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Cheryl Fernandez-Versini Needs To Change Her Name Back To Cheryl Cole

The X Factor  press launch

Or even Cheryl Tweedy isn’t all that terrible either compared to the hyphenated Fernandez-Versini. As most of you guys heard, the hopeless romantic once again fell in love with a French dude named Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini and got hitched only after dating him for three months. Come on, Cheryl! We thought you would’ve learned following the first marriage, but obviously not. The guy in question apparently runs a restaurant pop-up business.

These latest pics were snapped earlier today in London at an ‘X Factor’ press event held at Ham Yard Hotel.

X Factor Press Launch

Cheryl Cole Celebrates The Launch Of her New Perfume StormFlower

Cheryl Cole arriving for the launch of her new perfume

For those of you who missed it, Cheryl Cole is no longer Cheryl Cole, but rather Cheryl Fernandez-Versini following her secret, shotgun wedding earlier this month (July 7) to French businessman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. They dated for only three months, but the dude dropped a huge rock and Cheryl ate it all up! We thought Cheryl would’ve known better to jump back into the marriage game so quickly, but it’s obviously she’s once again blinded by love and can’t think straight.

During an interview at the launch party held at the Avenue restaurant on St. James’s Street in London, Cheryl gushed about her experiences with the fragrance development process, saying, “It’s like every little girl’s dream. When I was a kid, I used to create perfumes with my sister so I’ve been obsessed even from a young age.”

Judging by all that she said, you can tell that Cheryl is in a really happy place right now in her life & career, considering she just got married, has a new album & officially returned to ‘The X Factor’.

“It’s very me. The smell is not too heavy but it still long-lasting. I always knew what i wanted and what I liked so it was easy for me to create that base straightaway.”

Also adding, “I always liked to smell fresh, clean and floral. This fragrance makes you feel feminine and elegant. I’ve been working on this from scratch – everything from the scent to the bottle design. I didn’t want to just put my name to a fragrance.

The inspiration was that fresh feeling when there’s been a storm. I love gold, it just feels very expensive and premium.”

Cheryl Cole arriving for the launch of her new perfume

Cheryl Cole Still One Of The Sexiest Ladies On The Red Carpet

Cheryl Cole @ X Factor auditions in Edinburgh adds---1-128917

We don’t see her nearly as much as we should, assuming she’s covering up that regrettable back-tattoo that that one night when she got completely trashed thanks to generous amounts of alcohol, weed & cocaine.

Thankfully that tattoo was hidden away when Cheryl got glammed-up for a red carpet event held for ‘The X Factor’ auditions in Edinburgh. I’m happy Simon Cowell brought her back into the mix.

Cheryl Cole @ X Factor auditions in Edinburgh adds---1fsa

Welcome Back, Cheryl Cole! She’s Making A Return To UK’s ‘X Factor’

Cheryl Cole returns to X Factor

Cheryl Cole returns to X Factor

Woohoo for UK TV audiences who missed Cheryl Cole on ‘X Factor’ the past couple years!

Either the solo career didn’t pay as well or Simon Cowell made her an offer she couldn’t refuse (or maybe a combo of both), but the 30-year-old former Girls Aloud beauty made an an announcement about her return at London’s exclusive Arts Club earlier today.

Suddenly I’m looking forward to all the upcoming ‘X Factor’ red carpet events…OW!

Cheryl Cole returns to X Factor

Cheryl Cole @ The ICAP Charity Day Event in London

ICAP Charity Day

Now, here’s somebody we haven’t seen in a while! The always-cute & sexy Cheryl Cole was seen at an ICAP Charity Day event at Broadgate in London earlier today. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, financial company apparently gives away all its revenues and commissions on one day of the year, which is pretty substantial considering they’ve raised more than £100 million in the past 20 years they’ve ran the charity event. More info here >>>

Turning our attention back to Cheryl—so, has she gotten rid of that God awful tattoo yet or what?


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Sexy or Not: Cheryl Cole Got A Really Big Back Tattoo! Holy Crap!

Cheryl Cole at LAX

Seriously, what the fuck was she thinking?

Let’s hope it’s not actually on her back, but rather simply a design on the tight shirt she’s wearing. If it is actually a tat, I just hope she can laser it off in a few months when she realizes what she did to herself.

I’m sure the tat looks really hot behind closed doors, but since we’re not exactly going back there behind closed doors, we gotta judge the tat from purely on an aesthetic standpoint. That’s gonna look atrocious in a few years and god knows what she’ll look like when she’s rocking a bikini or an elegant gown on the red carpet. Cheryl pretty much became a biker girl.

A huge tat like that is sexy only because it supports the theory that Cheryl Cole must have a crazy pain threshold! God damn!

And also, who was the lucky bastard who got to sit behind Cheryl Cole for days on end drawing that thing on her back? Let’s rack that up as another job we wouldn’t bagging! OW!

Here’s another look…

Cheryl Cole at LAX

CANNES: Cheryl Cole @ ‘Jimmy P.’ Red Carpet Premiere

66th Cannes Film Festival - http://bmmoejackson2.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?post_type=post#Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian - Premiere

These were snapped at last night’s big-dog premiere for ‘Jimmy P. Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian‘, an upcoming drama that stars Benicio Del Toro, Mathieu Amalric, Gina McKee. Film hits theaters on May 10 & runs through the 14.

As for Cheryl’s dress, she’s reportedly wearing a beautiful outfit by designer Zuhair Murad, who just yesterday designed for Eva Longoria. While this dress does all the right things from a sex-appeal standpoint, I still think the Cheryl’s dress from back in 2011 was the highlight of her fashionable career in Cannes.

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