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Paper Magazine Cover: Nikki Minaj Resorts To Shock And Awe In Order To Stay Relevant

Photo Credit: Paper Magazine

You’ll have to visit Paper Magazine’s website in order to get the full scoop, but judging by the magazine’s latest cover, I feel a little embarrassed for Nikki Minaj. Can you just imagine the kind questions and comments Nikki Minaj’s various family members will have when meeting up for the holidays? Then again, if Nikki is picking up the expensive tabs at various high-end ski resorts or other winter vacations spots, I feel like the comments will be generally positive. With that said, what would compel someone to do such a shoot anyway? It’s like agreeing to get a giant penis tattoo on your face–except you can’t ever get rid of it regardless of how hard you tried to scrub the Internet.

Paper Magazine’s photog’s pitch: “Nikki, I hope you’re sitting down b/c I have a great idea for our winter 2017 cover! It’s not going to be just one or two of you, but a total of three Nikki Minajes on the cover! Nikki #1 will be sitting in a chair between the other two Nikkies. One Nikki will be groping a boob while the other will be on her knees pretending to lick your cooch! Tell me how you love it!!”

[Awkward silence lasting 10 seconds]

Paper Magazine’s photog’s pitch: “Nikki, you still there? Seems like we might have a bad connection.”

Nikki Minaj’s response: [Fill in the blank.]

Well, she obviously went through it, but I’m going to give Nikki the benefit of the doubt and assume it took a little convincing before she agreed to the cover!

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Barbara Palvin Sizzles On The Cover of Le Lis Blanc Magazine

Photo Credit: Le Lis Blanc, October 2017

Remember when we incorrectly predicted (I admit it, we’re horrible at making accurate predictions) that Hungarian Barbara Palvin would take over the fashion industry. We made that prediction when Barbara was around the age of 18 and she had just joined Victoria’s Secret as one of their brightest prospects.

Sadly, her star didn’t shine all that bright a couple years following our prediction, but then again, she’s still only 23 and presumably has a few more years until she gets knocked up. Judging by how the Brazilian VS models making astonishing post-pregnancy comebacks, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barbara was around for many years to come, especially if she kills it at photoshoots like she did for Brazilian clothing brand and lifestyle magazine Le Lis Blanc. This is the best I’ve seen Barbara look in recent memory, so check out the pics and make sure you pick up a few things during Le Lis’s end of the season sale!

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Bella Thorne Uses Her Legs To Promote Seventeen Magazine Cover

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne was back at it again driving dudes crazy showing off that jailbait status of hers. This time she was photographed celebrating her Seventen Magazine cover for the June issue at Barnes & Noble Union Square. With Bella in a bikini on the cover we’re going to assume there are more shots of the 16-year old within the issue. Odds are this’ll likely set some records for most sold issue in recent memory. Anyway, we know you all can’t get enough of Bella in a bikini so head on back to that set of photos recently from Miami.

Claudia Romani is Sexy in Elaborare Magazine!

Claudia Romani

Photo Credit: Igor Gentili

Our friend of the site, Italian glamour model Claudia Romani, shares with us photos from her latest published photos in Italy’s Elaborare Magazine. Taken by photographer Igor Gentili with a Mazada MX-5 from Totani dealership, Claudia looked absolutely stunning as she posed with the auto with the beautiful mountains near L’Aquila in the background. As you may know, L’Aquila is Claudia’s hometown which was hit by a devastating earthquake back in 2009. Claudia also provides us with some behind-the-scenes shots from the photoshoot! Take a look carefully and you’ll find Claudia’s mum in a pic with the team!

Want more Claudia? Be sure to check out the new Claudia Romani online and follow her on Twitter and Instagram along with building up her Likes on Facebook!

Ariana Grande Might Be Taking A Turn For Sexy-Town w/ New Cosmo Shoot

Ariana Grande FEB Cosmopolitan adds-1klajhsd

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine, February 2014

First of all, major props to the photographer at Cosmo who convinced Ariana Grande that she’s 20 & dressing like a 12-year-old simply won’t cut it anymore. In her latest shoot for the magazine (Feb, 2014), Ariana shows that she has tremendous amounts of untapped potential, although I gotta admit, her facial expressions need a lot of work.

To help with this seemingly rare problem, Ariana really needs to considering hiring a supermodel coach who’s in the business of making sexy faces for flashing cameras. She needs to wipes away that annoying “I’m so young, innocent and somewhat confused” look from her face before it kills her career. I’d love to see what would happen if she hired somebody like Irina Shayk for a few weeks. If I had Ariana’s cash flow, I wouldn’t mind hiring Irina for a few weeks!! OW!! Chop-Chop, Ariana!

Hugh Heffner Wants “Wolf of Wall Street” Beauty Margot Robbie for Playboy


Photo Credit: Paramount

“She should be in Playboy! Send her a message! We’re ready for her. She would be great.”[HuffPo]

Surprise, surprise: Playboy mogul Hugh Heffner is trying to get The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie to pose for the magazine in the buff.

But, it looks like she won’t be posing any time soon. As she recounted during the press for Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated biopic, she almost passed on the role when she found out it required nudity.

It’s one thing to say yes to Scorsese. Another to say yes to Hugh Heffner. Just sayin’.


Credit: Esquire, Me At My Place Shoot

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Complex Hooked Up With Emmy Rossum (Feb / March Issue)

Emmy Rossum - Complex magazine (February-March 2014)

Credit: Complex Magazine

We’re huge longtime fans of Emmy Rossum, as well as her Showtime series ‘Shameless’, so seeing something like this makes us really excited. Check more pics & read the full feature at Complex. Here’s a lil’ sampling…

She works hard for the money.

Emmy Rossum is not your average everyday sex symbol. A trained opera singer who’s been on stage since she was a child, she’s grown up to become both a singular recording artist (her latest album, A Sentimental Journey, featured classic American standards from the ’20s) and a serious actress so committed to her craft that she’s willing to do whatever’s necessary to bring her character to life. In the case of Fiona, the diligent daughter who holds the Gallagher family together on the acclaimed Showtime series Shameless, that means serious domestic drama as well as plenty of steamy sex scenes. [Read more…]

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