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Mariah Carey Dressed As Slutty FDNY For Halloween!

In non-whorish Mariah Carey news, looks like someone offered her a crapload of money to sing on the UK’s X Factor show. She’s going to perform her new single, “I stay in love” on the November 8th show. Yeah, I know you’re totally jumping to set your DVR, right?

“Simon loves Mariah — he’s always comparing acts to her. And finally all the compliments have paid off.

“It’s amazing to have such a big name singing on a British talent show. Mariah is one of the most successful female artists of all time. It’s going to blow Strictly Come Dancing out the water.” Source

Rachel Bilson Needs A Sluttier Halloween Costume

These were snapped as Rachel hit up a halloween party over the weekend.

It’s always comforting to know that the right amount of money can money can make any chick dance…

Bilson has turned down requests to appear seminude in men’s magazines, specifying that she feels that her body “is sacred” and “not there for the whole world to see”.[35] However, she has been featured in a pictorial in the men’s magazines Stuff and GQ [36] and has posed for mildly salacious photographs wearing colourful underwear. She currently resides in Los Angeles. [Wiki]

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