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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Made A Coffee Bean Run!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop By Coffee BeanPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Following a brief stint at Starbucks Coffee, it appears that longtime couple Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher have officially kissed & made up with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The lovebirds haven’t been spotted at a Starbucks location for their past few coffee runs. Was it Paige who forced the change or is Starbucks refusing to meet Eddie’s Product Placement fees?

And, in other news, as you guys probably heard, Eddie’s long awaited “Beverly Hills Cop 4” film will be waiting a little longer, as it was recently taken off of Paramount’s release schedule. I have nothing against the “Beverly Hills Cop” series, but Eddie needs to screw sequels and work on something completely new. Not to knock on today’s comedians, but I think Eddie’s still probably in the Top 5 when it comes to standup acts (assuming he’s still doing them).

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Stop By Coffee BeanPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

BREAKING! Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Go Back To Coffee Bean!!

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Grabbing A Coffee In Studio CityPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

And finally, in developing celebrity coffee establishment news, it appears Eddie & his trophy girlfriend Paige Butcher have decided to ditch Starbucks go back to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Damn, did their contract with Starbucks run out or what? It seemed like Eddie & Paige were newly reformed members of the Church of Starbucks for a few months. I think Starbucks will need to start slipping fatter checks to Paige in order to woo Eddie back to their cafes.

BREAKING! Eddie Murphy Makes A Solo Starbucks Run! Paige Butcher Out?

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy Makes A Starbucks Run

…Or simply on vacation?

If you really do the numbers, the economics of paying your sugar-baby time & a half on a national holiday probably didn’t make sense, so we’re pretty sure King Sugar Daddy Eddie gave his longtime sugarbaby Paige Butcher the day off to spend with family & friends.

The 54-year-old actor was seen hitting up his local Starbucks in Beverly Hills yesterday. In recent Eddie news, it was recently revealed that his long-awaited “Beverly Hills Cop 4” film will be waiting a little longer, as it was recently taken off of Paramount’s release schedule. According to the film’s Wiki, the studio is citing script-related issues for the delay. Here’s more:

On June 27, 2014, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Murphy discussed returning to the edgier type character of Axel Foley after years of making family friendly films. “I haven’t done a street guy, working class, blue-collar character in ages so maybe it’s like, ‘Oh, wow, I didn’t remember he was able to do that'” Murphy said. According to studio reports on the film’s plot, Foley will return to Detroit after leaving his job in Beverly Hills and he will be faced with the coldest winter on record to navigate the new rules and old enemies of one of America’s most tenacious cities. The state of Michigan approved $13.5 million in film incentives, based on an estimated $56.6 million of filmmaker spending in the state. The film will be shot in and around Detroit and is estimated to provide jobs for 352 workers. The studio had been targeting a March 2016 release date for the film. On May 7, 2015, Paramount Pictures pulled Beverly Hills Cop 4 from its release schedule with script concerns targeted for the delay. No replacement date has been set.

Exclusive… 51753965 “Tower Heist” star Eddie Murphy makes a morning Starbucks run on May 25, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Eddie’s long awaited “Beverly Hills Cop 4” film will be waiting a little longer, as it was recently taken off of Paramount’s release schedule. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (818) 307-4813

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Starbucks Run

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher Make A Morning Coffee Run

Starbucks needs to hookup whoever convinced Eddie to change up his coffee joint with a fat check seeing how the company will get countless free plugs as Eddie & his longtime girlfriend Aussie model Paige Butcher make their daily coffee runs. Previously these two were very loyal Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf customers, but more recently they’ve been hitting up a Starbucks in Bel-Air.

Any guesses as to what they did with the rest of their day following the coffee run?

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Eddie Murphy & Paige Butler Have Seriously Ditched Coffee Bean For Starbucks

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Like we said the last time we posted these two, they must have scored a sweet deal with Starbucks because they pretty much swore by Coffee Bean as their go-to, pre-let’s-have-sex-all-day coffee joint. The only other theory is that they received very shitty service at Coffee Bean and Eddie decided to try something else or who knows, it’s possible that Paige initiated the change? Needless to say, if you’re currently reading this and actually give a shit, don’t forget to click on a few ads & leave comments!

If changing up cafes took this long, don’t expect Eddie to do the same in the sugar baby department anytime soon. Eddie continues to stick with Aussie-flavored model girlfriend, Paige Butcher. You’d think he’d experiment with other chicks like every other high-powered Hollywood big, but I guess Paige & him have worked out very agreeable terms with respect to their relationship so there’s no point in screwing shit up (i.e. Eddie snaps, Paige arrives, Eddie pops, Paige leaves). In exchange for having annoying kids and living a cookie-cutter family life, Paige is opting for life as “Eddie’s Trophy Girlfriend,” who gets to enjoy all the luxuries of that life has to offer, which apparently includes a lot of free frappuccinos and lattes.

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Paige Murphy Make A Starbucks Run

Actor, comedian & prominent Hollywood sugar daddy Eddie Murphy and his Australian-flavored full-time sugar baby and part-time model girlfriend Paige Butcher make a morning Starbucks run in Bel-Air. It’s interesting to see Eddie jump off the Coffee Bean bandwagon and running to Starbucks for his coffee fix. Was he in a rush or does he have some sort of special deal with Starbucks?

For those of you who might have missed it, back in January Eddie released a reggae single, “Oh Jah Jah,” which has long been a somewhat low-key pet project of Eddie’s. In a recent interview, he went on to say, “When I’m not acting and being funny, in my private time in my personal time I do music more than anything. I’m always in the studio.” You can listen to it below:

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher at SNL 40th Anniversary Gala in NYC

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy, Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy was accompanied by his Paige Butcher at the SNL 40th Anniversary Gala at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. During the night, there was a tribute to Eddie who was presented to the audience by Chris Rock. Eddie didn’t make any jokes but just thanked everyone. The big event was attended by many including the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Bradley Cooper, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Keith Richards, Chris Rock and Dakota Johnson. Check out a full guest list of those who appeared on the SNL 40 special. For complete coverage and video exclusives, visit Saturday Night Live on NBC.

Eddie Out With His Glorified, Longtime Coffee Holder / Girlfriend

Exclusive... Eddie Murphy & Girlfriend Making A Coffee Run

We’re just kidding, Paige! Let’s face it, millions of hot chicks around the globe would love to in your position (including the long list of other positions that Eddie enjoys), so it’s nice to see that you’re still hanging in there.

As we’ve stated previously, judging by the length of their relationship, Eddie and Paige probably share a non-committal, extremely freaky sex life that’s obviously fueled by tons & tons of hot & cold beverages from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Nothing wrong with that.

In latest project-related news, funny-man Eddie Murphy is going against expectations and is set to star in a straight drama about entertainment legend Miles Davis titled ‘Miles and Me.’ I gotta admit, as a big fan of both Eddie and Miles Davis, I’m already looking forward to this one.

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