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BREAKING!! Ryan Gosling Feels Pain Of High Gas Prices; Drives A Ford Escape!

Semi-Exclusive... Ryan Gosling Fills Up His Tank

Actor Ryan Gosling was spotted at a 76 gas station filling up his Ford Escape earlier this afternoon in Studio City. As most of you guys know, the dude just announced plans to take a break from acting for a bit while he figures shit out. I guess he thinks the opportunities are coming too easily & he’s more susceptible to making shitty movies so he’ll hit the brakes on future projects and concentrating on making endless amounts of love with his latest girlfriend Eva Mendes.

So, since Ryan’s not taking on new roles, does this mean he’ll continue dating Eva? Normally he jumps from lead actress to lead actress with each new film, so we’ll see what happens. Curiously, Eva did comment about his fathering skills after filming their latest flick, so it’s possible she has plans of sabotaging one of his condoms and force him into becoming her baby daddy.

And finally, we should note that his latest film “The Place Beyond the Pines,” which stars Eva Mendes & Bradley Cooper, is set to hit theaters on March 29.

Selena Gomez Causes Safety Hazard By Spilling Gasoline

Selena Gomez Spills Gasoline

Selena Gomez was spotted filling up her Ford Escape Limited looking good with her knee high stockings but apparently wasn’t paying attention because after filling up her tank she forgot to release the handle and spilled some gasoline onto the ground. Our impression is that she was deeply thinking of ways she’d kill both Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin. Selena might be single and has Spring Breakers being released in March but she’s still a crazy young starlet who wouldn’t surprise us if she had a shrine dedicated to the death of Justin and Barbara in her house. Either that or she’s just that stupid that she doesn’t know how to fill her gas tank propoerly.