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Bikini Pics: Chloe Green Still on Family Vacation in Barbardos

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

The other day Chloe Green made her debut to the site with some bikini pics while vacationing in Barbados with her family. As you might recall, she’s the daughter of Sir Philip Green, meaning she’s rich, and on top of that is making additional income with her shoe designs for Topshop. It’s a slow week so any bikini pics are always a welcomed sight.

Bikini Pics: Chloe Green on Vacation in Barbados w/ Her Family

Photo Credit: FAME Pictures

Chloe Green makes her debut to the site. She is the 20 year old daugter of wealthy British businessman (and supporter of Tottenham Hotspur) Philip Green. We’ve never heard of Chloe and so after Googling her we found her Twitter page and learned tha she designs footwear for Topshop. Follow her as she continues to give such updates on her vacation in Barbados like, “Having such a lovely time can’t complain nice to be in the sun although I spend most of the day in the sea!!”