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MIAMI: Claudia Romani Getting Hit On From All Directions

Claudia Romani Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Miami

Our only suggestion to Claudia is to remain patient & hold out for the deepest pockets. Anything short of partying on a luxury yacht in the French Riviera in the spring during the Cannes Film Festival is a no-go. Furthermore, potential suitors must own a vacation home in Monaco or in Southern Italy & have a yacht moored somewhere in the area. Claudia, you gotta wring it while you can!! OW!

These latest photos were snapped yesterday afternoon in Miami Beach as Italian-flavored Claudia Romani was spotted chatting it up with retired Italian soccer player Filippo “Pippo” Inzaghi. Normally we don’t recommend dating footballers only because they’re man-whores, but maybe things change once they get over a certain age (very doubtful)? The dude is 39 & Claudia just hit 30, so unless the dude is pushing a few $100 million (a la Russell Simmons), she should consider waiting for a bigger fish to swim into her web of hotness.
Claudia Romani out and about on the beach in Miami Beach