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Gemma Atkinson Went To The Beach & Wore A Blue Bikini!

Looks like Gemma Atkinson’s 2010 calendar will be one of the last photoshoots we’ll see of her for a while. She says that she’s going to stop posing and instead work on her acting career. Seriously, no joke. Can she even act?

“I am not doing any shoots this year, I finished Hollyoaks, which was amazing, but I don’t want to do soap again – I want the next step up.”

“You can’t just expect to have done a Channel 4 soap and become a movie star, so I have had to start all over again.

“I made a decision to take a year out from the modelling. I wanted to audition and take acting classes – I want to start afresh. I have been coming down to London to meet with my acting coach and to have elocution lessons. Then I went to the States and worked over there.

“I think the lad mags might have been a bit disappointed. I will still do my calendar, which is different, as it’s my own styling, my own team.” Source

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