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Miranda Kerr Lookin' Like A Million Bucks While Catwalking Around NYC!

Miranda Kerr heads out of her apartment to run some chores in New York City

I think we’ve used that same title about 15 times over the past ten years, but hey, you gotta call it like it is. Since it’s summer, we’ll probably be seeing much of ultra-stylish Miranda Kerr cruising around her NYC digs. I can’t say for sure where she lives, but I read somewhere that Miranda is hidden away in the Upper East Side. I always assumed Miranda would cough up the millions for a sweet-spot somewhere in SoHo or even Battery Park area, but Upper East Side?! Come on, Miranda!

These latest photos were snapped earlier today as Miranda was seen popping out of her place to run a few errands.

Miranda Kerr heads out of her apartment to run some chores in New York City

Also, Miranda was seen hanging with son Flynn as the two enjoyed the long weekend in the city…
Miranda Kerr and son Flynn Bloom head out of their New York City apartment

Georgeous Miranda Kerr Continues To Work Her Flawless A-Game in NYC

Miranda Kerr steps out with son Flynn Bloom for dinner before her birthday in New York City

Another day and another outing featuring hall of fame supermodel mommy Miranda Kerr and her son Flynn, who still insists on being carried. I hope it’s a security issue with Miranda carrying her baby-doll whenever she & her son are within a few feet of NYC-based papz. These were snapped just yesterday afternoon as Miranda was spotted heading out for birthday-eve dinner with Flynn. Miranda will turns 30 today, so many congrats to her. Wonder if Orlando will join his baby momma for a birthday dinner later tonight? Who knows, maybe in the process he can score some birthday-makeup-sex?! While unlikely, there’s always a chance assuming he can play his cards correctly…

Miranda Kerr steps out with son Flynn Bloom for dinner before her birthday in New York City

Miranda Kerr Catwalks Around NYC With Flynn

Miranda Kerr walks out of her apartment building with son Flynn in New York City

The always-fashionable mom & son duo were once again spotted out & about NYC last night. By the looks of the way she was dressed, it appears Miranda Kerr was either hitting up a business dinner and she couldn’t find a sitter for Flynn or simply wanted to look like a million bucks–just because.

I just hope she wasn’t going to Shake Shack dressed like that, but then again, this Miranda Kerr we’re talking about. She probably follows a vegan, ultra-organic & gluten free diet, so I’m pretty sure Shake Shack isn’t going to be at the top of her list of Acceptable Supermodel Mommy Restaurants.

Miranda Kerr walks out of her apartment building with son Flynn in New York City

NYC: Miranda Kerr Cruises Around Central Park With Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and son Flynn head to Central Park for a walk. The mother and son looked stylish as they both wore outfits with shades of blue

Miranda Kerr continued working her ultra-stylish A-game while catwalking with her son Flynn. The mom & son duo wore outfits with shades of blue as they were spotted heading to Central Park for a relaxing walk.

As some of you might remember, Miranda’s ex-husband Orlando Bloom was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame where he gave Miranda a nice shout-out to his supermodel ex (see those pics here), although Miranda wasn’t in attendance. There are new rumors that Miranda likes to swing both ways and that might be the reason why she & Orlando parted ways following a short marriage. So, you’re telling me Orlando Bloom wasn’t down for sharing his woman with another supermodel?! Come on now, Orli!!

Orlando Bloom Honored Hollywood Walk of Fame Star; Miranda Kerr Also Engraved Into Star!

Orlando Bloom honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Many congrats to Orlando Bloom for his third biggest score of his career—this following Miranda Kerr (#1) and ‘Lord of the Rings’ (#2). It’s not easy being this young & bagging a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but did Orlando eat up the honor way too early in his career? Then again, after wifing/divorcing Miranda Kerr and having acted in a Hollywood blockbuster, I’m not surprised that complacency is settling into Orlando’s life. Let’s hope he puts his head down and chugs along to greater heights!

And, it’s no joke that Miranda & Orlando ended on good terms seeing how he took a second to thank her in his speech. After thanking big players in his career like director Peter Jackson, key members of his inner circle, as well as family members, Orlando gave a shout-out to his ex, thanking “Miranda, for giving me the greatest gift of all — my son.”

“You know, I love you all and thank you for everything,” he said.

Orlando Bloom Star

Orlando Bloom Wins Hollywood Dad of the Year Award

Orlando Bloom Out With His Son Flynn In New York

For somebody who was rarely spotted out & about with his son, we feel like actor Orlando Bloom more than made up for his absence during the second half of the year. Now that he’s going through a ‘friends with benefits’-style separation with ex-wife Miranda Kerr, I’m sure his bond with Flynn will grow even stronger. Many congrats to Orlando for the big honor!

The 36-year-old actor, who’s one of the stars of the new ‘Hobbit’ film out in theaters this holiday season, was spotted carrying around Flynn on his shoulders (Miranda & Orlando don’t believe in strollers) while cruising around the city yesterday afternoon. And yes, they’re in NYC, where the weather over the weekend was in the frickin’ 60! WTF is going on?!

NYC: Orlando Bloom Might Win Celebrity Dad Of The Year

Orlando Bloom and son Flynn

While Miranda Kerr cruises around with her billionaire casino boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom is using the time to bond with his son Flynn. The father-son duo were spotted walking around NYC holding toy swords as Flynn sat on his dad’s shoulders. Definitely a Kodak moment.

It sucks that these two broke up, but hey, now there’s a 0.00000000000000000000000001% chance that one of us bastards will hook up with Miranda Kerr! OW! Having said that, for Flynn’s sake, I hope Orlando & Miranda patch things up & get back together. Come on, Orlando! Bust out some of that Rome & Juliet shit!! Chop-Chop!


BREAKING! Stylish Miranda Kerr Heads To JFK With Her Son Flynn!

Miranda Kerr and Flynn Bloom Smile For The Cameras Heading To JFK Airport

The always-stylish supermodel mommy was glammed up as usual and heading to JFK with her son Flynn in tow. The 30-year-old Ausie-beauty, who’s officially free for the pleasure of one lucky member of the A-list sugar daddy community, appears to have had it with the NYC weather. Miranda will either travel west to L.A. for a few weeks or fly straight back home to Australia for the winter.

With her recent separation with Orlando, we’re not sure whether Orlando will also make the trip out there so he can spend time with Flynn, but judging by the guy’s film shooting schedule, I think it’s safe to assume that the little guy will be spending most of the winter/Australian summer with mommy.

On a completely unrelated topic, we’re also including behind-the-scenes pics from Miranda’s shoot with NET-A-PORTER.COM (shoot went down earlier this summer, but I don’t remember posting them).

Miranda Kerr - NET-A-PORTER.COM, Behind the shoot pics adds-1

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