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Tragedy Strikes! Jessica Alba and Family Suffer Through L.A. Rainstorm!

Exclusive... Jessica Alba And Family Shops In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Southern California is expected to get more than its share of rainfall this season (which means—once or possibly even twice a week, every other week over the next couple months!), so it’s not unusual to see people sprinting back to their cars from grocery stores as if they’re running out of burning buildings.

Jessica Alba & her family were caught in such a situation over the weekend during a casual holiday shopping trip in West Hollywood. The actress was seen making it back to her car with hubby Cash & daughters Honor & Haven. For those of you who think the rich & famous have it all, think again.

Exclusive... Jessica Alba And Family Shops In West HollywoodPhoto Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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Jessica Alba Photographed Feeding L.A. Parking Meter; Hits Salon With Daughter!

Jessica Alba & Haven Visit The Salon

Actress (hahahhahahahah) Jessica Alba was seen introducing her daughter Honor to the salon with a visit to Bellacures in Los Angeles. Looks like Honor will start wasting away precious time of her life at various upscale salons very early in life–hey, more power to her!

For all you big fans of Jessica Alba’s acting (hahahhahahahah), you’re in for a real treat as the actress a total of five films in production at the moment. Here’s a list from her Wiki:
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Jessica Alba & Haven Visit The Salon

Jessica Alba’s Hubby Cash Models “The Overbearing Wife” Jeans! It’s The Latest In His Totally-Whipped Collection

Jessica Alba and family enjoying the day at the Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills***NO DAILY MAIL SALES***

Chicks wear boyfriend jeans & powerless husbands wear Overbearing Wife Jeans—this is the precursor to either a quick and dirty divorce or a long & painful life. Usually it’s the latter, but fortunately, it’s still to early to tell which path Cash Warren will chose. Considering he’s a Yale grad, we’re assuming he’s pretty smart, so it’s highly likely he’s still busy scheming a post-divorce windfall from Jessica’s various ventures. Raising two daughters in Beverly Hills isn’t cheap, God damn it!!

Anyway, these were snapped over the weekend as J.Alba & family enjoyed a little family-time at the Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. Apparently Cash got a new flying toy that he tested out with his daughters clinging to his side. I gotta admit, that first pic is pretty cute.

Hollywood Moms Hilary Duff, Jessica Alba and Gwen Stefani Out in L.A.!

Hilary Duff & Luca; Jessica Alba and Honor; Gwen Stefani & son

Pictured: Hilary Duff & Luca; Jessica Alba and Honor; Gwen Stefani & son

Three of our favorite Hollywood moms were out & about Los Angeles yesterday doing some last minute holiday shopping.

First we have one for the meat-lovers. Hilary Duff was seen leaving the Beverly Glen Center in Bel Air with her son Luca after grabbing toys for lil’ troublemaker, as well as other gifts. It appears Hilary Duff had fun playing dress-up with her son seeing how he was rocking a pair of harem pants & fresh-looking Adidas kicks.

Jessica Alba was seen out with her daughter Honor as the duo hit up a few stores, as well as grabbed a bite in Beverly Hills. The 32-year-old ‘Sin City’ actress was accompanied by her mom during the outing.

And finally, we have the probably the most fashionable mom in Hollywood, Gwen Stefani, who happens to be pregnant these days. Judging by all her recent outings, Gwen’s obviously embracing her growing baby bump as the 44-year-old ‘No Doubt’ lead singer was spotted out with her husband Gavin Rossdale and their two sons Kingston & Zuma at a Baskin Robbins in Brentwood.

BREAKING! Jessica Alba Didn’t Smile Following Her Family Brunch!

Jessica Alba & Family Lunch In Beverly Hills

I was getting a little worried for a second, but things are officially back to normal in the universe! Jessica Alba is slowly putting together a streak of public outings where she, once again, has the look of a woman who wants to murder anyone within a ten feet radius.

I have a feeling the reason J.Alba was smiling a lot late last month during her various outings was because her new film ‘Machete Kills’ was out in theaters. Aside from being the face of Honest.com, her baby-centric consumer goods business, Jessica doesn’t have any big film releases lined up for the rest of the year. Expect her to make scheduled shopping strips to her local Target & Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the coming weeks as head into the holiday shopping season. We’re pretty sure she’ll be smiling a lot during those outings…

These latest pics were snapped over the weekend (Saturday, Nov. 9) as Jessica was seen heading back to her car following brunch in Beverly Hills with hubby Cash Warren & their girls Honor & Haven.

Jessica Alba Won’t Win Best Actress Oscar Nod For ‘Machete Kills’

Jessica Alba and family out for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

And with ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For‘ pushed back until next year, we can only hope that her luck will turn. Since J.Alba’s leading most other actresses in her relentless accumulation of Razzies, don’t be surprised to hear about Jessica winning another one when the 2014 award season rolls around.

These latest pics were snapped over the weekend as J.Alba put on her hat, which apparently comes coupled with her patented “Fuck You” face, and hit a family at Le Pain Quotidien. Judging by the big smile on Cash’s face, we have to assume the dude can still convince Jessica to go into animal mode once the girls are sound asleep. For all the bitchiness he probably has to deal with, let’s hope that’s the case…

Jessica Alba Back in L.A. From NY Fashion Week! It’s Family Time Again!

Jessica Alba And Family In Venice

Fresh off a fashionable trip to NYC with her daughter Haven, the actress, businesswoman & mommy was back home in Los Angeles spending time with husband Cash Warren & her other daughter Honor. Jessica Alba & family hit the fall farmer’s market event in Venice where her older daughter Honor rode a pony & got her face painted.

It’s nice to see that J.Alba squeaking out the occasional smile, which is probably because she has a movie set to hit theaters next month. The hardworking 32-year-old beauty is set to star in ‘Machete Kills’. Assuming the entire cast attends the premiere, the red carpet will be star-packed! Along with the old-schoolers Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Tom Savini and Michelle Rodriguez, the sequel includes the Demián Bichir, Sofía Vergara, Amber Heard, Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Zoe Saldana, Edward James Olmos, Vanessa Hudgens, Cuba Gooding Jr., Alexa Vega, William Sadler, Marko Zaror, with Mel Gibson and Carlos Estévez. See what we mean?

Jessica Alba’s Daughter Honor Continues Breaking Alba Family Rule of Not Smiling in Public

Jessica Alba Takes Daughter Honor To School

Looks like Jessica Alba enrolled her older daughter Honor in some sort of summer school program as the actress was seen dropping her off at school yesterday in Santa Monica. Honor looked like she was having the time of her life as opposed to mom, who looked slightly more pissed off than usual.

Jessica’s next film, ‘Machete Kills’, hits theaters on October 4. The film is the sequel to the 2010 film ‘Machete’, which was initially just supposed to be a funny, fake trailer in the film ‘Grindhouse’. Judging by what everyone thought about ‘Machete’ and thinks about the upcoming sequel, I think it’s safe to say that the film should’ve just remained a fake trailer. Along with Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez reprising their roles, new cast members includes a long list of A-list cameos with Sofía Vergara, Amber Heard, Antonio Banderas, Zoe Saldana, Vanessa Hudgens, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. Needless to say, the film should be very interesting…

NYC: Jessica Alba Catwalks Around SoHo; Daughter Honor Should do the Same…

Jessica Alba walks in Soho with her daughter Honor Marie Warren

When you’re a celebrity kid who gets everything fed to you in a platinum spoon, walking around for long stretches is probably out of the question. With that said, we shouldn’t be surprised that Jessica Alba’s daughter Honor-Marie was chilling in her designer stroller as mommy-dearest pushed her around from one luxury store to the next.

These were snapped earlier this afternoon as Jessica Alba is once again enjoying the NYC life with her family. For those of you looking to catch a glimpse of Jessica & a long list of other stars temporarily holed-up in NYC, head to the Trump SoHo in Lower Manhattan (corner of Spring & Varick).

UPDATE: Didn’t notice the nipple slip at first! Added one more photo!

Jessica Alba & Family Had A Very Color-Coordinated Easter

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren take their daughters to an Easter party

I guess Master Jessica decided that the Alba-Warren family should wear pastel colors to a Easter party yesterday afternoon. I’ll admit it, the family looked very Macy’s catalogue-ish, so if that’s what Jessica was aiming for, she was successful.

Aside from the Easter egg hunt, the 31-year-old Hollywood-ho-turned-actress-turned-aspiring-consumer-goods-mogul was spotted doing some grocery shopping with her kids earlier in the weekend on Saturday. So, who’s that chick w/ Jessica? Let’s hope it’s not the nanny!!

Jessica Alba is seen shopping at a Grocery store with her daughter Honor Marie Warren in Los Angeles

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