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Coachella: Beautiful Women, Hot Music, Chilled Booze, & Body Odor

Photo Credit (Various): Splash News (Lindsay Lohan & Camilla Belle); Pacific Coast News (Leonardo DiCaprio)

UPDATE – MONDAY, APRIL 18TH: This will probably be the final update from the Coachella extravaganza that went down over the weekend in Cali. Included in this update are Leonardo DiCaprio, Malin Akerman, a larger pic of Nina Dobrev cruising with friends (1st page) & of course, our favorite camera-whore, Lindsay Lohan.

As you guys know, 2011 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, as it’s officially known, is going down right now in Indio, California. The festival is in its final days & some of the headliners include Kanye West, The Strokes, Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon & some old school tunes from Duran Duran.

If any of you bastards are in attendance, make sure you email us your personal collection of creepy pics of hot chicks! Why do you think they make cameras with 300x zoom?! In the meantime, please enjoy our collection of pics from the event. We’ll update with more pics later tonight.
Photo Credit: WENN
Photo Credit (Various): WENN & FAME (Tallulah Willis)
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online
Photo Credit (Various): WENN, Pacific Coast & FAME, Splash News Online

Paris Hilton Plays With Stingray! Did Not Get Stung!!!

Paris Hilton is still on vacation in Bora Bora with Doug Reinhardt and this time she decided to jump in the ocean with the stingrays. There were also sharks and to the dismay of all, she survived the experience.

“Paris looked like a goddess as she jumped into the ocean. She seemed a little apprehensive at first with the sharks and stingrays swimming around the boat. But after some deliberation Paris threw caution to the wind and just went for it and jumped into the sea. She really is fearless.” Source

Paris Hilton Bikini Pics From Fiji! Infects South Pacific!!!

Yup, they’re back on… Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt. Doug decided to woo Paris by taking her on a romantic getaway to Wadigi island in Fiji. An advisory has been issued to everyone to stay out of South Pacific waters due to contamination from Paris.. and Doug.

“Fiji is truly one of the most amazing places in the world,” Reinhardt wrote on Twitter. “Wadigi island in Fiji the perfect romantic getaway so private and beautiful.”

Adds Hilton, “Love Wadigi Island, had the most incredible stay. It is true Paradise, so beautiful and private. It’s the perfect place to vacation.” Source

STD, Anyone? Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Are Once Again Single!

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The world mourns as Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt go their separate ways to battle with painful emotions that follow any tragic breakup. Getting teary-eyed yet? Since we have nothing better to do, we covered the couple’s relationship over the past 12-16 weeks (sounds much longer than 3-4 months) as they enjoyed endless amounts of STD-infested sex inside luxury hotels around the globe.

So, now what?

Well, Paris will settle with yet another guy following a few weeks of “I’m single, again” one night stands with dudes she meets at her scheduled events or at after-parties or while getting gas or coffee—pretty much, wherever & whenever she feels like it.

As for Doug Reinhardt, it’s a bit tricky. He’s now in a special category of guys: Guys Who Have Fucked Paris Hilton. These are all guys we’ll probably never hear about again, but you can bet your ass he’s getting ass each night of the week. As a member of this special club, a few items are automatically assumed:

A. He’s carrying the latest in celebrity STD technology.
B. He can never sleep with the likes of Angelina, Charlize, Alessandra, etc, etc—basically the respectable, famous women of our day.
C. He can always sleep w/ the slutty whores of society—yes, all those beautiful girls who worship Paris Hilton (read her books, wear her perfume), love drunken sex, previously gave blow jobs on the school bus when in high school, currently give blow jobs inside club restrooms, etc, etc.

So yeah, if you think Doug Reinhardt is gonna be a lonely man, think again. That dude has easy access to all the slutty bitches us normal guys think are totally hot, but would never consider touching b/c of one reason or another (she might be a prostitute, afraid of getting STDs, terrified of getting our penis chopped off following initial entry, or simply, don’t have the balls to make the first move). Doug won’t have to worry about making a move w/ the slutty bitches of society b/c they’ll be throwing themselves at him—with legs spread eagle.

And now for some more touching pics of Paris & Doug over the past few weeks…
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See more from this set!

Paris Hilton & Ultra Cool Doug Reinhardt Broke Up!!!

Photo Credit: bauergriffinonline.com

In a previous Paris Hilton post we quoted her saying that she planned to make Doug Reinhardt her husband… well, you can never believe anything with Paris Hilton. These were taken at the premiere screening of Rex a couple nights ago and yesterday the press releases come out that Paris and Ultra Cool Doug have split. Looks like Paris will be looking for her next victim and it’s back to The Hills for Ultra Cool Doug.

“In response to inquiries on whether Paris Hilton has split with Doug Reinhardt, we can confirm this is true they are no longer together,” her rep said in a statement. “They remain friends and we ask that you please respect their privacy. Paris will not discuss the relationship further.” Source

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