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Hugh Heffner Wants “Wolf of Wall Street” Beauty Margot Robbie for Playboy


Photo Credit: Paramount

“She should be in Playboy! Send her a message! We’re ready for her. She would be great.”[HuffPo]

Surprise, surprise: Playboy mogul Hugh Heffner is trying to get The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie to pose for the magazine in the buff.

But, it looks like she won’t be posing any time soon. As she recounted during the press for Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated biopic, she almost passed on the role when she found out it required nudity.

It’s one thing to say yes to Scorsese. Another to say yes to Hugh Heffner. Just sayin’.


Credit: Esquire, Me At My Place Shoot

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The Many Faces Of Jennifer Lawrence (Literally)

Many Faces of Jennifer Lawrence at 'American Hustle' Press Conference 1as

These were all snapped during a promotional event held for Jennifer Lawrence’s new film ‘American Hustle and even though we’re not big fans of her new hairdo, I feel like it’s fairly obvious that this is one freakishly beautiful chick. Regardless of whether she’s on the big screen or making funny faces during a random press conference, she still manages to captivate everyone’s attention. I guess this explains why she’s one of Hollywood’s brightest prospects for years to come.

More about ‘American Hustle’:

A brilliant con man, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who along with his British partner and lover, but frightened amateur grifter, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), are recruited and forced to work for an FBI agent, Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), who pushes them into the enchanting and dangerous world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafiosi. The operation eventually involves the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), who is caught between the con-artists and FBI, and whose wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) may destroy the entire operation. Source

Here’s a clip of the interview:

Gal Gadot Scores Wonder Woman Gig; We Celebrate With Our Favorite Pics of Gal!


While I’m not completely ecstatic about the pick, we’re just happy Hollywood execs didn’t choose somebody like Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman or Jennifer Garner. Many congrats to Gal Gadot!! ISRAEL! ISRAEL! ISRAEL!

SYDNEY: Samara Weaving Rocks New Balance Kicks On Her Bondi Beach Jog!

**EXCLUSIVE** Australian actress Samara Weaving goes for a jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney

The sexy 21-year-old Australian actress was seen going for a healthy jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney yesterday afternoon. I have a feeling Hollywood producers are waiting for the right role for Samara Weaving before bringing her over b/c this chick has “bankable” written all over her! Currently she stars on the Aussie soap opera “Home And Away,” not that any of you guys actually care. For more info, hit up Samara’s Wiki page >>>

**EXCLUSIVE** Australian actress Samara Weaving goes for a jog at Bondi Beach in Sydney

Karina Derizans of CW’s “The Catalina” Bikini Photos in Miami

Karina Derizans

From last week, Karina Derizans of CW’s (since-canceled) The Catalina hit up the beach to show off her thong-wearing bikini body. The show had a six-episode run last year and Karina was the Venezuelan front desk hottie. As you can see for Karina, getting in front of the camera got her in shape. Back in June 2012 the cast did a promo photoshoot and Karina looks like she had a little more meat on the bones (no complaints here); now she’s toned-up and looks like she’s hitting the tanning salon too. Anyway, with The Catalina probably never getting mentioned ever again, our Bastardly suggestion for the Karina’s next logical step is to hit up Hef; we’re sure she’ll sell some magazines.

NYC: Stacy Keibler Catwalks Thru SoHo Leaving Armani Exchange

Photo Credit: WENN

Stacy Keibler was spotted showing off those killer legs as she exited the Armani Exchange store in SoHo while on another of her likely-funded George Clooney all-expenses paid shopping trips. Seriously, what has Stacy done in the past year besides her status as arm candy for Mr. Clooney? She’s still living off her fame from the WWE/WCW and ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and that was over 5 years ago. Way to go Stacy in keeping your bank account stable while continuing to stay somewhat relevant in the public’s eye while doing absolutely nothing of note. Keep that Playboy trump card and sextape in the vault for now as long as George continues paying your way to the high-life.

NYC: Lindsay Lohan & Jennifer Love Hewitt @ A&E Networks 2012 Upfront

Photo Credit: WENN; Pictured: Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Both in New York but neither having been invited to the 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Lindsay Lohan were Lincoln Center for the A&E Networks 2012 Upfront. As we mentioned yesterday, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List has been renewed for a second season and as for Lindsay, she’ll be starring as Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz and Dick, a movie about Elizabeth Taylor’s romance with Richard Burton. Naturally trying to hype Lindsay, Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc is quoted to saying that both Lindsay and Liz have much in common and it’s not simply just for ratings (even though they had to take out extra insurance) that Lindsay got cast:

“The creation of the paparazzi really came from the beginnings of the relationship with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton and clearly Lindsay has had to endure her own challenges when it comes to that and the attentions that she garners.

“I think that this role will be a really interesting journey for her and hopefully one that the audience will embrace wholeheartedly.” [Source]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is All Smiles In New York

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt is probably all smiles because it was recently announced that The Client List has been renewed by Lifetime for a second season consisting of 15 new episodes. Currently the show draws in 2.7 million viewers each week which ranks as the network’s most-watched series since Drop Dead Diva. Says Jennifer about the news:

“I couldn’t be happier about Lifetime’s decision to renew The Client List for a second season. It has been so much fun working with such a great cast and crew on the wonderful stories we tell, and I’m ready to see where The Client List takes all of us next year.” [Source]

Malibu: Jennifer Love Hewitt Unofficial “The Client List” Marketing

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt was out in sunny Malibu yesterday for lunch knowingly or unknowingly doing some unofficial marketing for her new Lifetime tv series The Client. Also appearing on the show will be Naturi Naughton, Cybill Shepherd, and Loretta Devine. More info at The Client List at MyLifetime.com. Check out the premiere on Sunday, Aptil 8th, at 10/9c, only on Lifetime.

WeHo: Jennifer Love Hewitt on the set of “The Client List”

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who just turned 33 years old, parlayed her Lifetime movie The Client List to where it’s been picked up to be a Lifetime TV series. As you can see, she was on set as the show is busy filming leading up to the series premiere on April 8th at 10pm. Also appearing on the show are Naturi Naughton, Cybill Shepherd, and Loretta Devine. More info at The Client List at MyLifetime.com.

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