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MET Gala 2014: Adriana Lima’s First Big Event Following Her Split With Marko Jaric

Adriana Lima  - Met Gala 2014 ADDS-21-121

And, as expected, Adriana Lima kept things simple, but was easily one of the most beautiful women to walk the red carpet last night. While last year’s theme was punk-craziness, this year was more focused on glamour and high-fashion featuring flowing gowns. Some women played along with the theme and others decided to keep things on the simple side. Adri was one of those in the latter group, but then again, Adriana doesn’t need to do too much to attract the camera’s attention.


We should note that this year’s Costume Institute exhibit, which opens to the public on Thursday was officially titled “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.” The exhibit’s namesake designer, who died in 1978, was a mid-20th century designer specializing in ultra-glam, sculptured gowns made with intricate draping techniques (see Voguepedia for an example). It’s the inaugural exhibit of the sparkling new, $40 million Anna Wintour Costume Center, which is, of course, named after the famous Vogue editor.

Along with the Met gala pics, we’re also including Adriana Lima’s showing at the Desigual 2014 Fashion Show late last month in Madrid that we forgot to jump on earlier. These photos will officially kick off our Adriana Lima’s Single Again Week, which we will celebrate through next Tuesday (May 13).


Adriana Lima - Costume Institute Gala - 001

Adriana Lima models at Desigual 2013 Fashion Show

Desigual Fashion Show: Adriana Lima Owns The Runway

Adriana Lima models for Desigual during 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

These runway pics from the Desigual Fashion Show as part of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week are in addition to the earlier photos we posted a couple days back featuring Adriana Lima at a Desigual photocall event.

It’s shocking to me how this woman literally owns the runway even though she’s probably 5-10 years older than most of the other models walking with her. I guess that’s what makes Adriana Lima so special.

Adriana Lima models for Desigual

Adriana Lima Lights It Up For Desigual in Barcelona! OW!

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event

The ageless & beautiful Adriana Lima proved once again that she doesn’t need to be rocking a bikini or lingerie in order to light up the room. Adri was on hand at a Desigual promo event held in Barcelona earlier today striking all her famous poses

1. The classic “make love to the cameras with your eyes” pose
2. The also-classic “look away from the cameras while blowing a sexy kiss” pose
3. The “look away from the cameras whiling blowing a kiss in a sit-down position with her legs fully exposed” pose
4. The “make love to the cameras with your eyes while smiling” pose
5. The “blow a sexy kiss on two fingers while staring into the cameras” pose
6. The “sexy look to the side while making a heart with your fingers” pose

We chose all the best poses, so flip through the gallery and chose your favorite…

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event

Adriana Lima Attends Desigual Event