NetJets membership by now! I’m pretty sure most of her travels are tax deductions!

These new photos were snapped earlier today as the actress jetted out of LAX. The big question is whether she’s headed for another bikini-clad vacation to make up for her last trip? Selena’s PR is trying to earn their client sympathy points by leaking to various news outlets that she’s struggling with self-esteem issues due to fat-shaming comments after bikini photos of her in Mexico hit the Internet. Really?

Did you miss those photos? See the comments section here & here (especially this photo).

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Kate Upton’s Latest Catwalk Thru Heathrow Looks Much Better

Kate Upton Catches A Flight Out Of London

I think it’s safe to say that Kate Upton looked 100x better walking through Heathrow Airport earlier today than she did on her arrival into London this past Saturday. It seems like she took a little time to shower & put on some makeup before she left the hotel room.

As most of you know, the 22-year-old supermodel is getting a lot of flack online for failing to live up to everyone’s expectations. Kate expressed her discontent with her various social media accounts in a recent interview with London Evening Standard saying, “I fantasize about deleting my social media accounts. But I can’t.”

We’re going to assume the reason she can’t is because that will substantially lower the amount of cash that flows into her supermodel coffers. She currently has a net worth of $20 million. Who the hell cares how many people are calling you fat & manly when you’re literally getting paid millions to smile at a camera? Life couldn’t get any easier or better, especially when you have world-class stylists by your side.

Kate Upton Lands In London

Kate Upton

Kate Upton is seen bare-faced and casually dressed as she arrived at Heathrow Airport in London. The twenty-two year-old model proudly showed off her acne and blemishes on her face as she made her way through the terminal. Kate is still pursuing her acting with a role in “The Layover” also starring Lea Michele. Look for it in 2016.

Emma Watson Touches Down At LAX

Emma Watson

Emma Watson cracked a smile arriving on a flight at LAX airport. Emma is returning to LA after attending the TIME’s 100 Most Influential People In The World gala in New York City. After appearing in last year’s “Noah”, look for Emma in theaters later this year in “Regression” with Ethan Hawke.

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