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Our Favorites From The Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Party

Jackie Cruz, Stephanie Corneliussen and Vanessa HudgensPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Jackie Cruz, Stephanie Corneliussen and Vanessa Hudgens

If you do a matchup between the viewing parties, I have to admit, I think the Vanity Fair Oscars party had a slight edge simply because it packed more Hollywood A-list star power. Having said that, I think Vanessa Hudgens was one of the sexiest of the after party pack if we were to do a matchup of the top 5.

Post your favorite five from Oscars night—actual red carpet at the Academy Awards or from one of the various parties and we’ll see if we can get another post going w/ a poll once we get a feel for which names deserve the special spotlight.

Amanda Steele, Katharine McPhee, Vanessa Hudgens and Ruby RosePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Amanda Steele, Katharine McPhee, Vanessa Hudgens and Ruby Rose

Lea Michele, Caitlyn Jenner and Andrea Pejic and Petra NemcovaPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Lea Michele, Caitlyn Jenner and Andrea Pejic and Petra Nemcova

Stephanie Corneliussen, Ciara and Unidentified AttendeePhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Stephanie Corneliussen, Ciara and Unidentified Attendee

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Ciara Shoots A Music Video In NYC

Ciara Shoots A Music Video In NYCPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

The always-sexy Ciara was seen shooting a music video in NYC yesterday afternoon. The 31-year-old mother, singer & dancer worked a few dance moves on location in beautiful Madison Square Park, complete with colorful trees in the background. You have to love the fall in the northeast—even in a concrete jungle like NYC, if you go to the right places, you can get a nice taste of the fall season. That’s definitely one of the things I miss since moving to Cali a few years back.

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Ciara Shines At 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Ciara attends the The 2016 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals in Las VegasPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News

Ciara might be a 30-year-old with a two-year-old son, but she wants everyone know to that she can still make a splash on the red carpet! She did just that last night at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards held yesterday in Vegas appearing in a sexy silver dress that left very little to the imagination (at least when she turned to the side).

The singer was in attendance with her latest fiance & Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. The couple got engaged back in March, less than two years after Ciara called off her engagement with baby-daddy Future.

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Ciara at 58th Annual Grammy Awards

CiaraPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Ciara showed off some skin too as she attended the 58th Annual Grammy Awards with boyfriend Russell Wilson. The show was hosted by LL Cool J and featured performances by Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Adele, Kendrick Lamar and an homage to Lionel Richie. Kendrick Lamar received the most nominations (11) while Taylor Swift and The Weeknd have seven each. Check out the full list of winners including Kendrick, Taylor, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, D’Angelo and Little Big Town.

NYC: Fashionable Ladies at Billboard’s 10th Annual Women In Music

Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez and Demi LovatoPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato

These latest photos were snapped last Friday night at Billboard’s 10th Annual Women In Music event held at Cipriani’s 42nd Street in NYC.

First the good news: I think it’s safe to say that there are people behind the scenes in Hollywood who want this Hailee Steinfeld chick to be a really big star one day and I think they’re doing a wonderful job in accomplishing this goal. The 19-year-old is becoming an expert at looking sexy while keeping things very classy. Second on our list is Ciara. She’s pretty much back to working her A-game on the red carpet after popping out rapper Future’s son last year. Ciara has since kicked her baby-daddy to the curb and shacked up with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

Now, let’s roll out the bad news: Once again, we have to comment on Gaga. We don’t know what the hell is wrong with her face, but it just doesn’t look like Gaga anymore. She’s slicing and dicing herself to Trannyville and that’s never a good thing.

And finally, what’s up with Selena’s old-lady wig?! I’m sorry, but that’s the opposite of sexy, Selena. I think it’s time to step outside your little bubble and get unbiased opinions from people who aren’t on your payroll or already worshiping you. Incentive-caused-bias is a bitch!

Lady Gaga, Ciara and Lana Del Rey Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Lady Gaga, Ciara and Lana Del Rey

Lindsay Lohan Still Alive; Rita Ora Performs At A Restaurant Launch Event

Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and CiaraPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pictured: Rita Ora, Lindsay Lohan and Ciara

In Rita Ora’s defense, a gig is a gig & assuming this was a paid one, I’m sure her services don’t come cheap! Having said that, regardless of the compensation, there’s a certain stigma associated with a restaurant launch performance, but I guess when you’re in Rita’s position, you gotta keep the money flowing!

Aside from Rita, a few other names were also in attendance including Lindsay Lohan, Cira & Kate Moss. Considering LiLo’s absence over the past few months, I was beginning to think that she was out of the fame game for good. Looks like she’s still has friends in high places across the pond!

Sexy Fish Restaurant Launch In LondonPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Fashionably Exposed Right Leg Matchup: MTV VMAs

Exposed Right Leg at 2015 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures; Pacific Coast News; Pictured: Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Ciara & Charlotte McKinney

We do our best to showcase matchups that you won’t see on other sites and in order to do that in a world where everyone & their grandma runs a gossip blog, we gotta scrape the bottom of the barrel when it comes to content.

With that said, please analyze each leg carefully & submit your vote below…

2015 ESPY Awards: Our Red Carpet Favorites

Lindsey Vonn, Hannah Davis and Alex MorganPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Pictured: Lindsey Vonn, Hannah Davis and Alex Morgan

I feel like Hannah Davis will run away with the votes, so I’m a little reluctant to put up a poll (we’ll put one up anyway). These were snapped last night at the star-studded 2015 ESPY Awards at the Microsoft Theatre (formerly Nokia Theatre) in Los Angeles.

Ciara, Amy Purdy, Halle Berry and Rachel McAdamsPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Pictured: Ciara, Amy Purdy, Halle Berry and Rachel McAdams

Who Had The Bets Legs At Last Night’s ESPYs?

Alex Morgan, Hannah Davis, Lindsey Vonn and CiaraPhoto Credit: Pacific Coast News; Legs Pictured: Alex Morgan, Hannah Davis, Lindsey Vonn and Ciara

Somebody has to scrape the bottom of the barrel and do a poll about sexiest legs, right? I guess we’ll do the honors. A smart way to approach the poll is to think about which pair of legs you would want wrapped around you…

Top 5 Red Carpet Stunners at 2014 Grammy Awards

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards

I’ll be very honest, initially I could only scrape together a top three list (Ciara, Kaya & Chrissy), but we squeezed in Miranda & Taylor just to round out the top five.

I know we say this every year, but I feel like stars have lost touch with the true essence of walking the red carpet at the Grammys. This is one of those unique events that’s supposed to give celebs an opportunity to live on the wild side and take crazy risks without having to worry about what people will think the next morning. Judging by what we saw on the red carpet last night, as well as what we’ve seen in recent years, celebs are overly cautious, especially in recent years when we entered into the hyper-critical world of social media. What’s everyone’s take on this? Do celebs need to loosen up a bit when walking the red carpet at the Grammy Awards?


Ciara: Just like she did before her pregnancy, 28-year-old beauty looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet. Olivia Wilde is a beautiful pregnant celeb–on & off the red carpet–but Ciara is in a league of her own! If we had to choose a best dressed woman from the Grammy Awards—pregnant or not—Ciara would be that woman! Major props to Emilio Pucci for the dress.

Kaya Jones: What a refreshingly sexy surprise! Kaya kept things simple with her outfit, but this is the type of dress that more celebs need to rock when hitting the red carpet at the Grammys! It’s got a delicious mix of sexy & edgy, which should be the central theme of all dresses for an event like the Grammy Awards.

Chrissy Teigen: Consistency is definitely the name of the game and John Legend’s sexy wifie Chrissy Teigen knows what’s up! The woman looked amazing at Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Gala last night & she looked equally amazing last night at the Grammys (thanks to designer Johanna Johnson)! Can’t say the same for Paula Patton, unfortunately.

Miranda Lambert: Nothing against Miranda, but I always think she’s 5-10 years older than her actual age (she’s 30). Miranda rocked a dangerously sexy red dress designed by Pamella Roland. Needless to say, Blake Shelton is a lucky man.

Taylor Swift: While she did it intentionally, we were sad to see that Taylor hid away her only redeeming feature behind that Gucci Première dress. I guess she doesn’t want to over-expose those legs or else people will really get tired of her.

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