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Amal Alamuddin Puts All A-list Celebrity Wives To Shame (Intellectually)

Amal Alamuddin Lunches In NYC

Human rights lawyer and George Clooney’s wife Amal Alamuddin was spotted leaving the Italian joint Morandi in NYC earlier this afternoon. Judging by the the way she looks in the photos, it doesn’t look like Amal bothered to eat anything for lunch. She was carrying what appeared to be an NYU course binder titled “The Law & Practice of the UN: An Advanced Course For Diplomats.” If you’re looking to drop a few lines of George Clooney’s wife, make sure you sneak into this course!

We should mention that aside from sitting in on an NYU law courses, Amal is also doing a series of lectures at Columbia University. Damn, when does this woman make time for her Hollywood sugar daddy? Come on, Amal! George has needs, damn it!

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Rihanna Photographed Going Curb In Santa Monica

Rihanna seen leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant after having dinner with few friends in Santa Monica

Not too many women can walk around wearing a $10K dress with sneakers, but hey, when you’re a fashionista popstar like Rihanna, you do pretty much anything that comes to mind! These were snapped last night as the singer was seen leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant after having dinner with few friends in Santa Monica.

So are the Jay-Z / Rihanna rumors true or what? She’ll be performing next week in NYC, so it’ll be interesting to see if she hooks up with her manager with benefits while Beyonce’s busy in the other room with baby blue.

Rihanna seen leaving Giorgio Baldi Restaurant after having dinner with few friends in Santa Monica

BREAKING!! Karlie Kloss Hits Cafe Cluny in NYC!

Karlie Kloss seen leaving Cafe Cluny in New York City

There are few models out there who had a bigger year than Karlie Kloss, so let’s hope for even a bigger year in 2014! I think it’s a foregone conclusion that Karlie will be honored with the task of wearing the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra at the 2014 VS Fashion Show. The 21-year-old supermodel kept things very simple from a style standpoint as she was spotted hitting up Cafe Cluny in NYC over the weekend (Sunday, Dec. 15).

BREAKING! Selena Gomez Grabbed Sushi At Kabuki With A Friend

Selena Gomez grabs sushi for lunch

These were snapped over the weekend in Encino as a stylish Selena Gomez attempted to keep a low-profile while hitting up Kabuki Japanese restaurant with a friend.

We can only pray that Selena doesn’t follow the horrible trend of chopping off her beautiful locks. I feel like that’s he one asset these days, especially considering she has very little to offer in the body department. The singer & actress was rocking skinny jeans, a nude-colored tee, a flowery scarf around her neck and wedges that helped give her a little height. The look had “Leave me the fuck alone” written all over it.

Selena’s taking a mini breather from her Stars Dance Tour after cruising around Europe all month. She’s kicking off her tour once again, this time hitting up cities in the U.S. over the next couple months. For those of you looking forward to watching Selena flash her cooter to 15-year-olds, her first show will be Fairfax, VA on October 10. Check here for all tour dates >>>

Selena Gomez grabs sushi for lunch

Jennifer Lopez Hits Nobu in Malibu With Her Twins, Sugar-Baby Casper & Friends

**EXCLUSIVE**Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Casper Smart take her twins Max and Emme out for dinner with friends in Malibu

Sugar Momma Jennifer Lopez showed off her legendary booty in skinny jeans as she hit Nobu in Malibu for dinner with boyfriend Casper Smart, her twins, Max & Emme, as well as a couple friends.

It appears Casper is growing on the kids, especially Max, seeing how he was giving the little dude a piggyback as the group made their way into the restaurant. It’s also nice to see that Casper is thinking beyond just satisfying J-Lo’s behind closed doors & making investments in her kids by strengthening those relationships for the long-term. I feel like this dude is just a year or two away from tying the knot and securing his financial future for generations to come. Hang in there, man!!!

LONDON: Lady Gaga Smokes Fashion Crack & Hits Up Fish and Chips Joint

Lady Gaga and fans seen outside of the Langham Hotel in London

Just when we thought Lady Gaga had toned her freaky-fashion-fetish down a bit, she was spotted outside the Langham Hotel in London dressed in whatever-the-fuck-you-call-this-outfit, which featured a pink see-thru bra, a pink baby sippy cup, as well as various undersea themed accessories including shells, starfish and sea horses. The world-famous singing fashionista, who released her new album ARTPOP last week, hit up The Sea Shell of Lisson Grove for fish & chips.

Lady Gaga Fish and Chip Shop London

This Photo Confirms That Kate Upton & Maksim Chmerkovskiy Are Dating (or at least sleeping together)

**EXCLUSIVE** ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY?? Kate Upton is spotted again on a night out with DWTS dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy at Catch in NYC

It’s possible we’re interpreting Kate Upton’s gaze incorrectly, but doesn’t that look on Kate’s face scream, “I CAN’T WAIT TO DO THE NAKED CHA-CHA WITH MAKSIM!!!”? We’ll let you guys make the final judgement.

These pics were snapped on Monday (July 29) when the two were spotted out with friends at upscale seafood joint Catch in NYC’s fashionable Meatpacking District. Curiously, both Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Kate Upton have both denied dating rumors. It’s possible they’re not dating, but they’re definitely F’ing.

Kate Upton & Lily Aldridge Grabbed Dinner At Barbuto in NYC

Kate Upton & Lily Aldridge Grab Dinner In NYC

After enjoying NYC’s nightlife the night before with rumored boyfriend DWTS dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy (more on this a bit later), 21-year-old Kate Upton was seen grabbing a stylish dinner with Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldrige. Is Lily doing some secret reconassance work for her Victoria’s Secret or was just a friendly dinner? Let’s not forget that 27-year-old Lily is a proud member of the exclusive VS Supermodel Mommy Club, so as a seasoned model in the industry, I’m sure Kate had fun picking her brains about the biz.

The two ladies grabbed dinner last night at Barbuto located in NYC’s fashionable Meat Packing District.

A Leggy Jessica Hart Hits A Fashionable Lunch With Her Dog in NYC

Jessica Hart Out With Her Dog In New York

Australian model Jessica Hart was seen out yesterday afternoon with her cute lil’ pup rocking a pair of dangerously short short-shorts and heading to lunch at Gemma in NYC’s East Village.

If want a stylish setting & tasty food, make sure you hit this place up. It’s located on the ground floor of the luxurious Bowery Hotel. I’m not a big “Oh, let’s go eat that restaurant in that really expensive hotel!” type of guy, but hey, if you want to treat your woman to a special meal, why not?

Jessica Hart Out With Her Dog In NYC 2

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