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A Leggy Elizabeth Olsen Grabs Lunch In Los Angeles

Exclusive... Elizabeth Olsen Gets Lunch In Los AngelesPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Each time I see Elizabeth Olsen, I always ask the question: How can this chick be related to the Olsen twins?! It’s just weird to me how one sister is at least 10x hotter than the twins. “Lizzie,” as she’s own in the family, actually took time out of her busy schedule to hang with her two sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate—something that’s extremely rare for the sisters.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 11.36.36 AMPhoto Credit: ET Weekly, See more photos >>>

Anyway, the 26-year-old actress, who most recently played the role of Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch in the latest “Captain America” flick, was spotted enjoying a lunch with a friend at a Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City.

Exclusive... Elizabeth Olsen Gets Lunch In Los Angeles

Stella Maxwell Jaywalks To The Gym With Her Iced-Coffee in NYC

Exclusive... Stella Maxwell Heads To The Gym In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell was seen trying her best to keep a low-profile while heading to the gym yesterday morning her home in NYC. The 26-year-old model from New Zealand showed off her long legs & exposed midriff as she catwalked across the street carrying an iced-coffee.

So wait, is this chick lesbian or was that make-out session with Miley just a one-off thing?

We’re Really Digging Fergie’s Simple & Sexy Catwalks

Fergie Out And About In Los AngelesPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

As Fergie continues to put the finishing touches on her latest solo album, the singer is certainly doing well in catching the attention of the local papz with her leggy catwalks to & from the studio. We posted a similar set last week. These latest photos were snapped earlier this afternoon as the stylish 41-year-old rocked a Rolling Stone t-shirt, black hat, and had a plaid button down shirt tied around her waist.

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BREAKING! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Walks & Chats On Phone AT THE SAME TIME!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley seen at a studio in London, England

These were snapped earlier today as supermodel-turned-blockbuster-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was working her million-dollar style while catwalking around London.

And, for more photos of celebrities performing two, three & more tasks at the same time, hit up our Internet-Exclusive AT THE SAME TIME category! If that’s not your cup of tea, we also have a category packed full of celebs walking through parking lots (mostly ones located in L.A.)– The Parking Lot Catwalker.

Ultra-Stylish Rita Ora Catwalks Out Of The Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Rita Ora In Designer Labels and Black Sneakers

We were thinking about throwing this photo into our daily catwalks section, but Rita Ora deserves to get the spotlight shined on her for going the extra mile (once again). The 23-year-old singer-turned-fashionista hid behind a pair of retro shades while rocking a DKNY shirt, carrying an oversized Chanel bag and sneakers that look like wedge Chucks (probably some high-end designer brand).

Elizabeth Berkley Can Still Afford To Shop At Rag & Bone! Good For Her!

Exclusive... Elizabeth Berkley Out Shopping In West Hollywood

Exclusive... Elizabeth Berkley Out Shopping In West Hollywood

It’s always nice to see celebrities who made sure to spend within their limits while making the big bucks because that’s usually not the case. We tend to always hear about once-high-flying athletes and celebs who refused to change their lifestyles when the big checks stopped rolling in and ultimately faced a painful bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Berkley made most of her cash while starring on “Saved By The Bell,” as well as a few features, most notably “Showgirls” in which she played the role of an exotic dancer. She’s obviously still comfortable seeing how she was spotted out & about L.A. yesterday afternoon carrying a Stella McCartney handbag and leaving the Rag & Bone store with a small purchase. Again, good for her!!

Considering she’s financially stable, I’m sure Elizabeth can throw a few bucks at solving her no-booty problem—or at least invest in a pair of more flattering jeans…

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BREAKING! Kanye Feeds L.A. Parking Meter; Went Shopping For Winter Gear With Kim!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Shopping

Here’s something you don’t see all too often! Kanye West feeding a parking meter before casually walking into a sporting goods store to buy a ton of winter gear!

It appears Kim and Kanye are hitting the slopes in the coming weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see whether they turn up in Aspen (like countless other rich & famous people) or aim for something a little less paparazzi-friendly by enjoying a family holiday in Switzerland.

The only other thing that stood out in these pics is Kim’s oversized handbag that looks very similar to the cover of Kanye’s instant-classic “Dark Fantasy” album. There’s nothing like taking a $30K piece of leather and covering it with paintings of nude women. OW!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Shopping

Eiza Gonzalez Lights Up A Cigarette While Shopping Around L.A! OW!

Eiza Gonzalez seen smoking a cigarette while shopping in Los Angeles

Liam Hemsworth’s post-Miley Cyrus play-thing Eiza Gonzalez was spotted smoking a cigarette as she hit up a few shops in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. The sultry Mexican-flavored Popsicle hid behind her favorite pair of Ray-Ban Aviators & wore a dangerously short & body hugging mini dress with a sexy pair of laced booties.

So, is Liam still getting a piece or what because this chick seems a little too wild for him, as well. What’s up with Liam going after all these really wild chicks anyway because he seems like he’s on the boring end of the personality spectrum. With respect to Eiza, I think it’s safe to assume that she’s a freaky beast behind closed doors…what do you guys think?

Miranda Kerr Lookin’ Like A Million Bucks in NYC

Miranda Kerr Attending A Cosmopolitan Magazine Meeting

The always-stylish supermodel mommy Miranda Kerr prides herself in giving million-dollar first impressions, regardless of whether she’s taking her son for a walk in Central Park, hitting up JFK to catch a flight or in this latest instance, if she’s hitting up the Hearst Building in NYC for a meeting with Cosmo editors.

Ever since ditching Victoria’s Secret earlier this year, the 30-year-old Australian model has done well in building her own brand, first with Kora Organics, her very own skin care line, or doing shoots for big designers. It’s possible Miranda was hitting up Cosmo to further plug Kora or do an upcoming photo shoot, but hey, when you carry yourself like Miranda does, you simply can’t go wrong.

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