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Long Time No See! Cameron Diaz Photographed Going Down A Curb

Exclusive... Cameron Diaz Running Errands In OjaiPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Cameron Diaz, who has been somewhat M.I.A. for the past year or so, was spotted in the small tourist town of Ojai located northwest of Los Angeles and east of Santa Barbara. According to the town’s Wiki page, it’s a “tourism destination with boutique hotels and recreation opportunities including hiking, and spiritual retreats, as well as for a farmers’ market on Sundays with local organic agriculture.” This definitely sounds like one of those under-the-radar, hipster retreats that rich people visit when they don’t want to be around other rich people, but ultimately end up doing anyway.

The 43-year-old actress is probably enjoying the easy life these days as she can no longer score the token “hot & somewhat ditsy blonde” role in romantic comedies. In the coming years, Cameron will either re-energize her career with a completely different type of role or she’ll continue to enjoy her current lifestyle that’s not deeply entrenched in celebrity life & culture. Regardless of her current state of affairs, she seems happy & comfortable, so good for her.

Krysten Ritter Photographed Up & Down Curbs in Beverly Hills!

Exclusive... Krysten Ritter Out Shopping In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Sexy ‘Jessica Jones’ actress Krysten Ritter was seen hitting up a number of shops in Beverly Hills earlier this week. She brought along an unusually large banana to re-energize herself during the shopping trip.

Krysten definitely has a lot more cash to drop these days considering she scored the lead role on the hit Netflix series ‘Jessica Jones’, which was renewed for a second season back in January. Anyone of you guys watched the series, by chance? Judging by reception following it’s release last November, audiences and critics both had nothing but good things to say about it. The popular entertainment media outlet IGN went as far as to say that ‘Jessica Jones was the best Netflix original programming series released to date, so obviously it’s worth checking out if you’re ever looking to kill some time.

BREAKING! Pregnant Megan Fox Photographed Stepping Down Curb On Her Birthday!

Pregnant Megan Fox Celebrates Birthday With Lunch At Cafe GratitudePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Expecting mother Megan Fox was keeping things very simple & sexy as she was spotted leaving a birthday lunch held at Cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles. The 29-year-old actress, who filed for divorce last August, has since reconciled with her husband Brian Austin Green and even more shockingly, she’s expecting her third child! Damn, who knew that B.A.G. was so unbelievably shrewd? Wow.

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Lea Michele Walks Through Parking Lot and Goes Up Curb

Exclusive... Lea Michele Stops By A Spa In Los AngelesPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Lea Michele was seen stopping by the Beverly Hot Springs Spa in L.A. for a luxurious treatment. The 29-year-old actress recently revealed that she got the number ‘5’ tattooed on her rib cage in honor of her former & now-deceased boyfriend Cory Monteith. More recently, the Scream Queens star broke up with her boyfriend of two years Matthew Paetz back in February, but I have a feeling he won’t be getting the same tattoo treatment.

Is Chloe Moretz Morphing Into Hilary Duff?

Chloe Moretz Grabs Lunch In Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Back-of-the-napkin doodling says yes. The evidence: Her neck is slowly disappearing into her body & her shoulders are getting wider, so it’s possible she’s headed into Duff territory (not that anything is wrong with that). These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as the 19-year-old actress was seen grabbing lunch with a friend at ‘Il Pastaio’ in Beverly Hills.

Hilary Duff seen waving to her fans outside the Good Morning America in New York CityPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Taylor Swift & Gigi Hadid Do A Nail Salon Photo-Op!

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid spotted heading into Voila Nail Salon in Beverly HillsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

The two friends were spotted heading into Voila Nail Salon in Beverly Hills as Taylor is starting to enjoy some much-needed time off following a very busy 2015. Her “1989 World Tour” wrapped up last December and from a financial standpoint it was a grand slam, raking in more than $250 in revenues. We’re not sure how much of that Taylor gets to keep, but we’re pretty she earns more from her tours than actual album sales.

Even though she’s laying low these days, Taylor was recently in the news when it was revealed that a crazy stalker was detained at her property last Wednesday. The unidentified male was seen wandering around Taylor’s driveway dressed in fatigues when police apprehended him. I’m not sure about you guys, but this experience definitely sounds like it’ll be a single on Taylor’s next album.

A Stylish Julianne Hough Photographed Going Up NYC Curb

Julianne Hough Arrives At A Hotel In New York CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Aside from a couple films set for release later this year, Julianne Hough’s latest project is “Grease: Live,” which is set to air on Fox on January 31. Julianne will play lead role of Sandy Dumbrowski.

We have a feeling she’s in NYC to do some promotional for the upcoming television production. These photos from earlier today show the famous dancer smiling for the papz as she arrived back at her hotel.

BREAKING! Rihanna Photographed Going Down NYC Curb!

Rihanna steps out this evening before heading out to the studio in New YorkPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Quite shockingly, the last time we saw Rihanna on the site was back in mid-September, so a RiRi post, albeit one with extremely blurry-bordering-on-useless photos, is long overdue.

With that said, the 27-year-old singer was looking very stylish as she was seen hitting up a dinner before heading back to the studio. RiRi, who’s reportedly worth upwards of $160 million, will release her new album ‘Anti’ presumably in the coming weeks ahead of The Anti World Tour, which will kick off next month. The album was supposed to release back in November, but was pushed back. More about the album here.

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Rumer Willis Photographed Approaching WeHo Curb!

Rumer Willis Stops By The Nine Zero One SalonPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

So, who wants to take a guess as to what Bruce Willis and Demi Moore get their precious daughter for Christmas?

Although I gotta hand it to Rumer, she did dodge some huge fame & fortune bullets (i.e. drug overdose, alcohol abuse, suicide), so Bruce & Demi obviously did something right!

Anyway, these latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon as Rumer was seen stopping by the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood.

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